Sitting on the Great Leader’s Face | Excerpt/Promo of Attack of the North Korean Giantesses


Sitting on the Great Leader’s Face

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was called the Great Leader. He had big poofy black hair like Elvis, wore thick square glasses and had a toothy smile. He was short. Before him was Kim Il Sung, Jong Il’s father and this is how that ‘look’ came into being. Like his son, he wore big thick square glasses and had a toothy smile. He was short. His stumpy legs looked funny as the Giantess squatted over him, suffocating him with her ass and pussy. Her huge tits waterfalled down the folds of her body. She was a BBW before becoming a giantess. Thanks to this skinny society she had been ridiculed since she was seven. Now all the revenge was coming out, directed at the Dear Leader, choking in the folds of her slit and ass crack as he kicked out his stumpy legs futilely.


Sorry folks, this is just a quick taste of what lurks in the new one from Moctezuma Johnson, who spent a decade living in the Korean peninsula.

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“Giantess Lucia”
by_triple_b_lovers of DeviantArt

Attack of the North Korean Giantesses is ready for beta read.

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The new story features Giantesses, Race-play, Science Fiction, Women in Black agents, the Five Hive, Futas, Flower Warriors, Lesbians, Face-sitting, Revenge and way more.


Some Stats about Reading Erotica | Erotic SMUTPUNK makes you more desirable


Some Stats about Reading Erotica

Erotic Smutpunk Will Make you MORE DESIRABLE

This is very interesting information that I got from reading some forums today. 

Did you know men are most attracted to women who read erotica?

Get this! Sixty Percent of singles would rather date a book lover. That absolutely cracks me up. That’s our nature, isn’t it? We always want the impossible. So all those women out there reading suit smut on the subway would rather date a figment of their imagination than an actual flesh and blood man. However, don’t worry, dudes, forty percent would prefer a real dick to a wand and the mental image of a man from a book.

According to polls, men preferred women who read hardcore erotica. It seems men want their women to be well versed it what to do in the bedroom. So, ladies, get reading your smutpunk.

The other things to keep in mind, women, is that one in five men find the woman erotica reader to be the perfect type. I guess they think that women who read erotica will be open-minded sexually. That’s a big plus. The fact that men think about sex every three seconds coincides nicely with women projecting sexy. So get reading! And, men, be like the man in women’s minds.


*leave a comment if some stats about reading erotica surprised you. Thanks^^

Presidential Election Day Blues | #ErectionDay2016

Do we really need another literary category subcategory? Why not, smutpunkists? by Emme Hor There are so many literary ‘punks’ these days that it just seems like a buzzword to use in the new age of selling books via keywords. Imagine the Classics: Lolita (Old Man Young Vixen Daddy Age Play Series) or Hamlet (DubCon Paranormal 15th Century Murder/Suicide Crime Thriller Mystery Royalty & Aristocrats), or even Star Wars (Metaphysical and Visionary Galactic Empire Space Marine Clones Incenstuous Paranormal Space Soap Opera Dystopian Sci-Fi Series). So everybody is trying to get on the algorithm’s good sides with creative keyword use, and you now have categories upon categories with subcategories inside categories. Frankly, it has become a mess. If you like muck, then you’re in heaven searching for a book on amazon. If you don’t, you type in your favorite keywords and you’re on with it. So now you have steampunk, cyberpunk, splatterpunk, and a bunch of punks to help you sort through the mess and find something cool and unique that you like. Well, add smutpunk to the list. Smutpunk, really? That sounds awful. Strangely, though, the new term applies to work that isn't bad. It’s erotica with plot that mixes forms from such varied sources as magic realism, science fiction, and Asian kung fu movies. In the same way most other punks use some common thing to glue them together, smutpunk uses the most basic protein of all to create its own panspermia universe, mixing pop-culture, erotica, the Cthulhu mythos, Far East legends, and Non-Western spirituality with Science Fiction, Pulp, and Silver-Age-Comic era elements into a head spinning, ball-busting good time. The idea behind it, formulated originally by Moctezuma Johnson and Callie Press, is to make erotica stand up on its own even if you remove the sex (which these writers admit they sometimes forget to provide) because the plots have other equally important elements. In Halloween 2015 Callie Press’s Butterface was highly-lauded, and Moctezuma Johnson’s Battle for Alien Relish has recently been featured as a kind of B-movie classic on WTF Friday. Smutpunk is just beginning and has only scratched the surface of the its full potential like a Sith lord just beginning to use the dark side for tripping her friends and giggling. Get on the slippery bandwagon and have a taste. Type Smutpunk into Amazon and see what new worlds you get.

Presidential Election Day 2016 – Yikes!

Well, all our worse fears have been stirred up by some serious asshole politics. Most voters no little more than a few sounds bytes, memes, or twitter posts. Very few Americans have a the complex understanding of politics and social justice that we would like. Even the Republican candidate has a very meager grasp on the issues. That said, it’s quite a depressing day and we could really use a little pick me up.

What will help turn this day from such an awful day to something a little more positive? Why SMUTPUNK, of course.

If you want to immerse yourself in politics you can choose from three political satires, two by me and one by Callie Press.

The Presidential Election Satires:

Dump The Futa President

Tonguing Tromp

and Poca Hotits and T. Ronald Dump Sing Dixie 

You may want to just leave the erection behind and have a little fun on the Moctezuma Event or the Erection Day Event.

The main problem with this presidential election, as Genevieve Greene says, is that somebody will be elected. Personally, I think America needs a timeout and to sit in the corner for a few months until everybody calms down.

The Sex Manual – Read these sex tips for a flamethrower in the bedroom


The Sex Manual – Read these sex tips for a flamethrower in the bedroom


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Read the Sex Manual right now22 23 2427


The Sex Manual – Read these sex tips for a flamethrower in the bedroom

Why are you rubbing two sticks together in the bedroom? Get a flamethrower!

Ever wished your partner came with a small pamphlet on how to operate correctly? Well, now you have it. Moctezuma spent nearly a decade running a bar, writing erotica, and blogging. He gathered a lot of information. So you want to have mind-blowing sex but all you know is what your priest and Cosmo told you? You poor thing. Well, fret no more. Let Moctezuma Johnson share his research in this in-depth, self-help book. He has found out what’s plaguing most bedroom partners. It’s simply intimidation and insecurity. So many fans have asked him how to be better, sexier, and more experienced. Moctezuma speaks openly and honestly offering a series of very practical solutions for men and women. This non-fiction, how-to book is told with humor (a necessity for the bedroom) and compassion.

Whether male or female or transgender, The Sex Manual is the book you wish came with every person you’ve dated. Well, wish no more. It’s out, so add it to your kindle. Just the fact that you’re reading this description is proof that you’re ready to improve and you’re almost halfway there. This book will take you the rest of the way. It’s filled with ideas, game plans, tips, and list of clothing, toys, and poems to spice up your sex life.

Happy Birthday

naughtycupcakesHere’s a Visual Gallery to say Happy Birthday! 

Bear in mind they go from PG-13 up to XXX as you scroll down







aoc7 birthdaycakecock






Well, that’s a SMUTPUNK happy Birthday! If you’re on my list then I have already emailed you coupon codes in the previous email, so don’t forget to use them at the Smutpunk Book Shop. I hope that you have a wonderful day that rewards you with multiple orgasms, both physical and mental.

No idea what coupons I’m talking about? Then join MJ’s Brand New Smutpunk List and get your very special birthday wish and coupons for free books.



The Angry Sex Tip | Sex Tip #4


Weekly Sex Tip #4

Each person is different, this is rule number one. So you have to get to know each partner. Some partners need gentle touches, others want rough angry sex. Here’s the key to my angry sex tip. What makes angry sex so hot? Passion.

angry-sex-tipIf you’re having angry sex with someone you’re with somebody who knows how to push your buttons. That person is probably somebody who you’ve known for a while. Perhaps a spouse or a long term partner. Once in a while it’s a loathsome freak you’ve picked up and plan to hate fuck right from the beginning (no judgments, I’ve been there!). Now the disgust, anger, and hate have the adrenaline pumping and have you feeling alive! This is passion. Passion is the main ingredient in angry sex. It’s what takes the boring out of this rough romp in the hay. Funnel all the nasty feelings you have into your sex drive and voila! Men will have raging hard-ons and women will be as sensitive as a hairless kitty.

Now go for it. This is the time for rough facefucking, for thrusting dick into cunt like he’s a jackhammer trying to rip up the tarmac. Fuck one orgasm, let’s build a goddamn Egyptian pyramid. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. This is no time to be civil, get that nose in her cunt, dudes. Floss with her bush. Lick that asshole, ladies. Gag on his dick! This is Angry Sex, Hate Fucking for Lovers, Make-Up Sex, Break Up Sex, I Hate Your Guts Sex. Whatever you want, take it. You’re a beast! You’re an animal. You’re nothing but cock. You’re whole body is cunt.

Tired of him running his mouth? Grab him by the hair and sit on his face. Rub your cunt lips over him until he shuts the fuck up and pleasures you. Guys, bored of her whining? Fuck her so hard and deep that those whines turn to screams and her nails draw blood as she cums repeatedly.

angry-sex-tipOh your partner is a darling, you say? No way to rile him or her up? Well, here’s an angry sex tip newsflash.

Well, fuck that. Pick a fight. Steal his dinner. Lock her out. Forget to pick her up. Bring the neighbor’s panties into the apartment by accident from the laundry room. Yell at your partner in public (that might lead not only to hate sex, but to public sex, throw in a voyeur or two and you have the trifecta).

Couples say that angry sex brings out the primal beast inside them and makes the sex hotter than hell, so give it a try. Now fuck off and fuck.




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Understand the state of the US Military in the World

Here are two links that are useful if you’re doubting the US’s overwhelming military supremacy, the likes of which is pretty damn scary for just about every citizen on the planet.

The Paradox of Military Technology

The US Army Defeats Itself More Often Than All Its Enemies