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There's nothing hotter than an attractive reader

There’s nothing hotter than an attractive reader

This was some super hot and sweaty anal sex that turned into MMF

Connie’s got the knack. I thought I’d have a quick read before a nap but instead this book got me all riled up.

Hot and Sweaty Action: head down and ass stretched

Hot and Sweaty Action: head down and ass stretched

Instead of a nap, I had to get up and lube up the keyboard to find some anal porn and rub one out. Sorry, I just have to mention my dick every 15 seconds or I die. Anyway, the reason Emma’s Backdoor Initiation got me as hot as a habanero latte is because Connie sets up back story like a master writer in this book and all her books (I’ve read four now — yes, I’m a fan). Connie Cliff’s this century’s Shakespearean sex slinger. In this book you have the main character rush into marriage due to pressure from her mom which led to an early divorce and an overeating addiction. With an extra 50 lbs on her she checks her large, newly single ass into a gym. Her trainer is a hot stud that doesn’t pay her any mind. As the pounds drop that’s all about to change. Now he’s hitting on her and others have noticed how hot she is. You may be surprised to find out who takes notice, which I’m not going to tell you, but rest assured you may not guess what our pound-shedding vixen is about to get initiated into: things that she never knew would get her motor running. I’m not going to play spoiler — you will just have to find out for yourself what she gets into but it starts with the back entrance and ends…well, I’m not saying. The scenes are just too good for me to foul them up in a few words trying to explain world oil prices by pointing at a stove.

This book gets Two Dicks Up (the Ass)

Learn more about Connie Cliff | Buy her Books on Amazon :: Smashwords

Also, Connie is all over twitter so tweet this post and you’ll meet the mind behind the broken in behind.

Tweet this, people: Connie Cliff’s this century’s Shakespearean sex slinger #EARTG @MJKingOfErotica @realconniecliff

Abusive Sex Book Review | Bait | by Kat Crimson | Reviewed by Moctezuma Johnson

Bait by Kat Crimson

(click the title to download the Free PDF) 

There’s something really sexy about sex that has taboo elements and apparently Amazon finds this book so taboo that they’ve slapped an Error 404 code on it. Kat Crimson has taken matters into her own hands by just giving it away. I got one of those copies, she had a feeling that I’d like it — and boy was she correct. This story is right up my back alley.

Two Dicks Up / Two Cocks Up

That’s the hardest rating out there, by the way

It’s the story of a guy with a penchant for stalking the shy, innocent type of girls in town. The main character is a wily girl who works in a shop that sells knives. To lure her man, she puts on a facade of timid and bashful, walks by him in her mind-fucking way of getting him to want to hunt her, and most certainly does stir his attention.

What follows is a series of rough, tension filled scenes with her flowing in and out of control over the situation. The result is a really hot sex scene and really hot book. Kat really focuses on the mental aspects of this relationship. If you like a strong cerebral component to a story, then she is one of your better writers.


Learn more about Kat Crimson:

Twitter :: Blog :: Amazon (Nah, I’m not going to include Amazon since they’ve banned Bait)



Sexy Wife with Strap-on Literary Porn from Erika Foxx reviewed by Moctezuma Johnson

Two Dicks Up!

First off, I love that this story has a married couple getting down and dirty with each other. There should be a sub-genre called married people erotica. I’m only half-kidding. The other thing that immediately gripped me is the title. I mean, a pegging story called Behind Him All The Way. Genius. They say, “there’s always a great woman behind every great man” and now you know exactly what they mean.

Erika Foxx has written a really good tale about a married couple making sure they keep their sex life sizzling by designating one night a month to fun night — definitely stealing this idea to use with the wife, by the way. It’s our main character’s turn to create fun night and she’s stumped until her naughty best friend points out that stumped is exactly what she needs to be. If Tina was going to be all in “behind” her man, she needed to be all in fun night — and all in her husband (his ass, that is).

She's Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

She’s Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

Needless to say, Tina — who had never worn a cock before — was a little nervous. She didn’t want to freak her husband Rik out, imply that he was gay, or in any way offend him. The uncertainty, the love between the characters, and the pegging make this a wonderful read. It’s dirty, sexy, and just a lot of fun. If you don’t want to get any spoilers stop reading this review now and click the book link above. Disclaimer: Pegging isn’t my thing (nor is it not my thing) and I thoroughly enjoyed this read anyway.


Possible SPOILER (so what? — you’ll enjoy the book whether you know the plot or not — I’ll bet one squirt of cunt juice/load of jizz on it):

I have read some Amazon reviews of Behind Him All The Way and there was a little criticism about the pegging part not being so realistic. I’m really not sure what to think about that. One, it’s fiction and it’s for fun. Two, I really wonder what kind of man has never messed around with his back door (anal-cherry-unpopped-men included). I mean, I like to really get up in there sometimes — with a finger or two, a shower spigot, or a test tube that happens to be lying around. So I don’t think Rik would necessarily be totally averse to taking his wife’s newly grown beaded cock up his ass even though he hadn’t ever had his anal cherry popped. I mean they have a monthly “fun night” so I’m sure if we’ve gotten to femdom he’s not a total prude. I understand anal can be problematic, but I think a certain reviewer may be projecting his own tight rosebud onto Rik. Loosen up, dude. Be like Rik! Rik thought it was hot.

I thought it was slick as a bottle of lube of Erika to show Rik so into his wife’s pleasure. Tina was getting stimulated from the part of the harness inserted into her and Rik was so connected to his wife that he knew something was going on and wanted to have a look. So, like any good husband, he knelt down and made sure that she got a full dose of gratification by sucking off her strap-on cock that was vibrating in her cunt. That’s one of the hottest scenes from the book. Surely, the women out there must all go weak in the knees hearing of husband so loving.

All in all, Erika Foxx is a top notch porn stylist with her greatest strengths, in my opinion, coming from her characterizations. I have been thinking a lot lately that the key to good erotica is all in the back-story. This is an essential element that all the books I really enjoy seem to have in common. These characters have a rooted back-story that put the whole book into perspective for me and made me cum along side of them.


**Meet Erika Foxx**

Twitter :: Amazon

Billionaire Boss Erotica – Who doesn’t jizz their pants for that? | My Review of Office Policy by Connie Cliff

Office Policy – Review by Moctezuma Johnson

This Billionaire’s playground is the kind of office where I can work. I’m not one for offices, I’m more for orifices, but an office where guys are well-endowed and women are augmented in the right spots, where you can forget about working in cubicles and concentrate on working on bisexuals is my kind of comfortable work environment.

MJ has fucked so many office workers up the ass

Find out what Lucy’s office responsibilities will be

I always think of corporate culture as a drag: worrying about how much you drink at the Christmas party not seeing how little lube you can use when giving it to the hot new assistant.

Connie Cliff’s writing, as always, is great. It’s clear and crisp. Right from the start I was in love with Lucy — this rich girl who was insatiable in the bedroom, getting bored of her boyfriends, and open about her goody drawer. As the story moved forward I was there with her every lick of the way. This story was really hot, featuring a great MMFF anal scene that got me so hot I had to jerk it before getting up (I read it first thing in the morning).

This is the latest of Connie’s work to get my two dicks up!! I never want to work, but if I have to it’s going to be at this office.

How-to Write Erotica – The Light, a key element | Writing Tip |


How to Write Erotica

Have you ever watched the Ken Burns jazz documentary? In it, Wynton Marsalis talks about how some musicians have “the light.” When they play you play. It’s like the art is ensconced in fun and joy. That, according to him, is the secret quality of success. I don’t want to write great literature with erotica. I just want to bump into the light every once in a while. When I read two books by Connie Cliff I felt like she had the light shining through the shades into a dark room. Maybe that’s why I like them so completely. See my two dicks up review here 

What can an erotica author learn from 1920s jazz?

Everything. This is one of the great American art forms. It captures the soul of America. Listen to the clip below and hear how Louis Armstrong just keeps riffing on the same themes but slightly changing them. He’s enjoying himself. Thus, I’m enjoying myself listening. The great stories that I’ve read this month all do that. Bella Swann, Michael Dalton, Christina Harding, Connie Cliff, Emme Hor all have a little fun with you while they are writing. That means you will have a little fun. I know there are way more authors that share this joy through their writing, but I’m just noting the few I read in the last couple of weeks.

Check out “the light” coming out of Louis’ trumpet.


When figuring out how to write, you need to find that part that really turns you on. If you’re writing erotica, it’s probably a fetish, or a kind of lover. Find that element and then play around with it until you express the thing that makes it so hot for you.

Two Dicks Up for Tristan’s Secret Life | Moctezuma Johnson reviews Connie Cliff

Tristan’s Secret Life (Billionaire Taboo Erotica) by Connie Cliff is a very well ttristans-secret-life-review-by-moctezuma-johnsonhought out plot that links Tristan’s home life through a delicious crush on his step-sister that leads him into the world of attack fantasy. The writing is very clear in each section. The book jumps around in time to weave Tristan’s past into his present expertly. I can see why this is ranked as a best-seller in Amazon’s Lesbian Erotica. There are three very hot sex scenes, all with some taboos surrounding them. One sex scene is a girl on girl scene that seems to be an ultra-popular topic with many readers.

Personally, I would have liked the sex scenes and the dialogue to be a little rougher, but if you’re reading on my site then you already know that that’s my fetish. I want guys calling girls whores and stuffing their throats with cock but that kind of erotic porn isn’t for everyone. I would imagine most readers will find the writing in Tristan’s Secret Life professional and the level of kink to be just about perfect. I give this 4.5 stars (losing the .5 due to lack of roughness, especially in the rape fantasy, and due to a mediocre cover, which I thinexcellent-cover-moctezuma-johnson-reviews-conne-cliffk under-performs the story). I’m including another Connie Cliff cover that I find scrumptious (there’s nothing like a big, juicy booty!)

The story is really solid, filled with sensory detail that will get your motor running. Connie can really write. She excels in telling back-story that enriches the characterizations so that there is a real heat between the characters. When we get to the juicy parts I’m all ready to climax. I recommend this to all erotica readers, regardless of your kink.


A short email interview with Connie:

Since reviewing this book I’ve come to correspond with Connie a little bit by email and thought you might like to know a little more about her

You can find her on twitter or amazon.
MJ: Tell me your story.

Connie Cliff: I have a professional type job during the day and need to keep much of my behind the scenes persona incognito. That said, i can probably share my story, in random tidbits, if you don’t mind. I learned how to read when I was two, according to my mother. Since then, the love of reading was firmly established, and on average I read 50-80 books a month. All genres. Faves are thrillers and sci-fi. Erotica when my partner is away. It serves a certain purpose :-).

Meet the ultra-cute Connie Cliff

I never thought I would be a writer. I grew up in a modest low income household and my dream was always to make sure to choose a job that made money. Well, that dream has become true, but, alas, money does not bring happiness. Which is why I decided to start writing. I wrote a couple of textbooks as a post-doc, plus my thesis. That was my writing experience. When I decided to try my hand at this new endeavor, I read Stephen King’s On writing and Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I talk About Running. And then I was off…


I believe in the postulate of Write What You Know, but I also love exploring and researching new topics. Although some of the experiences I described in my books so far are based on real life, many are not. For instance, I’m a woman, so I obviously would not know what it’s like to have MM sex. But I try to imagine it and feel it, then research it, then write about it. I’ve only written about it once, and my gay BFF approved.


MJ: That’s awesome! The seal of approval from the gay BFF. What else do you need? What else about you, Connie?


CC: I speak five languages. And English is actually my third language.


I love to travel. My favorite city destination is Buenos Aires. In fact, we now go every year, we love it so much. My fave beach destination is Turks and Caicos. Google Earth Sapodilla Bay Beach. The. Best. Beach. Ever. Trust. My fave non-city non-beach destination is Madagascar. Love me some lemurs.


I’m thinking of starting to train for a marathon again. My third. I have to, because my favorite food group is dessert.


Ok, I probably bored your readers by now. But hopefully it gives them and idea of what I am as a person and as a writer.


MJ: I really doubt you bored any readers. You certainly didn’t bore me. I love meeting the person behind the books. Want to leave our readers with a final thought?


CC: “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” Haruki Murakami. Time to open up your minds, readers. Let’s bring literary erotica mainstream!
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Moctezuma Johnson’s Chronicles of Humiliation Backfired

She's Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

She’s Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

I always love a little dubious consent

I always love a little dubious consent

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make gargoyles purr

The Wizard's Daughters are pretty delectable.

The Wizard’s Daughters are pretty delectable.

Crawling the Cobwebs with Christina Harding | Rating: Two Dicks Up

Free Sex Literary Porn

This is a review/commentary with partial spoilers (but if you’re like me you don’t read Erotica only for the plot, so who cares?)

Wow! It’s like this story was lurking on the roof the whole time but I never noticed. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up at gargoyles up there on a building and not paid them much mind. Well, turns out these gargoyles are attention whores and if a hot face fucking catholic schoolgirl fucks her boyfriend in front of them, they’ll be damned if they don’t get a piece of ass for themselves. This is the basic premise of Underneath the Gargoyles, the seminal work of the deep, wet mind of Christina Harding (find her on twitter @TinaErotica where she is an avid re-tweeter and follower-back).

Great book for fans of Catholic Girls, Priests, Gargoyles, and Supernatural Sex

If you like Catholic School Girls getting stuffed with big hard marble and want to know how to make a gargoyle purr then you need to read this exquisitely naughty and creative novelette. There is a bit of masturbation, some vanilla boyfriend/girlfriend sex, some young girl/older man sex, and then the fantastic supernatural creature sex. If you like any of these themes, then you’re in for a treat. Christina writes each scene well and the short novel builds toward its grand climax. Without ruining the ending for you, it seems that to make a gargoyle purr like a little kitty you need to lick balls, stretch around its marble cock, and take its cum-hosing.

The Plot

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make a litter of gargoyles purr

A pretty choir girl named Trisha is out to find herself some sexual trouble from the get go. She’s rubbing herself in a church pew, then taking her boyfriend outside, then being baptized by the priest (but not with holy water), and then the piece de resistance: the gargoyles, I’m not going to spoil this part for you. I thought this was the climax. The novelette gets really hot, sticky, and sweaty while crawling around in the cobwebs of your mind. It’s got a sensual foundation that is really essential to make the gargoyle scene work. While reading I could feel the warmth of a gargoyle tongue and the hardness of its mammoth marble cock. Don’t let me tell you, have a look for yourself.


Learn More at Amazon


Visit Christina at her very useful blog

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She's Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

She’s Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

I always love a little dubious consent

I always love a little dubious consent

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make gargoyles purr

The Wizard's Daughters are pretty delectable.

The Wizard’s Daughters are pretty delectable.

Hotel Party: With Jynx around even nostrils don’t feel safe!


The Bukkake Hotel Party is the starting book of the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired Series. It’s the introduction to Jenny, Jynx, and Moctezuma.

Dicks go in so many holes, even nostrils don't feel safe.

Dicks go in so many holes, even nostrils don’t feel safe.

Where do we begin with this Bukkake Erotica by MJ?

In typical Moctezuma style this is the male hotel party gangbang fantasy gone mad as Moctezuma butts heads with Jynx. That’s right, Moctezuma’s cock ends up banging into Jynx and Jynx starts exacting her revenge as soon as Moctezuma starts to bang another super-sexy Korean sexpot. This one, Jenny, has long legs that walk catwalks and get cat-calls. Jynx, a juicy ass sashaying cumslut, can’t stand her man inside another slut. She will get him to be hers and will stop at nothing. She plans a filthy humiliation for this supermodel slut rival but things never go as planned. Instead there are all kinds of turns and twists and spurts of cock on face and tits and bush and asshole. In this intense, sexy, depraved hotel party, dicks go in so many holes that even nostrils don’t feel safe. The truth is nothing is safe because someone has a cum-craving psycho-obsessive girlfriend. This wreaks havoc all over. It starts with this episode and keeps going deeper and deeper.

One Amazon Reviewer has this to say in praise of the first story:

“Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired” is one of those incredibly erotic and enticing mystery novels that mixes pleasure with drama and danger, sucking you into the entertaining erotic thriller until the very end.”

Click the Chick Watching Porn


Episode #2 is called The Devil’s Breath and the Angel’s Touch.

It is the Revenge of Jynx. Don’t think Jynx Maze, who I happen to have an incredible crush on (see Jynx Maze Face Fucked at if you think she’s a hot piece of ass), think Jynx the girlfriend obsessed with two things: cum and Moctezuma Johnson.

This is the crazy story of the ace up this little Asian sexpot’s sleeve. You will never guess what this little minx has in store for lanky Jenny and thick Moctezuma. Read to find out how horticulture leads to whore culture.

From reviewer Cat Jones:

Another hardcore spankfest from the warped mind of Moctezuma Johnson. Jynx, Jenny and Moctezuma return to deliver up a heaping dose of humiliation for all involved. If you’ve read the first episode you know this is definitely not for the faint of heart or loins!

 Bukkake Cum Slut Erotica featuring the Devil's Breath

Click the Chick

In comes the Korean-Russian Nymph to seduce somebody in Episode #3 of the Hardcore Series

After these first two crazy high-tension episodes the third installment slows down and seems almost like normal erotica until MJ looks inside Jynx’s refrigerator. Way before that happens MJ wakes up in a bus terminal chained to the wall with this gorgeous nymph attending him. He tries to trace back how he got there but it is as if his memory has been erased. During the episode he will get clues, like messages from Jenny that say that she is now in Bahrain or somewhere with a Prince or someone and that she never wants to contact MJ again, like flashback memories of clubs and naked bodies, but it is all a haze for him except that he has the hottest attendant in the history of kidnapping and hostages.

By this episode, it is well known that Jynx is a full-fledged fatal attraction crazy psycho bitch obsessive freak that probably mixes cum into her morning coffee and could be up to just about anything. Moctezuma is planning his escape. See how he fares escaping when faced with Ass to Mouth with the Nymph or Freedom.

From Amazon:

You get your sex fix, a little suspense, a mystery to ponder and a cliffhanger all wrapped up in part 3. It may be a little on the short side but it packs a punch. It may not have as much sex or humiliation as the previous two parts but I have a feeling it is only the beginning.


Click the Orgasmic Chick
to See what’s in Jynx’s Freezer


Moctezuma’s Brand of Literary Porn

If you haven’t read MJ before check him out at his site or blog to learn more about his tawdry and crazy prose. He has a book of “Love Poems” for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo,, etc called the Book of Real and Imaginary Girlfriends and has tons of blog posts, crazy artwork, and other interesting hardcore things.


This promo was written by MJ’s friend Red Pesca (author of filthy short shorts with stains all over them)


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Moctezuma Johnson’s Chronicles of Humiliation Backfired, featuring the Hotel Party

She's Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

She’s Behind Her Man and All In Her Man!

I always love a little dubious consent

I always love a little dubious consent

Moctezuma Johnson Reviews Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyles

Learn how to make gargoyles purr

The Wizard's Daughters are pretty delectable.

The Wizard’s Daughters are pretty delectable.