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chronicles-of-a-humiliation-backfired-jynx-smutpunkAsian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up!

These chicks in the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson are super hot with long Asian legs, full tits, and juicy asses. They are as bat shit crazy as they are smoking hot. Meet Cum-Crazed Jynx, for example, who cannot get enough of MJ and Chase and literally stores them in her purse and around the house to mix in with her morning coffee (click link to read excerpt). Read “Chronicles” to see what sex in Asia is like when a White Male meets an Asian Female (AWWM).

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Asian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up! And smutpunk is always pretty damn fucked up. 

Who me? – Biography of Asian Chocolatier Mika Askara

Biography of Asian Chocolatier Mika Askara

Mika Askara: Chocolatier

She worksin an artisanal chocolate factory in Osaka, Japan. The small shop is known for blending floral scents such as rose and hibiscus with dark chocolate into sinfully succulent sweets.

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Car: Hummer

Favorite Book: Smutpunk on Skates


Asian Sexy – Erotica Images Featuring Smutpunk Women from the Far East


asian sexy
asian sexy
asian sexy

asian sexy
asian sexy
asian sexy
Enjoy some Asian Smutpunk:

Romancing the Hot Stone by Moctezuma Johnson

Book Description:

Alpha Billionaire CEO always gets everything he wants until he gets burned. A powerful CEO wants wants a masseuse badly but this comedy goes buck wild when he slips while trying to coerce the young Asian masseuse to give him extra pleasure. He falls into the boiling crock pot heating the hot stones and enters the mind- and body-warping Futa Romantic Comedy. All the tables get turned in this Asian Masseuse v. White CEO futa slug-fest. [/toggle]

Book Review:

“Romancing the Hot Stone is what I would call an exceptionally filthy, inappropriate, erotic comedy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what smutpunk is all about. Larry is an arrogant, racist, abusive businessman who ends up nearly losing his manhood in an unfortunate accident. It serves him right but, of course, he does not see it that way. As much fun as it is to see him nearly emasculated, the true pleasure comes in seeing the tables turned, with the masseuse being the one to get her revenge. There is a lot of build up here, with the sex saved for the very end, but the telling of the story is what makes it so amusing.” —Sally Bend, authority on transgender fiction. 

Asian Model – Gorgeous SMUTPUNK Erotica


Well now, here’s your choice. Asian SMUTPUNK by MJ or Asian SMUTPUNK by Emme Hor. All of these women contain a secret, like a doorway to another place. Click on each Asian Model wisely to find delights.


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Boy, Girl, I’ve got a tip for you

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Sexy Asian Supermodel Goes on the Ride of her Life

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Big Asian Tits | Moctezuma Johnson #BigAsianTits #LPRTG


Photos and GIFs of Big Asian Tits

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Gifs:0851-julia 4196-big-fake-brunette-asian-tits-oiled-and-stroked 12211258ba01b04ce11a980ddbfa8fab

More Photos:127615687580 Big-Japanese-Boobs-On-Hotel-Bed bukkake_girl_09 japanese-porn-star-118752 Julia_Tropical_Beach_06 Julia-Big-Tits-And-Hot-Nipples-Photos-7 Mai-Shiranui-nude-cosplay_Asian-big-boobs_Cosplay-Deviants_02 pic04 playboy model julri walters big wet asian boobs plump-and-busty-japanese-lady-500x798 smutpunk3 SmutpunkNestlesInBigTits5 thumb1 tumblr_mqa5pdGUC41r4irwbo1_500 tumblr_o23mn8Aega1v0euioo4_500pic04 (2)tumblr_oa45bxtxYr1u6fp3wo1_1280

I’m a huge fan of big Asian tits. I may be as big a fan as there is. I dated a slew of Asian women with big tits. I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of big tits to play with that I haven’t enjoyed. Why are they so pleasing? They are something to squeeze. Squeezing feels good. They are great to suck on. Sucking makes me feel calm. They can be soaped up and/or oiled and feel great over my cock Russian style. They make great sponges to clean my own body when lusciously sudsed up. And, in a pinch, tits can be very useful to sate my nagging hunger or quench my ravenous thirst.