You throw the doe-eyed Korean chick up against a wall in the stairwell and bang her


One of the beautiful things about Korea is that the building have open entrances and you can get off the street and into the stairwell. Her miniskirt was so short you could see her ass cheeks as she walked upstairs. You threw the doe-eyed Korean chick up against the wall. Her arms and hair sprawled out as she got her balance. Your dick went up her pussy instantly. You held nothing back. Although she was a stranger, very tight, and calling you “oppa”, you continued to pound her as hard as you could. She was getting fucked brutally hard but seemed to enjoy it. She was moaning so loud people on the street were looking up toward the stairs. It was a busy street with posh cafes, gyms, and restaurants. Nice cars were parked haphazardly on the sidewalks. This cunt stretched over cock and was pleasured so deep she screamed. At this point, you couldn’t hold back and nutted right inside her against all common sense, better judgement, and sanity. You deposited your seed right up this chick and then buttoned back up and walked away without turning back. This would be a good story to tell for you, a real sexual feather in your cap, this would be a deeply locked secret for her, a sexual black eye.

The End

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