The Enigmatic Billionaire Werewolf by Charity Bishop | Book Review

Book Review

So I’m reading Steampunk Romance now, huh? Lol. I never saw that coming.

Billionaire Erotica is definitely not my usual thing. Nor is Romance. However, [amazon text=The Enigmatic Billionaire Werewolf&asin=B010YDQDU8] is a lot of fun, so maybe I’m changing.

Who doesn't love Steampunk

Steampunk Romance

The Review: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

The steamy parts aren’t necessarily the hottest ever but they are well-written and the pace of the story is steady with a quite interesting plot. You have Steampunk, Werewolves, and Downton Abbey converging in this dark tale of a poor servant falling for a billionaire. I know, falling for a billionaire, who cares? Certainly not me, but this isn’t an ordinary billionaire: this guy transforms into a werewolf! The problem is, Emma, the poor servant who has come to the Abbey, is up to be sacrificed to the werewolves in a time honored tradition. Will the billionaire werewolf be able to help her or will this tough girl from the rough countryside have enough gumption, steampunk know-how, and brains to save herself. I’m not going to provide any spoilers. This is where the fun of the novel is. Emme is a well-developed, kick-butt main character. She’s strong, smart, and spunky. The only issue for me, was the fucking scenes weren’t rough enough (yes you know me!) and there were no werewolf parts going into human spots. I understand it’s romance, books get pulled for lesser crimes, so I guess “these are the breaks.”

If you’re looking for a paranormal romance with a steady and interesting plot, then you will love this book.

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