Find Your SMUTPUNK Name: From G-strung to the Kitchen Cowgirl, names rock!


Click the image to enlarge and find your SMUTPUNK name

One of the fun parts of writing SMUTPUNK is the names. Check out the smutpunk wiki for some of the great names that have already come out over the years. You’ve met Princess Chuckhole, Bob Von Bulge, and the rulers of Alien Relish called SLUTS of the OBLONG table. Now any self-respecting fan of depraved protein painting will have dreamed of having such a moniker herself. Well, here at SMUTPUNK unincorporated, dreams do come true one aka at a time.

By the way, according to this, I’m Motley Van Verga. Verga means dick in Spanish. What’s yours? Please leave yours in the comments section. Enjoy!