A Poem: Dodge Ball Blowjob

Dodge Ball Blowjob

by Moctezuma Johnson

she was my first definition of hot
tits burst from her clothes
like water balloons thrown
at pool parties
like fast-pitched softballs
ringing from the sound of metal bat
when she was twelve
she gave a blowjob to a classmate
during a game of dodge ball.
i had a crush on her ever since
in my twenties her and I drank and smoked
together on her couch
it was years later
her bustier sister,
and my current girlfriend,
slept in her bed
i finally got her
blouse open
and nearly jizzed
cupped her breasts
kissed her like i wanted to at 13
at 14 at 15
adult now, her bush was gold
adult now, my cock was silver
we were global FEDEX trade
dual state back channel fucking
on her couch
while her sister slept
i fucked a masterpiece
i lived my own legend
and, just like I’d seen that day,
Picasso’d all over her bulging tits