A Poem: Will Face Fucking Break Your Heart, Baby? #Erotica #Poem #HotWife

licking her pussy
she cums
fucking her slow and deep
she cums
“don’t break my heart,”
she squeezes
her massive juggs
“will facefucking that
skinny girl dressed like Chun Li
break your heart?”
i pinch one nipple
of her melons,
“not if you do it
in front of me.”

 Is there anything worse than heart break?

Erotic Poem: “Bent Over” #LPRTG #EARTG #Anal

Erotic Poem: bent over


hey, slut!
bend over the couch
and prepare
that ass
for attack
from moctezuma

that’s shaved cunt
spread ass cheeks
heels on, stockings up
face turned around
and tits out


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