The History of an Erection on the Red Carpet | Requested Poem | #DirtyPoem

I offer this Poet For Hire service that lets you get a personalized poem. You fill out a form and voila. In 48 hours a brand spanking new poem will be all yours. Here’s one with the emotional parameters of Lust, Anger, Power: 

The History of an Erection on the Red Carpet

For ‘Beta’

Richard’s cut
like a fine Italian tailor
hemmed his waist
put shoulder pads into his bones
like a makeup artist
rouged his cheeks
patted down his hair
and cherried red his lips

Eliza’s draped with curves
like a stylist picked
her ass and tits
like a cosmetics guru
upholstered her bones
with the finest silky skin
for sale on Planet Earth

They adore each other,
Richard and Eliza
across the red carpet
Eliza’s touches the arm
of the MC doing introductions
trying to butter him up
Richard’s heart rate is up two ticks
he sees the MC on top of his wife
Eliza’s legs spread
her fingernails caressing the MC’s back
his cum leaking out of her shaved pussy

On this red carpet,
Richard sees the MC’s hard cock
pressing against his silk suit
Eliza’s making the MC excited again
Richard’s blood boils
his pores open
As Adrenaline of Jealousy
courses through his bulging veins
hands ready to rip limb from limb
twist this MC twit’s hard dick
clear off and throw the bleeding dick
into the street

Richard, fangs bared, glares at Eliza
she looks back at him
shimmies her shoulders
in her
sexy dress
cleavage hopping
Richard sighs loudly
like in pain
Eliza winks at him
Richard can’t help it
He’s fully hard

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The HR King Hits One Out of the Park on Wife’s Throat


the kind beautiful ballpark built in the 1920s

when Babe Ruth was the sultan swatting

when architecture carved and chiseled

with details and craftsmanship


people filled nearly every seat

sun glazed the east side with sugar


this was the season that the Latin Express

as he was nicknamed

would break the all time home run record

today he struck out in his first at bat

he stared at her as he un-velcroed his gloves

his green eyes looking her up and down

sunglasses, thick lips, tits cleaved out of tank top

then he disappeared into the dugout

and she looked at her husband

who seemed to have missed the HR King eating up

his hot, young wife



during the next inning

the usher gave her a note

with a scribbled message:

meet me behind door D13

ask the usher how


Latin Express


she stuffed the note into her purse

then sat there frozen

and watched a half inning before she got up

the gumption

he wanted her

he was gorgeous

who knows where this could lead

a date, dinner, the red carpet of something


but she wasn’t a cheater


this was different!


she excused herself from him

walked to the door beside the nacho vendor

a guard saw her, took the note, opened the door

she took a stairway to a tunnel

behind the dugout

he was there in his pinstripe uniform

holding a bat

she froze when she saw him

they were alone in the tunnel



he was huge!

no wonder he was so tall

he needed the height to keep that thing

from knocking him over

he was massive!


she heard the loudspeaker

announcing a player to bat

the crowd cheered

muffled by the tunnel

“your moans will be muffled too!”



she looked up at him with meek eyes

the organ music rumbled its bass notes

off the concrete walls



the announcer’s voice popped

out the speaker in the blue and white hallway

“now deepthroating, number sixty-nine”



first the door, then the tunnel, now the announcer

was the whole place rigged

for the HR King

were there kneeling women in many other

secured tunnels?



she felt the cold concrete

on the back of her head

the warm cockhead on her tonsils

like one was the defense

the other trying to score

both fighting it out


the wall held its ground, but

the player’s big cock burst through

hit a towering home run

cock sliding right down her throat



were her eyes

was her throat

was her humiliation


from a flirt from stands

she got facefucked in a tunnel


just because he was famous

just because he was handsome

just because he was rich

just because he was the home-run king

she was sitting

one tit out of the tank top

drool running down her chin

onto that cold tit with hard nipple

her jean skirt hiked up

and her pink panties soaked



back in the stands after three pop-ups

he’s wondering where his wife went



the music is organ and then voices screaming, charge!”

he has his baseball bat behind her neck

her hands are on it

her tits are both out now and covered in drool

each time the organ riffs he jams his massive dick

up her throat with the “charge”

then he smacks her face and tits

and repeats


shes moaning, and breathing heavy

gasping for breath

screaming for mercy

“take the whole motherfuckin thing,

you dumb asian slut!”

he jams it in her

she pushes back off his thighs

he’s too strong



the usher answers the husband’s questions

“do you know where she went? have you seen her?”

he gives no inkling of knowing she’s in the tunnel



he shoots it at her mouth


holding his gaint cock up

to her full lips

the cum jets out

it splotches but misses the mouth

it stains her blue cheeks

her yellow Asian skin going white

it drips off of the tunnel slut

smearing her tits and her yellow tank top

he stands back, towering over her, and watches her

then rubs the cum from her cheek into her mouth

using his penis as a spoon—

he’s almost tender now that he destroyed her—

he feeds her him

she realizes she wishes it were in her womb


after she swallows it he says:

go back to your hushand

and kiss him, whore



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