Sex Tip No. 20 – The Art of Insertion (sticking things in your ass) #LPRTG #SexTip #SmutStreet


The Art of Anal Insertion

How do we insert something in an ass unaccustomed to such insertions. This is the question. Basically, it should be done slowly and all lubed up or it may be a bit of an unpleasant experience. Like anything, you have to enjoy it to enjoy it. One thing to keep in mind is that the one doing the taking is the one who is really in control although it may seem opposite.

If you’re inserting a butt plug for example, you have a lot of responsibility because if you go too fast or too hard you will turn off your partner and lost her trust. Try to be gentle. Whatever you think is gentle, be more gentle than that. Start with something soft, a feather or a tongue is a good way to warm up an ass.


Don’t do what this Malay police officer did in Bukit Baru, Malacca when he stuck his fingers into his wife’s anus over cell phone row.

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Lube Lube Lube, baby! In fact, more lube.

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That’s the real key to anal insertion. Since the ass doesn’t lube itself, you need to. There are some pretty good lubes out there. There’s stuff like Astroglide to make things slippery. Never use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, trust me. Unless you want to feel as much friction as a virgin every time! There are butt desensitizers which will remove some of the pain with an analgesic numbing agent. There’s also lube that is designed to look like fake cum which can be a lot of fun for cuckold fantasy play or bukkake roleplays among other ideas. Remember to use some common sense. Don’t use a silicone lube as it will degrade silicone toys like the 17-inch butt plug. Also, remember warming up an ass takes time. Lots of time. It could take hours or even days or weeks to get an ass ready.

Why is Anal Insertion Necessary? How can it help you?

You know the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, that was in a different time, the time when America was great before it launched coups, Atomic weapons, and agent orange on the world. In those days, perhaps an apple could do it. But not anymore. What the fuck will an apple do? I don’t think eating ass was a first date staple like it is today. Now, the saying goes like this: some butt play a day keeps the doctor away.

Anal can help you! It can actually save your life!

Some butt play a day keeps the doctor away because the anal area is super sensitive and also can be super tight. By playing with ass you will release tension, relax, and stir up endorphins that all help in healing. It has been suggested that a little butt play can actually fend off such things as stress headaches, prostate cancer, and hemorrhoids. By using a butt plug and/or other anal play, you are massaging the prostate and strengthening the muscles around the ass. This can be handy later in life. I’m not talking about jamming a [amazon text=17-inch Huge Butt Plug / Dildo&asin=B07B2Y6QP7] up your ass twice a day, that can have some of the unwanted consequences of the extreme anal porn stars where they can no longer keep their shit inside their bodies and leak all over unless a big diaper is velcro’d to their leaky asses. However, moderate anal play will help you build all of your body, including the nether regions. It will help you have fun. It will help you relax.

Also, it will increase your ability to feel pleasure. By tapping into the extremely sensitive nerve receptors on your anus you will experience different sensations that will help you relax and keep stress to a minimum.

There’s nothing as exciting as hitting new nerve endings. I shave my head and the first time I shaved and showered it was like having a cranial orgasm. I had never had any sensation like water on a bare head before and it was marvelous. The sensations on your ass are even more sensitive! The first time I put my finger into my ass and found my prostate it was like finding god. It also gave me a raging hard on. I mean, I was so hard my dick kind of hurt. Fuck viagra, boys, just stick a finger up your ass!

But MJ, I’m scared!

If you’re scared of putting something inside you ass, start small. Use a hand held shower head to spray the asshole, then insert just the tip of your finger. Move to putting half of your finger inside and kind of leaving it there. Then insert the whole finger. After you’ve gotten comfortable with that, upgrade to a small butt plug, and so on until all 17 inches of big john slate are pumping you while you scream your own name!


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I took that years ago with some Korean chick with a nice round ass.
I was enjoying writing “slut” and “whore” and “cumpig” all over her
thighs, calves, forehead and then wanted to facefuck her
and didn’t know where to stick
the whiteboard marker (I was teaching English at the time). 

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