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If you love GIFS with cum please enjoy Cum Fetish Erotica by Moctezuma Johnson.

You will love sexy Jynx from Korea. She has a major obsession with cum and with her super-hot boyfriend MJ and, ideally, wants to milk one out of the other. Unfortunately, there’s a smoking hot, tall Korean chick in her way. MJ has left Jynx in the dust to pursue this leggy supermodel with long black hair. Jynx needs to feed her obsession. Without a steady dose of her favorite protein she’s fading. Jynx has a plan to put all three of them together on a rooftop and exact and nasty revenge on Jenny while getting her much vials filled with the much needed semen. Once on the roof, her plans fall to shit as MJ, swayed by the round curves of Jenny’s fine ass, can’t follow the rules Jynx set for him. Mayhem leads to Jynx pulling out all the stops before she loses love and her obsession in one fell swoop. If Jynx goes to plan B, MJ and Jenny have to worry for their sanity and safety as Jynx is wearing a necklace filled with the Devil’s Breath. See how far Jynx stoops to satisfy her depraved craving. Will she go as far as murder to get the holy protein? Read Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (a Cum Fetish Erotica) by Moctezuma Johnson and find out.

If you love GIFS with cum please enjoy Cum Fetish Erotica by Moctezuma Johnson. You will love sexy Jynx from Korea. She has a major obsession with cum and with MJ and, ideally, wants to milk one out of the other. Unfortunately, there’s a smoking hot, tall Korean chick in her way. See how far Jynx stoops to satisfy her depraved craving. Will she go as far as murder to get the holy protein? Read and find out.

Cum Fetish Break-up to Make-up to Sex | How to Humiliate Your Girlfriend


 Cum Fetish Break-up to Make-up to Sex | How to Humiliate Your Girlfriend
“blowjob?” i motion up to the nearby stairwell.
“no.” jynx looks down.
i touch her neck tenderly: “can’t i convince you?”
“i can’t convince you to come back to me.
she swings her big sodomite ass
side to side like a sinewy pendulum
that keeps time of sex and orgasm
says, “time’s up for you and the other slut
come to me now.”

Notes: Part One

I was busy fucking Jenny and then Cassia and Jynx had given up on me. She finally, after years, decided to protect herself emotionally. Well, at least she tried to protect herself emotionally. Read Chronicles to decide if you think it was successful. 


hours later, i get a message:

i shouldn’t have left your cock

like that.

I’m sorry.

You know
I wanted
to eat
your jizz

my nipples
are hard
just thinking
about the taste

Note Part Two:

Her cum fetish was legendary so I knew that she would always come back to me in hopes of getting to taste some of my creamy jizz. This let me push the envelope with her to get her coming over before work for booty calls, having her give up her ass, let me facefuck her, and even dip her head in the toilet while ass-fucking her before work. 

minutes after the message,
i shove her head down
step forward over her
and breach her throat

defiling her spirit
is more fun than
defiling her throat
although her warm esophagus
closes around my cock
better than any pussy

i give her my cream
and she moans in glory!

she slurps up every last drop and swallows

Note Part Three:

Jynx was such a cumslut with me that she’d kneel down even after I was with another chick and let me facefuck her. She loved the taste of cum enough to supersede her jealousy, tiredness, and aching jaw. 

hours later, i get a message:
my jaw hurts, Master.

Note Part Four:

Here I had the option of either ignoring her, telling her to say thank you, or showing her a live photo of me in the ass of another Jenny. One click of my smartphone and she could see live video of Jenny’s whore asshole swallowing the massive cock that had Jynx’s jaw sore.

minutes after that i say:
my thumb hurts
from responding
to your bullshit messages

i’m sorry, Master, she writeswickedpictures-asinaamer-1
i’ll come over and suck it for you

my thumb or my cock?

both, of course

you can come over and suck my thumb
from out of Jenny’s ass

 Note Part Five:

I showed her a photo of my thumb buried in Jenny’s asshole


minutes later, i pulled my thumb

from jenny’s asshole
stuffed it into jynx’s mouth
and let Jenny’s throat muscles get me off

Note Part Six

I jizzed in Jenny’s mouth just to sting Jynx with jealousy. The more she was denied cum, the more I wrapped her around my finger. Or did I?

Note from MJ about Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Note from Author:


The Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired series is essentially a memoir classified as fiction to protect those involved and to add a little bit extra to the story. Many of the things you will read about did, in fact, happen. This is a tale of an obsessive girlfriend going from being a little cute but clingy to totally psychotic and quite dangerous. The series occurs in breathtaking locations. The series includes drug use, mind control, enslaving, sex with royalty, tentacle sex, lesbians, and pop stars. When you’re done, tell me what you think. If you’re looking for a vanilla erotica romance, do NOT read. This is most definitely not for you. If you want SMUTPUNK to lead you toward the rabbit hole and then when you’re least expecting it shove a jet pack on you and slam you into it, then you’re in the right place. Close the curtains, grab your toys, and turn on your eReader, your body, and your mind!

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars” –Oscar Wilde



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How to Really Convince your girlfriend to take a Facial | #LPRTG #EARTG #HowToFuck


 Another Installment from the Instructional Series

“The Facial”

The Wonderful Climax that lands on a Face

Stocks can be quite persuasive!

Stocks can be quite persuasive!

Giving your girlfriend/wife/one-night-stand-whore a facial is a very important and complex ritual that any true man must master. Every couple goes through this same routine: The guy isn’t happy until the girlfriend routinely takes his nut every morning, or evening, or whatever hour they agree upon, but many men let their girlfriends dictate. This is, of course, a big mistake. Some people go through all kinds of trouble to make their loved one, slave, or sex toy take nut-butter (see images). This is a waste of time and energy and it really shouldn’t be. Your efforts are needed elsewhere and a facial is your privileged that you should be tapping into. It really shouldn’t be too terribly long before your cum is hitting her nose and eyes if you follow some simple steps, such as coercing her with lore of moisturized skin, tempting her to conform with the regularity of which it’s done in all the popular porn movies, telling her she’ll be your princess, and if necessary (or if you just want) by telling her that you love her dearly.

The first thing is to remind her that choad is in fact very good for her skin and that she’s already putting it on her face after every shower when she uses all those haute couture products that she uses. Haute Couture cum is great! The next thing to remind her is that all the porn girls do it. You can easily show her a blowjob and cumshot compilation videos in abundance at, or, or She will probably enjoy watching the porn. If she doesn’t, you may have a lot of work to do convincing her and should probably consider buying some stocks (see images). If you do buy stocks, simply lock her in and go to work–end of story. After you come on her bound face, tell her what a dumb slut she is and photograph her and send to this blog. They love the humiliation; that will make her day. If none of these tips help, you’re going to have to ask her if she wants to be your princess. “Of course,” she’ll say and then you put a tiara on her head and jizz all over it and her hair and her face. Also, you probably need to tell her that you love her and be very gentle with her. She may not be ready for a facial for whatever reason. Don’t feel too shy to beg her to take your load. If begging gets her to kneel and be your cum target you should feel like a stud. Also, if she begrudgingly kneels and lets the semen splatter her then you must either photograph it for posterity–because it will be a long time till the next one, if there is ever a next one–or you should immediately call her a stupid cum dump just to see the horror on her face.

Part of the Instructional Series by Moctezuma Johnson

Remember that no slut, err girl, is born ready to take a facial but they are all willing to learn to love it. The onus is on you, dudes. You have to work her into becoming your personal cumpig little by little. That said, you can surely convince her and feel like a real man. Girls will do all kinds of kinky shit for the man they love. Don’t worry. Remember the death of the Alpha Man in modern society is leading to his resurgence.

Post your experiences below and ask me if there’s any other how-to that you need. Happy cum-shooting!

Why is the facial so important?
Marking your lover with your seed is quite empowering for a number of reasons. Tantamount is that the visual side of sex is really important to men (as Callie Press says in Give Great Head). Seeing the cum on my girl’s face turns me on. Also, knowing that there’s no chance of pregnancy and the session is focused on pleasure and nothing more is hot. It gives a nasty feel to the encounter. And, as George Clinton says, “All that is good is nasty!”