Short short: “Who doesn’t like an Anal Creampie? #LPRTG #ANAL

Who doesn’t like an anal cream pie?

I mean, seriously. You fuck your girl, sitting on the edge of the bed, she is reverse cowgirl and your cock obliterates her asshole, stretching her open like a grocery bag stuffed with boxes of tissues. She grunts as you fuck her ass. She pushes her ass all the way back at first but then goes down less and less. The more you sodomize her the more you realize your cock’s not going as deep in tumblr_no71xmypGu1u77rjno1_1280anymore. You pull it out. Your turn her around. You look at your cock and then her. She shakes her head. Your grab her by the hair and push her down. You make her gag on it. This gets her spit all over the head, the shaft, the root, the balls. Her face betrays that she’s disgusted that she has become the type who will eat ass off of cock. You bask in the debasement of your whore. You turn her back around and pummel her asshole. It now slips all the way in until your balls bang her cunt-lips. You are fully devouring her now de-flowered ass. She is yours forever.

You fully unload every last drop of your cum into her ass. You empty your balls up her waiting, pimped-out asshole.

You watch her push the cum out.