That ass was definitely winking at you, Stud! Definitely.

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Option A

That winking asshole was winking at you, luring you, and you had no willpower. You wanted to jam your shit stained cock down G-string’s throat and force her to eat her own shit while your cock evacuated cum down her throat, but alas you couldn’t hold out, and with cock way down into her bowels, you jerked and jizzed into her sexy black asshole. Well, her ass was black. Her asshole was red. Looked like a red pepper that had been mashed with a tenderizing hammer.  Your cock did that! Your cock was cool! If your cock was a boyband it would have an entourage and screaming girls following it in the airport. It was the kind of cock the paparazzi would stake out. It was the kind of cock they’d build mosques and minarets to. They’d chant this cock’s name. And tell the story of how it dumped a half-gallon of prized primordial goo into G-strung and her magical black ass. 

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The End

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