Pig Wife

I threw the wife down
Face in couch
Ass up
pushed down
on the small of her back
her ass pushed back
Her cunt swallowed my cock
“You’re a dirty cunt!” I said
slapped her face
“You slapped my eye!”
“Cause you’re a filthy pig!”
I lfted her up off the floor
Fucked that pig cunt deep
Felt her pussy dripping
all over my dick
I can never believe
How lucky I am
She loves being called pig



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the Anal Queen | Poem by Moctezuma Johnson

the Anal Queen

What a total hot ass
look at
that fucking whore
fucking anal queen

What a total fucking
anal queen
look at that hot ass
fucking whore

want cock up the ass
want smack her whore face
want to be called ugly bitch

an open rectum
waiting for Master
to unfurl his cock
and stuff her aperture
like the Nozomi
train through the hillside
full speed ahead

want to be moored to the chair
before you runaway
turned into a helpless polynya

all ice and hard nipples
with a vast open hold
like an ocean
for my Omaha steak to sodomize


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Response to Getting Ready for Work | Prose Poem by Emme Hor | #AsianSub #LPRTG @horbooks


I kneeled there and ate his cum like a dirty slut. I looked up at him and he was grinning like an arrogant bastard. Maybe it was the alcohol in him, maybe it was my submissive side making him so cocky, maybe it was the big dick still leaking cum onto the back of my tongue. I swallowed, his big dick still in my mouth. His salty cum tasted sweeter than usual. “That’s the rum, whore! It makes my cum sweeter,” he said. I was still wearing my bag and clear heels. I had just walked in the door after a long day of work. He took a final gulp out of the bottle and then walked out, leaving me there in the little area with all our shoes, kneeling, cum-eating, all alone. I was his slut. His conquest. His submissive slave. Out there, he was free to do whatever he wanted. In here, I was mom and wife and, of course, cum-eating Asian whore.


This prose poem is a response to this original poem by Moctezuma Johnson:

Getting ready for work


in my apartment
she didn’t even take her clear heels off
in that little area where the shoes and whores go
she kneeled
i dangled cock at her
she sucked
and sucked good.
i spurted eight creamy loads
zipped up and
walked out
said goodnight
walked off to work

Missing Jenny – Psychedelic Smutpunk Poem #smutpunk #LPRTG


i want to send Jenny
a phat juicy ass
and puckered asshole
a watusi mass
and cupboard bowl
velcro’d to a message:
we could have stayed together
i miss pumping your
six hangers
your either holes
your chopsticks
and lemonade mix
no more cliffhangers, baby
just hers
she knows my
secret breathing
get your ugly whore face
over here now
we can swing together
from tit to tit
from ass to ass
like how you love
sneaking up behind me
and tossing my salad