Nico, Oh, Nico (and my dirty talk feet)

oh nico
i will blow him
my MJ in front of you
while you jerk your cock
and after MJ has fucked me
hard from mouth to psychedelic chakra
til chi drips from my gaping asshole
i give you my feet
long bony toes
toes of a supermodel
spew cum onto them

i am flexible enough
to eat your cream off them

Brick Pig Poem

on the brick

the spray-paint drips

as the artist

shapes her breasts

like butter

on top of a pancake

lathered in syrup

like an old 80s pop song

sweet as can be

is there even a head in that bitch?


on the brick

inside are whatever families

tenements, projects,

crackheads, cheaters, rapists

and cop killers

but outside

the spray-painter

in hoodie

drips syrupy goodness

of a big juicy pair

is there even a head on the bitch?


MFF Poem: “Tits Like Bananas”

her tits
like bananas
slope forward
to a protruding nipple
fucking mounds of flesh
he pumps
he kisses
he inserts his cock
into her unwilling asshole
her mouth is open
in a moan
a grunt
the friend’s perfect tits
resting on her forehead
as she kisses her man
fucking her bestie’s ass

Fucking Her Face for Fear of Failure

he held her ankles

while she faced away from him

and rode him reverse cowgirl

taking his big brown dick

in her pink asshole

there was a line from her nose

to her chin

that passed her mouth

where dick stuffed her

only her two front teeth

were visible

as he fucked her face

for fear of failure

Some Tits Look Better In the Bra – A Poem

she pulled the bra down

and her tits were held
a brief moment
they fell from the unnatural
cleavage position
into real breasts that kind of settle
blend into chest
melt into rest of body
and the riddles of time
for one brief moment
before they moved
they held like victory itself
held by bra
fallen, vanquished

oh exquisite cellulite that creates bliss!
must you break loose of your perfect round smoothness
into your pixelated cottage cheese below each nipples
and deform from two perfect orbs into this?

Fuck it, I take her nipple into my mouth and suck


the Anal Queen | Poem by Moctezuma Johnson

the Anal Queen

What a total hot ass
look at
that fucking whore
fucking anal queen

What a total fucking
anal queen
look at that hot ass
fucking whore

want cock up the ass
want smack her whore face
want to be called ugly bitch

an open rectum
waiting for Master
to unfurl his cock
and stuff her aperture
like the Nozomi
train through the hillside
full speed ahead

want to be moored to the chair
before you runaway
turned into a helpless polynya

all ice and hard nipples
with a vast open hold
like an ocean
for my Omaha steak to sodomize

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Poem Turned Backwards: To Destroy a Rectum

Anal Sex Ass

as your hair cascades romanticallyrectum-to-destroy1
down into my face

I give you
your atoms

stretch to accommodate
all that dick

your cells
up your ass

you anal fucking pig
your membranes

purple rectum stretch
you are the stretch

in pink and
there you have ass

to stretch open
and claim asshole

to destroy
there you have polka dots

there you have ass
to stretch,

you are rectum
nothing else

in front of polka dots
in pink and purple

to destroy
there you have ass

an asshole
a rectum

yours, an ass
your asshole, an ass