Sex Tips: This Week’s Topic is Sexual Bagpiping | Sex Tip #7


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This may be new to a lot of people, it once was to me, but then I watched a lot of Japanese goo porn which opened up some new avenues for me. The wonderful thing with lotion play, or goo, as I like to call it, is that it changes the friction levels of our bodies in such a way that just about every part of the body becomes penetrable. So you once laughed at nasal sex, aural sex, elbow crook sex, back of the knee sex, and armpit sex? Well laugh no more! Because bagpiping is here and it’s en vogue, perverts. Why is sticking cock into an armpit called bagpiping? Bagpiping is named after the fact you use one arm to squeeze the “bladder” of the bagpipes. When a cock is nestled between arm and tit, she will use the same squeezing action to pleasure the penis. In fact, this is more pleasurable than tit-fucking, especially if the chick has small tits that are more perky than porn-star sized. There are a few ways to increase the pleasure: oil and smushing cockhead against tits. The cock will come toward the meaty side boob and this is a nice feeling against the sensitive head of the cock, so make sure the cockhead gets acquainted with the side boob and spray on oil liberally. Don’t be shy, lube up the shoulder, armpit, side-boob, cockhead, and more. The more everybody is slipping and sliding the happier the cock will be.

FUN FACT – The inside part of the elbow is really called the “weinis.” Try not to chuckle.

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See some examples of women bagpiping:

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