POEM: ingenious asian cum-eater

ingenious asian cum-eater

the slut says, “push me 
against a wall 
and finger me 
with those three fingers. 

Treat me like a sex pig
whore with a big face
gag me until tears drool from my eyes. 
Stuff that big MONSTER cock 

of yours in my throat 
until I gasp for air and choke
Do this while lots of people are watching us,
jerking themselves off
wishing it was their dick in my throat
their hands massaging my brain

Slap my big fat cheeks. 
Then I want you to spray 
creamy jizz in my face 
while you utter cuss words to me
Call me slut, cumpig, bitch

I will take them all in 
 I will be them all for you.”
Fuck, you stupid asian pig!
I unload in your face
and you smile dumb and ugly 
like the brainless whore you
wish you were.