13 Best Futa Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books | 2017 #Futa #LPRTG #Transgender


  1. [amazon text=Turned into a Fembot&asin=B073S9Z9D3] by Lisa Change

  2. [amazon text=Your Plaything&asin=B06Y39Q5YZ] by Nikki Cresent

  3. Pop & Lollie by Moctezuma Johnson

  4. [amazon text=Template: A Masks Story&asin=B071P98J9H] by Rodford Edmiston

  5. [amazon text=Video Game Gender Bender&asin=B073TZ7LVK] by Nina Nocturne

  6. [amazon text=Taken Futa Aliens&asin=B073ZFK4GD] by Alison West

  7. [amazon text=Futa Maid&asin=B01HNOIBOW] by Thomas Pike

  8. [amazon text=Lipstick Her Leather Anthology&asin=B0728P3PYQ] by Multiple Authors

  9. [amazon text=Futanari Switch Futa Female Extreme&asin=B071WN5F86] by Lara Longstaff

  10. [amazon text=The Empress’s New . . . Rod&asin=B072R4WMJW] by Julie Law

  11. [amazon text=Futa’s Passionate Awakening&asin=B0714P3TZY] by Reed James

  12. [amazon text=Agent of F.U.T.A.&asin=B01LZKZ0LR] by Kella Z. Driel

  13. [amazon text=Gender Games&asin=B073DTQBX9] by Nikki Crescent



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