WIP: If on a Summer’s Day a Prostitute | Moctezuma Johnson |#LPRTG

This book, tentatively titled If On a Summer’s Day a Prostitute, is like one of Joan Miro’s burnt canvasses. Learn more about this Work in Progress.

“Wine and head” by Namio Harukawa


You’re so excited to read the new one by Mictezuma Jihnson. You’ve heard a lot about it. It’s been promoted on twitter by a thousand russian prostibots and it’s been shared in readers groups (you know the ones where authors like Mictezuma copy and paste the same links ad nauseum). Pins have made their way around various folders. Instagram accounts have been hashtagged from the tens to the thousands to get those invaluable likes. Influencers have gotten freebies and exponentially grown their own followers while promoting the heck out of this new one from the great MJ. ARCs have been given out. Special advanced copies have been given to subscribers and to patreons who have supported with $2 and higher per month. All of this has been done to create the buzz of the indie author. None of it does much, yet all of it does something. The Gestalt Philosophy is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and it may be. This is the modern world. This is modern publishing. You are a modern reader, as comfortable with paper against your thumb and forefinger as you are swiping pages across a small pixelated screen. You fancy yourself a good reader, thus you can hang with the heavyweights like MiJi, the nickname they’ve given this Mictezuma Jihnson. MiJi’s writing is an acquired taste like whiskey. He is not for everyone. They’ve described him as Bukowski on steroids, the Great K’iche’-Mayab Philosopher with the cooking skills of the Mediterranean and the cock prowess of an out of work pornstar drinking beer on his couch in just his tube socks pulled up to his knees like Jimmy Connors in the 70s. He’s more like Bukowski on Steroids laced with Viagra, but that’s a debate for another day. Today, you’re happy to have one of the first copies of this new book. According to the internets, it’s a good one. You are done with work. Kick your shoes of, and tell your kids you’re done for the night, to leave you alone. And turn down the volume on that damn tablet so I can read, you say. There are so many tocsins stealing your attention. Devices are attention whores, and you want to be whored out right by Mictezuma’s new book. 

You turn on your device and wait for it to appear, like a phantom out of thin air. You begin reading, mouthing the words silently, “If on a Summer’s Day a Prostitute…” and already your heart is beating a tick faster. That one illicit word has affected you. That MJ’s words do that do you every time.

If on a summer’s day a prostitute

A small maple tree bloomed. In months it would shed. Now it was magnolia and cherry blossoms. The mother collected fallen leaves gingerly and placed them carefully in wooden boxes. She poured her husband’s sake with two hands. He accepted it with one. She was as delicate as a cherry blossom. She walked the house gently like a full step would shatter the floor, causing a rift that would sink the mountain into the Earth’s core. She wore pretty robes that hugged her fresh young body. She had a wonderful figure. She was geisha and hentai rolled up into one obedient wife. She pranced on her toes. Her breasts were perky and full. She spoiled her son with sweet breads and chocolate sticks. Everything about her was perfect. I was simply a guest of the house, part of their guesthouse. She brought me fresh cut fruit and cooked fish that she cut open for me expertly with chopsticks by slicing the skeleton straight down the bone with one stick, while she held the stick’s twin demurely with her crinkled pinky finger. She was an amazing woman. She let me gaze at her, admire her small nose, smooth skin, ample breasts, and ripe bottom. Her legs were always neatly together when she sat and her knees rarely parted. Yet, for all this delicate apparent conservatism, there was something sexually alluring about her like all this self-control was practiced to cage a ravenous wanton beast. I was sure her husband got to enjoy pleasures I could only dream about. In fact, I could hear some of them after the sun went down. One night I got up to investigate the sound and found their wooden door cracked open. I stood there and watched through the crack in the wall as she massaged him. He moaned like they were making love but all she was doing was cupping his balls in her hand. No woman ever cupped my balls to orgasm but I think that’s what I witnessed through the crack that night in the moonlight. I had to abandon my spot for fear of getting caught. I went back to my room but couldn’t get the sight of her naked bosom out of my mind. I was in love. She had me in her hand. I was her guest, her customer, and her adorer.


The kindle has started smoking from the sex scenes and it melts but still works. The whole thing hasn’t melted. Don’t let Mictezuma confuse you with his hyperbole. Also, what do you think about this second person bullshit? Ever read a story like this and liked it? You remember reading Half Asleep In Frog’s Pajamas, but that was probably the worst of all his books. Oh well. 


The kindle hasn’t melted like a Dali clock. It just gives off a faint smell of burning rubber, like the semiconductors have burned out. If you look closely at the ugly boxy corners of the Amazon reading device, you find they are slightly brown and rounded. 

Unfortunately, when you scroll you are stuck in a new story. You can backtrack to the boarder story but when you return to the present, the next story, that next story is different. It’s no longer the hot Japanese boarder story. 

It’s no longer the sultry wife skittering about among the weeping willows and japanese maple trees in the well-manicured garden. No more demure woman for which who you and the protagonist have teamed up to yearn. 

Now it’s an empath dealing with a murder. Wtf?

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Facing Fucking Gook Jenny | A Raceplay Poem

Jenny had this slut way of lying
on her brown side
gook mouth open
so I could pump her
hooker face
while she lay there submissive
like a sleeping rag doll.
she was so pretty—
long black Korean hair
dark cocoa eyes
volcano blazed lips—
that I literally
face fucked a living sex doll,
erupted into her chink throat
each night before bed

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*please note

Jenny asked for raceplay and was always a big fan of it. It is meant as a kink only, as is everything on this site, and in no way meant to harm or insult anybody.

The Asian Chick Strikes Back | #AsianErotica #Futa #smutpunk4lyf



moctezuma-johnsonasian sexy
asian sexyasian-ass-smutpunk-moctezuma-johnson-fixes-hot-rod
best-chinese-ass-booty-PAAG-moctezuma-johnsonasian sexy

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Romancing the Hot Stone by Moctezuma Johnson

Book Description:

Alpha Billionaire CEO always gets everything he wants until he gets burned. A powerful CEO wants wants a masseuse badly but this comedy goes buck wild when he slips while trying to coerce the young Asian masseuse to give him extra pleasure. He falls into the boiling crock pot heating the hot stones and enters the mind- and body-warping Futa Romantic Comedy. All the tables get turned in this Asian Masseuse v. White CEO futa slug-fest.

Book Review:

“Romancing the Hot Stone is what I would call an exceptionally filthy, inappropriate, erotic comedy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what smutpunk is all about. Larry is an arrogant, racist, abusive businessman who ends up nearly losing his manhood in an unfortunate accident. It serves him right but, of course, he does not see it that way. As much fun as it is to see him nearly emasculated, the true pleasure comes in seeing the tables turned, with the masseuse being the one to get her revenge. There is a lot of build up here, with the sex saved for the very end, but the telling of the story is what makes it so amusing.” —Sally Bend, authority on transgender fiction. 


asian sexy





Be Sure to Enjoy more Hot Asian Erotica by Emme Hor

I Am Not a Whore

Smutpunk on Skates




The Asian Chick Strikes Back, blog post by Moctezuma Johnson

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How to Cheat

 Aka, How to Cheat, How to Steal a Girl and Fuck her Throat with Reckless Abandon

We already covered how to get her to let you face fuck her but now we’re covering the way more important bit about how to get me to jam cock into your girlfriend’s mouth. It’s really not all that hard to seduce your latent slut and get her kneeling and gagging. There are just a few things to consider and she’ll be eating my nut-butter in minutes. Most hot girls are unlikely to want to disrupt any good atmosphere. So get the party started. The first thing is to get her laughing. Once they start having fun they are really not remiss to eat my cum. After getting your girl to laugh, and while making her chuckle, I get her really drunk. Now I start rubbing her ass, her back, her shoulders, her hand, her nipples, her tits, her pussy, and then her asshole. The whore has been dying for deep-dicking all night, so getting her to stay with me isn’t hard. Watch the way her eyes dart around the bar, she’s looking for dick — and mine is going to be pounding her tonsils while you’re home watching youjizz.com and touching yourself (now that you’re reading this, you will be defiling my girl soon while I watch porn and jerk it).

“Cum in my mouth, baby,” she says. “I want to taste it.” Slobber drips from my shaft onto the pavement. She is ready to fully submit and get face fucked how I dream it. She lets cock bang deep down, her chin on my balls, her nose in my pubes, her throat wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock. She’s nothing but my fantasy. 

Moctezuma Johnson


After the bar is nearly empty, I take your bitch outside and push her against the wall. We kiss. My cock is already out. I shove her down. Her eyes open wide and my pole pounds against her tonsils. She makes a heaving sound and then throws herself at my cock, choking herself, impaling herself — I don’t know why girls do this. Perhaps she likes the challenge of deepthroating a massive cock. Perhaps she cannot accept failure. I help her along by pushing her head against the wall and doing it to her. I see something in her eyes, a twinkle. She loves having an alpha male show her her place. She loves getting used hard. She’s sure of her role. She’s discovering herself. She enjoys submitting. She wants to serve. She’s ho. She’s calm.

I pull out and smack her with my cock. She stumbles back and her head knocks against the wall. I am about to say sorry when I realize she’s so turned on. “You like that, huh?”

She says, “I love big cock.”

I shake my head while looking down at her. “Then suck it,” I say.

“Cum in my mouth, baby,” she says. “I want to taste it.”

Slobber drips from my shaft onto the pavement. She is ready to fully submit and get face fucked how I dream it this time. She lets it bang deep down, her chin on my balls, her nose in my pubes, her throat wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock. She’s nothing but my fantasy.

She looks hot getting her throat stuffed. I hold her head and blast off inside of her. She moans as each spurt erupts.


She feels now how she went from your cherished loved one into my total fucking whore. She swallows me spunk. She owns it. She the slut. She the cum eating whore. I new identity has revealed her true self.


In my apartment she slathers baby oil all over her big ass cheeks with a huge, childish grin on her face. “I feel like a slip and slide,” she says as her hand slides all over her cute little ass.

I sit on my couch with her on top and facing away from me and fuck her in her asshole. You should see her now, body all oiled, my hands behind her head, keeping her pinned while her tits squeeze together, her empty pussy open, lips flapping in the rough wind as she gets sodomized hard and deep. She still grins like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She bites her own lip and then yells out, “fuck me!”

Her eyes roll into her head. I have the camera set up and watch her on my TV. “Do you see yourself, whore?”



When a blowjob is good enough I hear steel drums in my head and my teeth fall out. It’s like my head has been filled with helium and I float over the clouds for a few minutes in post-fellatial space-travel. Me, the protein, and the pleasure principle take a cumulonimbus-dance and then I return to Earth, back to my body, kick the bitch out, and sleep. Be lucky enough to get the boot!


Her tits bloom as she gets her throat pounded. Artist’s rendition of the mental effect of deep throat on the brain of Moctezuma Johnson



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Futadelic – The Power of Potion

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Sarchasmo V. Mr. Whiteprick – A horrible Indie writer whom they call Whiteprick has picked a fight with the wrong sweet Louisiana Cherry Blossom. Sarchasmo is on the case to mete out his cockslapping brand of social justice. This one pokes fun at the state of publishing in 2017. Enjoy!



Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Season One)


Moctezuma Johnson’s Chronicles of Humiliation Backfired



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