Cinnamoan Adult Fantasy Shop Picks By Moctezuma Johnson SMUTPUNK Sex Toys


Cinnamoan Adult Fantasy Shop Picks By Moctezuma Johnson SMUTPUNK Sex Toys

I lead a charmed life. It’s true.


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Now you know I’m lucky to call some way-the-fuck-out-of-the-box-degenerates friends. This week, one of these awesome people was kind enough to offer me an incredible opportunity to pick a SMUTPUNKER’S DOZEN of DIRTY little SEX TOYS for her incredible site Cinnamoan The Dirty Adult Fantasy Shop. I’m right up there with FSOG as far as entering you mentally and PHYSICALLY with my smutpunk in conjunction with these great toys. You have the incredible Adam and Eve Magic Massager-Wand, Slick Dick’s Much Better Than Spit Lube, and Travel Jack Master Premium Self-Contained just to name a few. See the image to the right (or below if you’re on a mobile, please scroll down and choose “view full site”) and click to help yourself to some of these incredible products. Cinnamoan was kind enough to create a coupon for my fans which will give you 10% off if you join their email list.

Recently, I posted a sex tip about self pleasure. Any of these items makes a perfect addition to your normal routine touching yourself. My new sex tip is about talking dirty, so let Bree Olsen show you how it’s done with the Zero Tolerance Talk Dirty To Me Audio CD (which I recommend you upload to your smart phone for dirty talk at your fingertips).

On Wednesday, a new Weekly Sex Tip will come out and you will find some new ideas and products for your continued fun.



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