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Excerpt from [amazon text=The Nymph and the Epiphany – Episode No. 3&asin=B00M3N7S5C]

from the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series

this scene starts after MJ and Jenny are drugged in episode no. 2 

miss-park-dino-pornI was there with this creature, this tentacle monster. It flailed and writhed. It climbed the smooth doll-like supermodel leg, all the way up to the thin thigh. It wrapped around her amazing leg. It inched awkwardly to where a man like me couldn’t hold it in anymore. I just watched this purple thing rubbing her thigh. Dark purple with veins and goo dropping onto her porcelain white skin. Her skin got sticky. It flopped on her bush, then her clit. Then it stopped and stiffened, opening her pussy lips and it penetrated her. Her pussy lips stretched to take in this enormous thing and she moaned like I’d never heard her moan before—like her soul was taking this monster, like it was touching that place beyond language, where thoughts still remain in their pure unshapen form, that’s where it seemed this thing was touching her from the type of deep moan-grunt that was coming out of Jenny. She sat up, her pussy clenched, and then she collapsed backward. The tentacle pulled out of her open pink cunt.

Jenny was a great looking girl. She was a model. People recognized her looks. It was the main thing about her. Her mind was developed too. There was a time when she spent all her time in the library. She’d read and study. She loved comic books. She was kind of a geek girl. He read about alien planets and little girls in schoolgirl uniforms out on adventures. There was Sailor Moon, MiHee the Space Princess, and Seoul Sucker. In all her reading, through all those strange sci-fi worlds, she never imagined that she would be on her back in a private club with this automated thing flopping on her like a dying fish. She never read how to prepare her body for a multiple-armed dildo monster penetrating her holes and jazzing over and over onto her body. From pinky toe to eyelash this writhing beast covered her in cream.

The thing erupted white goo all over toes and ankles, her knees and thighs, her belly and bush, and then her tits. The machine loved her tits and covered them generously with its slick white paste. Then it moved to her pretty face and worked it into her mouth, around her teeth like a water pick or a cake decorator. She was covered in every crevice. She was so drenched that if she flossed, cum would come out from between her teeth. If she blew her nose, cum would stain the tissue, if she wiped her ass, cum would be all over the toilet paper. It was awesome. My supermodel girlfriend was lying propped up on her elbows, watching her gorgeous body disappear under a flood of cream. It was a tentacle bukkake all over Jenny’s legs and her swollen red cunt. She had just been used by a room full of guys, said Jynx, and now she was being filmed with this thing dousing her in jizz and I was there. I was jerking off, as were many other guys, and Jynx was telling me to dump my jizz not on Jenny but on her.

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