Poem: Karen

wants to be a
blonde big-tittied
slut bimbo

is a
brunette flat-chested

i slap her flat ass
at the bar.
she stands up straight
elbows at her sides
trying desperately to squeeze
cleavage together

“drop to your knees!”
my hope is to
face fuck her
right here
and now

in front of her attorney colleagues.
turns out her partner
licks my ass
as karen
deepthroats my big
brown dick cleverly


Cum Fetish Break-up to Make-up to Sex | How to Humiliate Your Girlfriend


 Cum Fetish Break-up to Make-up to Sex | How to Humiliate Your Girlfriend

“blowjob?” i motion up to the nearby stairwell.
“no.” jynx looks down.
i touch her neck tenderly: “can’t i convince you?”
“i can’t convince you to come back to me.
she swings her big sodomite ass
side to side like a sinewy pendulum
that keeps time of sex and orgasm
says, “time’s up for you and the other slut
come to me now.”

Notes: Part One

I was busy fucking Jenny and then Cassia and Jynx had given up on me. She finally, after years, decided to protect herself emotionally. Well, at least she tried to protect herself emotionally. Read Chronicles to decide if you think it was successful. 


hours later, i get a message:

i shouldn’t have left your cock

like that.

I’m sorry.

You know
I wanted
to eat
your jizz

my nipples
are hard
just thinking
about the taste

Note Part Two:

Her cum fetish was legendary so I knew that she would always come back to me in hopes of getting to taste some of my creamy jizz. This let me push the envelope with her to get her coming over before work for booty calls, having her give up her ass, let me facefuck her, and even dip her head in the toilet while ass-fucking her before work. 

minutes after the message,
i shove her head down
step forward over her
and breach her throat

defiling her spirit
is more fun than
defiling her throat
although her warm esophagus
closes around my cock
better than any pussy

i give her my cream
and she moans in glory!

she slurps up every last drop and swallows

Note Part Three:

Jynx was such a cumslut with me that she’d kneel down even after I was with another chick and let me facefuck her. She loved the taste of cum enough to supersede her jealousy, tiredness, and aching jaw. 

hours later, i get a message:
my jaw hurts, Master.

Note Part Four:

Here I had the option of either ignoring her, telling her to say thank you, or showing her a live photo of me in the ass of another Jenny. One click of my smartphone and she could see live video of Jenny’s whore asshole swallowing the massive cock that had Jynx’s jaw sore.

minutes after that i say:
my thumb hurts
from responding
to your bullshit messages

i’m sorry, Master, she writeswickedpictures-asinaamer-1
i’ll come over and suck it for you

my thumb or my cock?

both, of course

you can come over and suck my thumb
from out of Jenny’s ass

 Note Part Five:

I showed her a photo of my thumb buried in Jenny’s asshole


minutes later, i pulled my thumb

from jenny’s asshole
stuffed it into jynx’s mouth
and let Jenny’s throat muscles get me off

Note Part Six

I jizzed in Jenny’s mouth just to sting Jynx with jealousy. The more she was denied cum, the more I wrapped her around my finger. Or did I?

Crazy Bitch — How to fuck a Crazy Bitch


Crazy Bitch — How to fuck a Crazy Bitch

face fuck the crazy bitch
go up there into her place
thrown her down to her knees
using her hair as a handle
stick dick in her face
make her eat cock
hold her nostrils closed
fishhook her lips
make her mascara run and clump
get her on her back
launch hips at her
her throat stretches around dick
jizz so deep in the slut she doesn’t even taste
the cum she craves so badly
she will impale herself on it the way she does
the way she will launch her body forward in every attempt to please you
she needs you to say “good girl” or else she won’t feel anything but insecure
she’s a classic subbissive and you’re here to dominate the cunt
buckle up. leave.