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My reach has grown over the last couple of years and I’d like to help other writers doing their thing. Organic traffic is somewhere between 50 people per day and 1,000 per day depending on the time of the year. Historically, site traffic peaks in April. 

  1. Adverts – you can have your ad placed strategically in prime site real estate for maximum efficacy. I’ll be happy to discuss your options with you. Advertising on the Moctezuma Johnson Smutpunk Site can really help raise your brand image and help your site gain rank. 

    • Place ads on on the Main Slider, Main Page Sidebar, Main Page Bottom, Link Page, Main Slider, First Slide on Main Slider (best option), etc.

      • All prices recur monthly

        • OPTIONS (See dropdown menu for pricing and checkout):

          • Sidebar  – bottom, middle, top. This is some of the most clicked areas on the site, and inexpensive to try out for your advert. 

          • Bottom of Main Page – There are four columns at the bottom of pages that get repeated eyeballs

          • Link Page – Nominal fee per month, I’ll take barters, on link page that will feature a small image and a link to your site/book

          • Main Slider – This is the main banner on the home page (a great option for major visibility!)

          • First Slide of Main Slider – This is the penthouse of the site. This spot generates the MOST clicks.  (The first slide of main slider is the best option)

              • please ask what the heck all this info means, where these spots are, etc. I can send you a site geography PDF to explain it all. Just ask. Or we can chat.

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