The Doomsday Scenario | a Book Trailer by MJ

Book Trailer – The Doomsday Scenario

This Doomsday Clock business really scares me. When I first moved to Seoul, I read Underworld by Don DeLillo and I was worried about seeing my insides during the first blast. For days I couldn’t sleep. I read that and visited the DMZ at the same time. Not a great idea. Now, thanks to Trumpstanislav Putin, we are again really close to the hour on this darned Doomsday Clock. Now I get that it’s a contrived, man-made creation but it stands for something. It shows a real lack of confidence in Trump’s ability to manage nuclear weapons and work toward the survival of the human race thanks to climage change. Scary stuff. I’m part Mexican, of course, and my people were once nearly completely killed off by climate change. Anyway, enough heavy stuff. Have a look at this fun video and read the Triangulum Stain Series. I have been using the Doomsday Clock in promos for these books since their inception.



The Doomsday Clock


The Doomsday Clock is minutes from the hour thanks Dildogeddon and the halt to production of Alien Relish.

In Episode One of the Triangulum Stain – Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos the Five Hive have to deal with Dildogeddon, which nudges the Doomsday Clock ever close to the hour. In Episode Two, the Battle for Alien Relish, the Five Hive is back because they did their job so well in the first episode that lust, which emanates from planet M69 (aka Alien Relish), is dying. Find out how and why lust is dying and what the Five Hive want to do to fix it.




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These Women in Black

are incredibly sexy and skilled