I want to eat my wife’s bull’s cum

Poem to Pig Whore


this fucking whore
with snout
drunk on rum
and cum leaking
out her ass
Charlie’s cum
i want to suck his dick
feel the pleasure she gets
that keeps her hooked
but I just fuck her
with snout
basted with cum
his cum
taste the pleasure
she gets
being his cocksucker
his cum eater
his anal dick vase
all decorated and made up
to please him
i love that
she’s a big
fucking whore
and eat his cum
off her pig tits


Drunk Wife

She was drunk in her heels



the chain clinking

her sheer top showing her nipples

her pussy wet

and her mouth slurring words

slut slut slut

she kept repeating after him

when he fucked her hard from behind

he had his hand on the small of her back

her ripe ass took dick

spread open




every minute

of dick

every minute

of cumming

his cream painted slut on her

he stood up

he dropped down her

as he sat and grabbed a beer

her husband fucked her

har from behind

sje bounces up and down

wjile hubby begged her to slow down

he watched the bull’s cum drip

down his wife’s ass


Tudung & Titties the Big Malay Tits & Ass #TittyTuesday Show #AsianErotica

Tudung & Titties the Big Malay Tits & Ass #TittyTuesday Show #AsianErotica1
images (3) p164647823

Nothing like Phat Booty

there’s nothing like phat booty
and big tits
whether white, dominican, or malay

there’s nothing like phat booty
and long legs
with thick lips that suck cock

there’s nothing like phat booty
rjotna7du9ltizicmg0u thick-middle-eastern-girls-16

with the fucking hijab on
i bent the slattern bitch
cock to tip of anus
Fuck my ass, MJ, please

she purred in her language
hard as an English speaker
learning Arabic
I did her deep in the alphabet

until she yelled, Aleph Aleph Aleph
as her husband bust in on us

Read Malay Erotica #AsianErotica written by Smutpunk Wife Emme Hortumblr_mrrfqqLTiX1sd3nlpo4_500

Tudung & Titties (and maybe some thick, juicy booty)


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tumblr_nyz0xj1kg41uxakdgo1_1280 6ac56b1d04d0ec951792c1a50bbec96e big-ass-arab-hijab-sex-muslim-girls

you’re just…

you’re just a rectum to destroy
i don’t even know your real name
you’re just a rectum to destroy
i don’t even know if you’re married or not
you’re just a rectum to destroy
not even sure what you were doing on line when we met
you’re just a rectum to destroy

images (2)


fucked her ass

i had her wait for me
head in the toilet
tudung soaking wet
dildo deep up her ass
massive purple
twice the size
of my big cock
i pushed it in
watched her tits
go crooked
flipped her ass up
into the air
fucked her asspulled out of her gaped hole
as she looked up at me
glasses floated
in the toilet
I sprayed all over head scarf

tumblr_nj9iihPoFF1r2jqw1o1_500 tumblr_nle77jWTjx1tgsc7uo2_500 Shhhh, she says
as I suck on her nipples
she jerks me off
while her husband
is in the other room
working tumblr_nty85gNuzF1ucysuao1_540

Ping Pong Balls Cumshot

poem by Red Pesca


she kneels

black hair pulled away from her face

hands clasped behind her back

yellow-brown skin naked

his thigh pushing against her tit

as he drives cock up into her mouth

his balls dance like ping pong balls

popping out of a lottery machine

to call the winning pick four

i rub my two losers and watch his claim her

as jizz rifles into my wife’s face


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The Cuckold and the Bull

The motherfucking guy

big as a truck

with thick biceps

and big strong hands

grabbed my wife by the hair

fistful of ponytail

he pushed her down onto bulging cock

big motherfucking cock

the kind that hisses when it comes out of pants

as she half-shrieks half-moans

the kind that makes wrinkles form over her brow

when she takes it into her throat

the kind that makes drool leak out the sides of her mouth

when she bobs up and down on it

to pleasure him

while I watch



She’s straddling him

kissing him tenderly

while his cock takes a break

i lick my wife’s asshole

preparing her

for round two




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