Visual Summary of What’s Coming This Week

Juicy Jynx

Tired of White Day and Valentine’s Day (and now Rose day, wtf?). Well get on Steak and BJ Day. Click her panties to get something better!


It’s true. Our Chindian-Malay Heroine Heather Still Has the BUTT PLUG BLUES! Read all about it by CLICKING on the BUTTPLUG!


When is an Asian Lara Croft Coming to MJ’s Pages? Hopefully, sooner than later. Enter Luminara!


They say change is good. I’ve changed covers!


I hate when they typecast Asians as serious. Looks at this hot Asian rack after reading MJ’s Battle For Alien Relish. I’ll bet she’d like some Alien Goo on her! Click the Tongue to Read about Alien Relish!


So much SMUTPUNK to read. Where do I begin?


Grigor couldn’t decide which of his chicks to keep and discard so he’d let the Internet decide. He posts selfies for votes and tells the girls the one with the higher number of likes gets to stay.


Reading SMUTPUNK on the kindie and offering ass to MOCTEZUMA. Click the ASSHOLE for more. Bullseye!


She looks a lot like Wendy Lopez from Steak and BJ Surprise 2016

CuteAsianChick IMG_20140726_181308-615x615 koreaneducatedslut tumblr_mdlsf3vVmM1rl6tlzo1_500Click on the Images to Get your Surprises!