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SEX TIP No. 6 – Role Play

I’m the King of Spain and you’re a captured Moor wife thrown into my harem!dickheader7-5

Don’t just get on top of each other and pump. Give a little historical context to the thing. Maybe you’re the professor and she’s the slutty student. Maybe she’s the Queen of England and you’re an attendant. Maybe you’re a beast and she’s your weak, defenseless prey. Maybe you’re the priest giving her a naughty, nasty, masturbatory penance. Spice it up by playing some roles. At XXXmas time make her a naughty girl and good santa or vice versa, as well as some elf-punks getting jiggy on the rooftops. Love trains, how about making her strip and lean against the column in the subway system and giving her backshots?

You really can’t go wrong with a little roleplay.

Something about leaving your own constrictions has enormous, exponential freedom attached to it. I highly recommend you pretend to be me and have the time of your life. Oh yeah. Have yourself a SMUTPUNK spree. Read the books and apply reenactments liberally.

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Stave off menopause by Reading MJ’s Smutpunk. If you don’t, your vagina may dry right up. Play it safe and read.

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