Cassia Gave me the Best Ride of my Life | a poem

The Reality of Anal Sex

For years I’ve wanted to ride a girl like she was a horse or a donkey or a camel. Haven’t you? Like you, I’ve wanted her to wait obediently on her hands and knees until I mount her, getting up on her ass and back. I’ll straddle her. Then when I’m good and ready, I’ll smack her ass and have her walk around the room with me riding her. I’ll pull her hair to make her turn right and left.
For some reason the perfect set of circumstances never came up and this dream was merely a fantasy. Yesterday, it all added up with Cassia. She was there all curvy and sexy and I was still drunk from the previous night’s bar debauchery of firewater and rum. I threw her on the ground, got on her hot body while her tits dripped toward the floor in the shape of raindrops, and rode her across her room’s wooden floor before busting up laughing. She laughed too.
Ever since she let me fuck her up the ass last week and farted out my cum, she is obedient and mine.
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