Want your body in the Book of Pigs? Calling all Men & Women! #LPRTG #SSRTG

Want to have your body in the Book of Pigs wearing a Pig Head? If you do, please email me today to get in. Time’s running out! It’s totally anonymous. It will just be “our little secret”. Must be 19 years of age or higher, of course.

Leave me a comment below if you’re in! Enjoy a little sample of what I have so far.


Leave me a comment below if you want to be one of Moctezuma’s Pigs. Book coming out October 13th, 2018

Avalanche Cum

a tit with cum
on the mountain face
like mountain snow
rattled loose
each sperm searching
a warm wet hole
to komdo its competition
off the stage
an avalanche
down the tit
past the nipple
the whole tit
shakes with
it slides
down blanched white
tit skin
to that dark pink
and ski jumps off
and onto the floor

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Is it derogatory to call a woman (or a man) a pig?

If the person is dirty and smells homeless then probably. If it’s a method of fat shaming then probably yes. But if it’s a term of affection, a term used to elicit the sublime animal nature of our desire, then no. Pig is not derogatory. Get naked and play with me and let me call you pig and see for yourself.

Do you like to be called Pig?
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If you’d like your photo in the Book of Pigs by Moctezuma Johnson, please email it today. Remember, I will be replacing your head with a pig head and then smutpunking the photo. By all means, contribute. 

Pig #57

The Biography of Pig No. 57
The Biography of Pig No. 57

Pig No. 57 has big ass and hips. I met her at a bar sipping a martini. I could see her cleavage from her low cut blouse. This type of chick was rare in Korea. I quickly made her into a cum pig. She sucked and ate cum. She loves cum on her tits. She loves big cock in her. She likes white cock, she likes brown cock, she likes Asian cock, too, as long as it isn’t tiny. She became a slut and donned the pig mask with pride. She is Pig No. 57. Stamped and approved by Doctor Smutpunk.

The Biography of Pig No. 57