erotic smutpunk | literary erotica


erotic smutpunk | literary erotica

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired – Season One — It’s like Narnia for the Loins!


Travel to Bangkok with MJ to see just how SMUTPUNK things can be when you put a white guy into the fray in the most depraved city on earth. Add in a stalking, bat-crazy girlfriend with a penchant for drugging her enemies and the objects of her affections, which do sometimes blur. Also, you’ll find a gorgeous African-Korean K-pop star. Of course, the supermodel sold to a prince will be in attendance too. They all meet in this incredible supper club for a massive humiliation backfired that you’ve never seen the likes of before.

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Hot Asian Cum Play | Visual Summary

Literary Porn Smutpunk

You Looking for some HOT ASIAN CUM PLAY EROTICA?

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a visual summary of episode two (please see video for visual info on all four episodes of Season One)

  • dubious consent thanks to the devil’s breath
  • dog_and_parking_meter

    You want to fuck with me? I’d think twice if I were you.

    This may be the world's scariest drug and Jynx knows how to use it!

    This may be the world’s scariest drug and Jynx knows how to use it!


    Jynx has this thing about tethering sluts to trees, parking meters, walls, etc.

    What's a humiliation without some dildos in play?

    What’s a humiliation without some dildos in play?


    On Display Again (part of Jynx’s master plan to exact a vengeful humiliation on the slut that stole her man)

  • Jynx’s victims find themselves tethered to a parking meter naked in public
    for all the public to see

    Tethered to a Parking Meter – Has Time Expired For Jenny or Jynx?

  • sex with a bunch of guys and/or a tentacle machine

    Jenny gets all her holes used and the video is sent to MJ who can’t remember a thing

  • oral sex in a public park fountain

    Jynx has everyone watching as MJ and Jenny submit to her every whim

  • love

    It’s all done because I love you, baby! You’ll see.

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Read the Chronicles Book Series Itself

Two Amazon Carousels of Books by Moctezuma Johnson

Moctezuma Johnson, Ruler of Literary Porn and Weird Shit that Makes him Laugh

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Movie Trailer of Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Movie TrailerChronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson

This is the book trailer from the four part Season One featuring Jynx, Jenny, and MJ. The book features a laundry list of taboos (in order of importance): cum fetish, lesbians, tentacles, billionaires, sex slaves, submission, humiliation, cum crazed Asians with Big Tits, hot Asians, Supermodels, voyeurism, and more. Check out the trailer and then read about these bat shit crazy characters and the steady diet of shit they must endure. You’ll never be the same after!

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