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Three erotic poems for Lady

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For Lady


Lady’s face is pretty
But so it her bottom

He holds her chin
in his hand to examine

He looks her over
She shivers with trepidation

But he is very pleased
And caresses the back of her neck

Before planting a kiss
That makes her little hairs stand.

Up my ass
He loves me
So open to him
Open my asshole
Raw hard and mean
Cause he loves me after

Baby, even your armpit is beautiful
He pulled down her halter top
Both of her tits proudly splashed out
Like raindrops
Big, round drops
From a thunderstorm
Not the little sprinkle of some bullshit sunshower.


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Literary Porn Poetry


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A Literary Porn Poem

this is an excerpt from Poisonous Apples – The Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends 2 (Erotic Poems)

because she yelled at me in public
i mean screamed at me
on the sidewalk of a busy street
i walked away but she kept screaming
i ran across the street
down a flight of outdoor stairs
leading into an underground shopping arcade

there was a pool hall
and a golf practice center
where you hit the ball
into a net two feet away

i stood outside and smoked
my heartrate calmed
she obediently kneeled
this was her apology

with my cock dangling in her face
people all around

i said, suck it, you stupid fucking pigAsianSlut-SoiCowboy
oh yeah, that’s how a bitch says sorry
get it down your throat, stop gagging

while balls deep people walked by
one guy stepped outside to chat
with his wife, he saw her bobbing
on my big fat cock, eyes tearing

the more she does these things for foreign cock
the more her compatriots look down on her



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