Clean Version of Cheating Cuckold Story by Red Pesca

Cheating Cuckold Story featuring a hot wife and two hot alpha males by Red Pesca

I got up on my wife and kissed her. Then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her titties. It was like being in a splooge deluge. Jeremy’s cum was all over her big tits. I was suffocating in tit and cum. It was wonderful. “Eat it up cuck! That’s right. Get his cum all over you.” I lapped it up and swallowed his briny man juice. My wife’s tits were slathered in his cum. Her big nipples were buried underneath cum. Her areola were like sunken cities under an ocean of jizz. Her cleavage was a river running with his white water cum rapids and I was in there licking it up. “Enough, cuck. Get your face in my ass! That’s where the main mess of cum is.”

My wife was on her sexy side, looking like a Korean Modigliani painting. Her waist was thin as any supermodel but she had a porn star’s big phat ass. She looked like one of those calendar poses. Her waist was skinny like a Korean but her ass was big and thick like a Latina. Her tits were big and covered in Jeremy’s cum even though I had eaten a good bit of it up. There was just so much cum! My wife reached behind her nonchalantly like I was a distant afterthought to her pleasure from three men and grabbed my by the hair on the back of my head and shoved me into her ass. I felt like she was using my head as toilet paper. “Eat your favorite cum!” I pushed my tongue into her ass crack and followed it down to her asshole. Using my tongue, I scooped his cum out onto my tastebuds. It was sour and metallic tasting. It wasn’t just the taste of cum, it was mixed with the taste of my sexy wife’s asshole after a reaming. He had fucked her ass with his massive dick and the cum revealed that he had made her cum. Now as she basked in post-orgamsic bliss, I pleasures her further by eating up her boyfriend’s cum out of her open asshole. Rimming her while feeding my cum craving.
Earlier Conversation Between My Wife and I:

Me: Can I eat your ass? Can I clean Charlie’s cum out of your asshole? Please.
Wife: Sit in that chair in the corner and jerk your cock and watch as he fucks me.
Me: Thank you, baby.

Earlier still:

Charlie had her on her hands and knees and fucked her hard from behind. He was an ass guy, i could see it. He commanded that ass, smacking it and getting deep up in her asshole. She was biting the covers as she took his big, hard, white cock. I watched jerking off my cock while Jeremy got his dick rubbed.

Then Jeremy said, suck it. His big veiny cock hung proudly out the fly of his jeans. My wife grabbed hold through the belt loops of his jeans and went to town sucking. Cum or spit or something dripped from her nose and lips and she impaled herself on his cock. Meanwhile, Charlie slapped her big, phat ass cheeks and burrowed cock up her shithole. I sat and jerked off. I loved seeing my wife used as a dirty whore.

Jeremy fucked her face good then let her breath. She looked up at him, staring into her eyes. She gasped for breath. Her Korean tits were hanging there with her shirt pulled up over them. The whore wasn’t even wearing a damn bra. Her nipples were erect. She blew cum bubbles as she caught her breath. She wiped a wad of hanging cum off her nose. Jeremy grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down on his cock. She held onto his belt loops for dear life as he wiggled his massive pole down into her throat.

Charlie now had both her phat ass cheeks spread open as he sodomized her slow and deep. She was growling with each slow thrust up her ass. I had never heard her make that sound before, like a wounded jaguar. It was at the intersection of pain and pleasure. She took Jeremy’s cum in her mouth. Over her lips, some dribbled out. She then waved me over. I sat in the arm chair. my cock vibrated in the air hard as hell. she leaned in with her sexy lips. My wife’s hair fell to her shoulders and her kissable lips were stained with jeremy’s white seed. She kissed me and the humiliation of another man’s hot cum transferring from her lips to mine was too much. The feeling overwhelmed me. I felt dizzy with lust for my wife, jealousy at these two using her, and delirious with the humiliation of being her cuckold. Charlie spread my wife’s phat asian ass cheeks. My wife had a gorgeous ass. I always caught strangers staring at her. She had the kind of ass that made guys turn around and stare after she walked by. They kicked their lips like they wanted to bury their noses in her asshole and sniff. Her ass was round and full. For a Korean woman her ass was big, but she still had the skinny waist many korean women maintained. And a big ass ass by Korean standards was still a tight ass in society at large. Charlie spread her ass cheeks and admired the crack of hercass. Her asshole itself was clean and symmetrical and pretty as a daisy. His big white cock split the petals of her pussy and drive hard into her wet gash. He gave it to her hard, laughing at me kissing her I’m-stained mouth while he used her.

She titty fucked me with her big jizz covered tits while her moaning got deeper. His cock in her assvwas making her happy. Her face contorted with pleasure. My cock was pushed hard against her tits which catapulted toward me as he fucked her. He was fucking her hard now and her body was getting knocked forward over and over. Each time he thrust into her she fell forward and my cock slid into the folds of her titty flesh deliciously. His fucking was getting me off through my wife’s soft tits. She was just a vehicle both of us were using even though I was the cuck.  I was getting close to cum. Let’s come together she said. She moaned. I reached forward, able to grab her ass cheeks, and spread her wide for her anal reaming by Charlie with titty fuck. Yes, Charlie. He was really pounding her now. He was moaning. She was screaming, I love that big dick. Yes. Then a squeaky non-descript airless high pitched squeak sound came out of her as she came. He pushed inside of her and held. Charlie, this tall bloke from Manchester with a huge white dick, was cumming inside my wife’s thumping Asian ass. This sent me over and I shot between her luscious clunking tits. She looked up at me sheepishly, suddenly shy she found she had a mouthful of Jeremy’s cum and had been ass reamed. My cum, her loyal husband’s cum, exploded into her slut chest wonderfully. Her tits sucked up my cum like a sponge. I made a mess of my whore Asian wife. I preferred her as a whore to some goody-two-shoes Mom or something. Cum stained and turned out she kissed me passionately. Her tongue swirled around me saltily. We both moaned as we kissed. Jermey handed Charlie a beer and the two men kicked back and watched my wife and I kiss.

*****cheating cuckold story*****

What about a Cheating Cuckquean Story?

Read about two women sharing one boyfriend, unless you think it’s too hot to handle.

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A supermodel with long black hair
to her ass crack
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and the Prince of Bahranistan
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spreading her gorgeous
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her spectacular
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her terrifically
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he’s gaping her in such a way
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Check out the Chronicles | #LPRTG #AsianErotica #AWWM | Asian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up!

chronicles-of-a-humiliation-backfired-jynx-smutpunkAsian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up!

These chicks in the Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson are super hot with long Asian legs, full tits, and juicy asses. They are as bat shit crazy as they are smoking hot. Meet Cum-Crazed Jynx, for example, who cannot get enough of MJ and Chase and literally stores them in her purse and around the house to mix in with her morning coffee (click link to read excerpt). Read “Chronicles” to see what sex in Asia is like when a White Male meets an Asian Female (AWWM).

See Video Trailer


Asian Smutpunk at it’s most fucked up! And smutpunk is always pretty damn fucked up. 

So Desperately Cum Hungry Her Tongue Turned to Polka Dots

Cum hungry tongue so desperate
it has turned pink and purple polka dots
sucking smutpunk
right out the universe again
to replenish herserlf
like a modern Butterface
a Nyarlathotep of Seduction
Swirling her Cunt around Dick
Idiot head numb from facefucking
so much her jaw hurts and her mind’s blank
she tries to lick her own asshole
to satisfy the itch




порно с трусиками вытащил большие сиськи по Монтесума Джонсон #порно #сиськи #LPRTG

Thong Thursday and Pulled Panties

What looks upside down to you is all a matter or perspective. Like the Chinese fortune cookie said to me yesterday: Example instead of Perception






Big Tits Small Waist

Women with big tits tend to be sluttier. Thank you slutty women. Thank you.




Какой тип похмелья лучше всего


big tits bulge from tank top

big tits
with hard nipples
in see-through shirt


порно с трусиками вытащил большие сиськи по эротики писатель Монтесума Джонсон (porn with panties pulled big tits by erotica writer moctezuma johnson)

How to Cheat

 Aka, How to Cheat, How to Steal a Girl and Fuck her Throat with Reckless Abandon

We already covered how to get her to let you face fuck her but now we’re covering the way more important bit about how to get me to jam cock into your girlfriend’s mouth. It’s really not all that hard to seduce your latent slut and get her kneeling and gagging. There are just a few things to consider and she’ll be eating my nut-butter in minutes. Most hot girls are unlikely to want to disrupt any good atmosphere. So get the party started. The first thing is to get her laughing. Once they start having fun they are really not remiss to eat my cum. After getting your girl to laugh, and while making her chuckle, I get her really drunk. Now I start rubbing her ass, her back, her shoulders, her hand, her nipples, her tits, her pussy, and then her asshole. The whore has been dying for deep-dicking all night, so getting her to stay with me isn’t hard. Watch the way her eyes dart around the bar, she’s looking for dick — and mine is going to be pounding her tonsils while you’re home watching and touching yourself (now that you’re reading this, you will be defiling my girl soon while I watch porn and jerk it).

“Cum in my mouth, baby,” she says. “I want to taste it.” Slobber drips from my shaft onto the pavement. She is ready to fully submit and get face fucked how I dream it. She lets cock bang deep down, her chin on my balls, her nose in my pubes, her throat wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock. She’s nothing but my fantasy. 

Moctezuma Johnson

After the bar is nearly empty, I take your bitch outside and push her against the wall. We kiss. My cock is already out. I shove her down. Her eyes open wide and my pole pounds against her tonsils. She makes a heaving sound and then throws herself at my cock, choking herself, impaling herself — I don’t know why girls do this. Perhaps she likes the challenge of deepthroating a massive cock. Perhaps she cannot accept failure. I help her along by pushing her head against the wall and doing it to her. I see something in her eyes, a twinkle. She loves having an alpha male show her her place. She loves getting used hard. She’s sure of her role. She’s discovering herself. She enjoys submitting. She wants to serve. She’s ho. She’s calm.

I pull out and smack her with my cock. She stumbles back and her head knocks against the wall. I am about to say sorry when I realize she’s so turned on. “You like that, huh?”

She says, “I love big cock.”

I shake my head while looking down at her. “Then suck it,” I say.

“Cum in my mouth, baby,” she says. “I want to taste it.”

Slobber drips from my shaft onto the pavement. She is ready to fully submit and get face fucked how I dream it this time. She lets it bang deep down, her chin on my balls, her nose in my pubes, her throat wrapped tightly around the shaft of my cock. She’s nothing but my fantasy.

She looks hot getting her throat stuffed. I hold her head and blast off inside of her. She moans as each spurt erupts.


She feels now how she went from your cherished loved one into my total fucking whore. She swallows me spunk. She owns it. She the slut. She the cum eating whore. I new identity has revealed her true self.


In my apartment she slathers baby oil all over her big ass cheeks with a huge, childish grin on her face. “I feel like a slip and slide,” she says as her hand slides all over her cute little ass.

I sit on my couch with her on top and facing away from me and fuck her in her asshole. You should see her now, body all oiled, my hands behind her head, keeping her pinned while her tits squeeze together, her empty pussy open, lips flapping in the rough wind as she gets sodomized hard and deep. She still grins like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She bites her own lip and then yells out, “fuck me!”

Her eyes roll into her head. I have the camera set up and watch her on my TV. “Do you see yourself, whore?”



When a blowjob is good enough I hear steel drums in my head and my teeth fall out. It’s like my head has been filled with helium and I float over the clouds for a few minutes in post-fellatial space-travel. Me, the protein, and the pleasure principle take a cumulonimbus-dance and then I return to Earth, back to my body, kick the bitch out, and sleep. Be lucky enough to get the boot!


Her tits bloom as she gets her throat pounded. Artist’s rendition of the mental effect of deep throat on the brain of Moctezuma Johnson



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New Tabbed Smutpunk Bookshelf


New Tabbed Smutpunk Bookshelf

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(see review

The Power of Potion

The Power of Potion

Futadelic - The Power of Potion

Futadelic – The Power of Potion

Futadelic (excerpt)

 Futa Boxing Gym
Conquering Ines


 Futa Boxing Gym 2
1948 (Amazon)

Other Versions:

1948 (Exclusive Smutpunk)
1948 (Blurb)
1948 (Freebie)



Sarchasmo V. Apographia – Copycats are on the loose stealing ideas left and right until Sarchasmo shows up to mete out justice. This makes fun of how many indie writers blatantly rip off other indie writers. Enjoy!



Sarchasmo V. Mr. Whiteprick – A horrible Indie writer whom they call Whiteprick has picked a fight with the wrong sweet Louisiana Cherry Blossom. Sarchasmo is on the case to mete out his cockslapping brand of social justice. This one pokes fun at the state of publishing in 2017. Enjoy!



Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired (Season One)


Moctezuma Johnson’s Chronicles of Humiliation Backfired



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Messy Blowjob Gunge Pie Steak Pi Day

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Jane’s Steak and BJ Night Surprise (see review

The Nose (see review

The Steak and BJ Bundle (see review

Real and Imaginary

Poisonous Apples

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Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade

A story all about YOU in which YOU make all the decisions!

The TriStain Universe Episodes:

Pop & Lollie (Teabagged by the Sentient Lollipop aka the Candy Cunt Saga) Pop-n-Lollie--Pulp

emme hor





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