A Moctezuma Johnosn Book Trailer || From the Producers of “Milked by the Yeti” and other fine titles || #LPRTG

Yeah, it’s super low-budget, some photos and an iPhone, but it’s still a lot of fun. I mean, can’t a husband suck his wife’s cock anymore? Where has the fun gone? People are now even taking “Milked by the Yeti” seriously. Seriously? Enjoy this silly book trailer and enjoy one of my books. They are deadly fucking serious literature (no porn!).

Go to YouTube and give this book trailer a thumbs up so more people see it. Thanks. Also, if you’re intrigued, check out MILKED BY THE YETI by Moctezuma Johnson and Callie Press

Moctezuma Johnson’s Literary Porn Book Trailer

This is the Series that Has Everyone Wondering Where to Find a More Depraved Bunch

The Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Book Trailer

This video had text (not one pornographic image). Thanks for censoring it, google. Thanks a lot.

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