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Miley Cyrus Doggy Style – A total fake pasted image on another chick’s backshot deep dick gettin’ body


Strictly Commercial

I dreamed I was deep inside a Hollywood Starlet

Smutpunk, baby!

Learn the correct position for doggy style sex from the wonderful Moctezuma Johnson’s Sex Tips from Beginners to Bangers

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Notice the balls to shaft hand technique she’s using while getting spitroasted.

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Emme Hor's Gorgeous Asian Tits

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Morning rant in the face of changes in the Doomsday Clock


Morning rant in the face of changes in the Doomsday Clock and the most dangerous long-term consequences of a first week by an America president in history

These nutbags like my father who is a complete asshole and sports a crappy personality similar to the new US president rather see the country go up in nuclear fallout than hand over power to young, smart, educated minorities and women. It’s really nuts when you think about it. The educated slice of the population is getting browner and browner yet the rulers are getting whiter and whiter. How the fuck is that possible? Riddle me that. Also, how the fuck can these people be “pro-life” there’s your ultimate doublespeak. It’s pro-control but not pro-life. As soon as the fetus is alive these conservatives want to offer no aid, no educations, no help, until that fetus is old enough to fight in their wars. They are pro-soldier to send into death. Pro nuclear weapons with 100 miles 3rd degree burn radiuses in addition to the utter destruction at and near ground zero thanks to x-rays, thermonuclear-heated air, and hundred mile per hour winds. And then there’s climate change. The amazing pyramids in what was MesoAmerica were home to an incredible civilization that saw the climate change in a way that eliminated the civilization. Again, we are on the brink of a cataclysmic shift and this time we have the technology to predict it and stave it off, but the conservatives don’t believe science because they believe alternative facts (in other words complete and utter bullshit designed for morons) and some little book written thousands of years ago in another language, and one that they couldn’t read. They read a translation of the translation of an old book and think they have wisdom. Every play telephone? When now your World Leaders are getting equally solid facts. For example:

Marsha went down to get some tea from shop.
Marshal Law killed your dog and shot pee in your toupee.

We need to fix NAFTA to help the indigenous and reel in the divide between rich and poor.
Mexicans rape and pillage don’t kid yourself so divide them and kill anyone brown and poor.



MJ desconstructs Trump’s language in the meeting with the Washington Post editorial staff during the election’s early days cause that’s what SMUTPUNK writers do. We expose BULLSHIT for what it’s worth. Click the image for the link.

They are fucking around with democracy and it’s disgusting. I hold anyone who voted for Trump responsible for the coming pain the world will endure from climate change, war, and economic bullying. This is a disgrace of a government. Conservative regimes all over the world are despicable. I sincerely hope that this is rock bottom and leads to a new age of reason and communication with faith in education and science and finally a divorce from religion. America was supposed to contain a division between church and state. Does anybody remember that? I hope a reasonable day is coming, but I fear we are entering a second dark age and this time with climate change breathing down our necks with the hot foul breath of extinct dinosaurs and weapons of mass destruction that can easily obliterate us all many times over.


Bullshit is Truth
Truth Bullshit


Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right but Three Do


Inspired by the genius of Callie Miss O’Press (aka Fishfy Glittercheeks) in her post Alternative Facts, I have alternative-factswritten a few of my own to keep me from feeling insane. Remember I am an American who has spent over 20 years in Latin America and Asia working for the betterment of human beings. 


Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three do

Racism is for whining poor people with dicks smaller than yours, hopefully

Putin loves hairless cats

There’s no such thing as war

it is a fallacy created by the liberal media

same as the falsified documents that claim Obama is a real american

Drones don’t kill children, governments do

Brown people are encouraged to gather in public in great numbers

America still has a soul

and will easily stand up to tyranny and throw it’s slimy egg shell off its back

Hitler and Trump come from the same lineage

The smaller the penis the meaner the man

America was better now then it is in the past

Mayan Worry Dolls under your pillow at night can stomp Trump and all Tyranny

George Washington was a futanari

Revisionist history changed the name of the Boston Teabagging Party

Saudi Arabia trains Mexicans in Rape Arts

Islam never conquered Southern Europe

The Moors weren’t blonde, blue-eyed, and sporting beards

like Vikings or WWE champions

GMOs make your penis shrink

The controls for the heart of the sun are lodged neatly in Trump’s toupee

The average Amazon factory has 45,000 robots for every 5 human employees

but Trump can fix that because old white men are awesome on computers

and have been programming algorithms for eons

Dead Mexicans can be turned into Oil

Growing rice in Mexico and bringing it to the US tax free to be sold back to hungry Mexicans wasn’t enough for greedy American Capitalists

NAFTA fucked Mexicans way harder than Americans

The EZLN attacked the Municipal buildings in Chiapas to stop NAFTA from forcing indegenous coffee growers to pay tax to the US even though they were on cooperative land with direct deals to Northern European contries

Women have held the highest-ranking positions in the EZLN Armycomandante-ramona3

The EZLN army dresses in basically the same costume as Mayan Worry Dolls

Race relations in America have never been better

Abortion kills humans not guns

American has exponentially more gun deaths than any other country on Planet Earth

Nuclear weapons don’t kill

Nuclear weapons don’t turn your skin invisible during the blast and let you see your organs working even if you are far away and have your eyes shut

Nuclear weapons just shoot whipped cream

Nuclear targets get gunged playfull not viciously obliterated

Bin Laden was more of a Black Market Banker than a Terrorist

He actually funded many grassroots projects that built roads, seeded once barren farmland, and built schools for millions of marginalized people in many different 3rd world countries

The CIA stole Che Guevara’s asthma medication

He was shot without a trial

The CIA destabilized Iran in the 1950s when they had a peaceful, non-religious democracy that nationalized oil productions and took it away from British Petroleum’s control and Western military usage which was running rampant during World War II

The US-CIA fought clandestine wars up and down Latin America in the 80s

Guatemala had a fifty-year civil war

This war was started because the United Fruit Company didn’t like the democratically elected government nationalizing Banana production (remember Iran and the oil?)

In the 1950s…

…The CIA caused a coup in Guatemala

…The CIA caused a coup in Iran

…The CIA caused a coup in North Vietnam

…The CIA caused one coup per year in Laos

The US has supported Fascists, Drug Lords, and Terrorists in at least thirty-five countries

Latin American wars called for massive ethnic cleansing usually of indigenous peoples, who were already being massacred by malnutrition thanks to the Wall Street vice-grip on agriculture

Scientists, those liars only interested in their own profit, say Holocausts happen from lack of critical thought

When the population cannot decipher real news from fake news we know that critical thought is dormant





Tromp Causing a Tweetstorm @calliepress #LPRTG | Breaking News

Callie Press pulls down her panties

Callie Press, the hot redhead with bush tuft matching Tromp’s

Independent Body Asserts Electoral College More Dangerous To Democracy than Russian Hacking


Independent Body Asserts

Electoral College More Dangerous

To Democracy than Russian Hacking


russia-hacking-groupWashington D.C. 2016 — Republicans are grappling with the fact that their surprise victory giving them full control of the Unpresidented States of America was due in large part due to their new Lord and Master Vladimir Putin. However, those headlines have quickly been eclipsed by a more startling and sinister plot: the Electoral College. In a corresponding move by an independent committee, the CIA, the FBI, and the DMV, it has been concluded beyond reasonable doubt (even to those nutbags crazy enough to deny climate change) that the Electoral College in fact is 100% incongruous with democracy as it allows government leaders to ignore the will of the people as seen by the candidate winning the popular vote not becoming president and the Electoral Delegates of  Arizona voting vowing to vote for Trump amid mass outcry not to “be so crazy.” The independent council found that, in fact, the Electoral College helps only rich, white, male slave-owning land owners control the masses.

Also, progressive lawmakers in New York State have already dumped the “Electoral College” in favor of a name more appropriate to the education level of the masses: The Electoral G.E.D. When Mayor of NYC Bill DeBlingBlingio was asked why he said eloquently, “We want each citizen to feel include no matter how illiterate, confused, tired, ass-backwards, or Mexican.” The President-elects Trump was also posed the same question to which he said articulately while pointing his tiny fingers, “Journalist are scum. My G.E.D. accomplished unpresidented yugeness! I’m precedent of the World.”


by Moctezuma Johnson

Read 8 Reasons Why Moctezuma Johnson Should Be Awarded the Electoral College Vote



Lesbian Rimming Slant from the Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade Story

In the original scene, you were a dude licking ass but then it occurred to me thanks to the popular searches for “lesbian rimming” and “lesbian gunge play” that land you wonderful folk onto my page daily that I owed it to you fans to alter the gender.

Lesbian Rimming: Get up in there and bury your nose in her ass and inhale

You’ve have arrived at this wonderful, weird little Choose Your Own Kink story having already chosen Option A (<<Go Back)

It’s such a gorgeous ass that you just get up in there. You love licking ass. Your not one of these anal (phrasing!) types who minds getting dirty. You’ll get up in there tongue first and enter ass. You have loved licking ass for many years. The first time was drunk and the girl looked good and you just dove in and ever since you love it. It’s not quite a fetish but it turns you on. It makes your stomach churn, in a good way. It makes the hairs on your neck stand up. It makes your pores open, your heart beat faster, and your palms sweat when your tongue touches anus and presses forward. You hold each ass cheek in each hand and the chocolatey butty cheeks press against your face cheeks. Your nose is buried up her crack and you like it. You want to take a nap while up her asshole. You’ve napped during sex before so there’s no judgement here. It’s just comfy. Your spine is in a really natural position and her anus is opening like a flower blooming. She’s opening up to you, to your tongue, to your fetish. Well, not fetish but near-fetish. Nobody would call you an ass-licker but here you are face down in an ass licking it while the girl attached to the ass is face down having her ass licked. By you. I’m not sure what else to call you. Look at you! You’re dripping wet and you’re not even fingering yourself. Your juices are busting past your panties like a levee broke. Your hard nipples are trembling with desire. You stop licking G-strung’s ass and inhale! Deeply. It smells divine.

You have another choice to make. Now you can…

  1. …Fuck her ass

  2. …Jizz on the anus then lick it off and leave

  3. …have her shit on you! or fake shit on you!


If you love funny porno erotica and lesbian rimming then you will love Moctezuma Johnson’s writing. See all of his works listed at the SMUTPUNK BIBLIOGRAPHY.


A lesbian rimming and gunge section of the Choose your own Kink SEXcapade

Public Cum Tits: Asian MILF is just Mad for Jizz


PUBLIC CUM TITS: “Mad For Jizz” — An excerpt fromfrom Bored To Tears by My Asian Husband

This excerpt is from Chapter Four

“Mad for Jizz” – The Public Cum on Tits Story about an Asian MILF and a virile Latino with a big cock


I was riding the subway across Seoul when I noticed this strait-laced older woman across the train sitting upright with her back arched and chin up. She was middle-aged and prim. Her blouse collar went all the way to the neck, like she was a 1660 Puritan. Her mind had to be all hopped up on Confucianism. She sat upright even as the subway car shook. Me? I was slouched like a teenager. She never slouched. She kept her head and neck up. She could be a posture-double for the Queen of England. She looked at me as I checked her out. She had a banging body. Big, I mean big tits, and shapely waist. She wore a beige pencil skirt and white blouse with high collar. She had long legs. Her purse was on her lap, expertly blocking any view into her private area. When I looked up to make eye contact, she looked away. Hot. The subway stopped and I took out my Korean Language Learning book. She looked up at it and stood up. She sat beside me and said, “You’ll never learn with that book. It’s no good.”

I was taking class to learn the local language, something few expats do around here.

We got out of the subway on the next stop and sat on a wood bench and chatted. Trains passed occasionally. She was pretty uptight. She didn’t have social grace as much as she was simply cautious. She never slouched for the entire talk that must have been half an hour. It seemed to me her nature was cautious, like she didn’t totally trust herself, felt she needed to curtail her inner dialogue, needed to respect the person she was with by not saying much. She must have been treated badly by somebody.mad-for-jizz-milfdd-cum5

We made a date and met at a posh area in the Seoul. She wore a blue dress that showed off her big fake tits and augmented ass. This area had a department store nearby and a park outside. It was a part of Seoul that had been redeveloped after the prosperity. The stairwell we took to the shops was clean. We were going to a chain restaurant called Mad for Garlic. Koreans love this kind of restaurant. I think of it as a glorified McDonald’s.

“Are you hungry?”

“Not really.”

“No? Then why are we going to eat?” I saw the top flesh of her tits and wanted to grab it, to suck on it.

“I thought you would want to. Americans always eat.”

“We do other things sometimes,” I said. My cock was getting hard in my pants. I was imagining pumping it through those tits.

“Then how do you keep your belly?”

“Do you know the expression to put your foot in your mouth?”

“Does it mean hungry?” she asked.

“Do you want a lesson?”

She nodded.

“Kneel down and I’ll show you.” I had yet to even touch this woman on the hand and now I was pushing her down to her knees by her shoulder. She kneeled and looked up at me. She still held one hand out so her purse would dangle from her elbow primly.

This was the fun of dating a prim Asian woman. I would be getting nowhere and then suddenly get my dick sucked. Other days, I would just learn a Korean word and go home and jerk it. It was a total crapshoot.

I put my hand into her curly hair at the back of her head and hooked onto her head. I pushed my body against her so my cock, still in the pants, pushed against her. I saw her eyes go wide. That’s when I whipped it out. She let out a little scream of surprise. I shoved her to it with both my hands pushing the back of her head degradingly toward my balls. I pushed until her lipsticked lips hit my ball sack. We made eye contact. I saw the humiliation and hunger in her eyes. I ripped her dress down and one fake massive tit jumped out over her the folded down fabric that clung to her midriff. I ravaged her mouth. I defiled her tonsils. I disgraced her throat. Then I tenderly kissed her lips with my clean-shaven, white balls. I pulled my smoking gun out of her mouth. She gasped for breath. “Oh my god, you’re so big and rough.”

I pawed at her big fake tit. “You’re so big and fake.”

I molested her big titties, one inside the dress and the other hanging out. The nipple hardened and she looked down at it. “Feel good?” I said as I flicked her nipple. Her face was red as a radish. “Yes, and I’m shameful,” she said. “I shouldn’t let you do anything to me like this.” She leaned her head back in pleasure as I continued to tease her nipple. “Am I your girlfriend?”

I overwhelmed her mouth by dipping my balls into it, debasing her image in front of my eyes, tainting her prim MILF purity. This Korean bitch thought a lot of herself which meant she thought nothing of herself and was now acting out that insecurity-complex by kneeling on the landing before me and nibbling the testicles dipped into her mouth with her tits out. She turned away and I grabbed her head in one hand and rubbed my meaty dick on her face with the other. I tarnished her well-done hair and made clumps stick to her forehead and strands go into her eye. I looked down at her and spit on her face. She closed her mouth tightly. I pushed my cockhead against her lips but she wouldn’t open. I kept rubbing my cock on her face, ruining her mascara, dripping precum and spit onto the tip of her flat nose. I stopped and admired her. She was a disheveled mess. “You look really pretty, Hyeon Mi.”

She looked mortified. She looked up at me with a strange look. I saw her mouth open a bit and jammed my hard cock into her mouth. I heard something behind me and turned to see another couple in the stairway. The girl was staring at Hyeon Mi and I. The guy was trying to pull her back, but she was mesmerized. She was staring. Hyeon Me went red. Even her chest was red, not just her cheeks. I took advantage by fucking her throat. She was protesting, I think, and emitting that mphhhhhhhhhhhh mphhhhhh humming sound with each thrust.

The woman looked from behind and above me at my cock facefucking my Korean MILF. She was a voyeur. She got closer and watched, leading her man by the hand.

She wasn’t bad looking. She was in short shorts flaunting great legs. She wore a backpack and was likely a Chinese tourist from Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia because she spoke in a beautiful English accent: “Mind if I have a watch?”

Hyeon Mi had frozen and was now putty in my hands. I used her throat as a pizza maker uses dough, as an alcoholic uses whisky, as a diabetic uses sugar, as a white, big-dicked, sex addict uses a divorced, lonely, over-forty Korean MILF. I felt Hyeon Mi’s throat around my cockhead, and her lips squeeze the root of my dick. “Please do,” I said politely to the Chinese tourist and then let Hyeon Mi breathe again.

The tourist took my words to heart. She unbuttoned her shorts. Her hand was now in her panties rubbing away at her clit as my dick towered over the kneeling MILF.

“You have a great dick,” the tourist said to me. “You’re lucky.”

I played with Hyeon Mi’s big tit as she caught her breath.

“Ok, baby, that’s enough,” the tourist’s husband said to her. “Let’s go.”

“I want to watch them finish. Will you shoot it on her face or tits?” she asked me.

I grabbed Hyeon Mi by the neck and pushed her down onto the root of my dick again. Her arms flailed as she got gagged again. “Where would you like?” I said to the tourist.

The tourist smiled. She was pretty. Her husband was looking all around like a nervous nellie.

“On her big tits.” The tourist’s hips writhed as she said it like sexual energy was controlling her now.


Hyeon Mi’s throat muscles were all around my cock. I pushed it deeper into her, until I was out of cock. She had taken it all. “You’ve totally deepthroated me, you dirty slut!” I said to the cocksucking, red-faced MILF. Then I looked at the tourist, proudly. I could see the desperation in the voyeur’s face. Her upper lip perspired and her cheeks were flushed. Her pupils were dilating. I was ready to cum. My balls tightened. I wanted to just hold Hyeon Mi down and let her throat milk out my jizz but this desperate tourist girl wanted to see a cum party and I wasn’t about to disappoint this cute little hard-up wife. I pulled my cock out of that glorious, tormented throat. Her big fake tit was flopping over her dress, the other tit was still in the blue fabric. Being watched and deepthroated had my balls working overtime, so the cumshot was an absolute deluge. Thick, globule shots dripped out of my dick and onto her fake tits. It looked like ice cream sliding down her breast. Then my next shots were uncontrollable rockets that landed in the nape of Hyeon Mi’s neck, on her tit, in her cleavage, and into the blue fabric of her dress. I always cum a lot but this was insane. It was a total onslaught, a cum-blitz right in front of two strangers, one of whom was now moaning as she rubbed herself. “Cover those tits,” she said in between two loud orgasmic moans.

My last shots were quite watery and really completed the staining of the MILF’s dress. She was a total cum-swamp. I pushed her big tits together and all the cum pooled in her cleavage. Then I pulled her tits apart and watched the webby cum stretch between them. I noticed that the horny pussy-rubbing tourist’s husband had a camera. “Take a picture of those cum webs,” I instructed.

The female tourist said something to the male tourist in Chinese and sure enough he came over and snapped a few photos. “Get up close. Get her nipples. Get one with her tits and her face, too.” He clicked a last photo and walked back to his wife, who was done finishing herself off. “Get his email so you can send them,” she admonished her man.

Hyeon Mi was a cascade of cum. It was like a cum-cloudburst had erupted onto her. She was still totally red in the face. I don’t think I ever noticed that a woman could stay embarrassed for so long. The funny thing was, the humiliation had just begun.

After trading emails, while some of my cum-spate trickled off Hyeon Mi and onto the ground, I lifted the blue flap of dress over her cum-drenched tit and tried to fix her up the best I could. Her hair was stuck to her forehead, glued with spit and pre-cum. Her bust was totally stained with cumshots. The tit that was out was now making her dress dark as the dress soaked up the semen avalanche that was released from her tits.

“I cannot go in there like this,” Hyeon Mi said.

“You have to. I’m hungry. Don’t you remember, Americans are always hungry?

I grabbed her hand and led her forward. “Don’t you want a boyfriend, Hyeon Mi?”

Her hand was sweaty. I opened the door to the restaurant. Luckily for her, it was dark inside. The hostess looked right at her bust and gave a wry smile. She led us to a table. We walked past many tables with people. There were lots of glances, chuckles, and whispering. The hostess wisely seated us in a private nook in the corner. I couldn’t tell what Hyeon Mi was feeling, she was stoic. I reached under her dress and found that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and her pussy was sopping wet from her own avalanche of pussy juice. “Hyeon Mi, you little slut!”

She smiled at me. “Come on, let’s order, we need to feed that massive appetite.”

Read “Mad For Jizz” and other short stories from the full book Bored To Tears by My Asian Husband



Dildogeddon – Learn how to protect yourself


Dildogeddon — What the heck is that?

Well, you’ve probably heard of the pornapocalypse, the desire of almost all medias to rid themselves of vile adult content. Even twitter is on the anti-porn train recently. Ugh. Why? What’s with puritan America trying to tell all of us what to do. I don’t like it at all. Not one little bit.

Now, dildogeddon is the attack of earth by alien forces. These aliens aren’t the regular aliens with big green heads who violate lonely humans on motherships, nope, these are sentient alien dildos that reproduce when united with Earthling cum. It’s a funny, schlocky B-movie, campy book by Moctezuma Johnson. It’s also a metaphor for how all this conservatism from American evangelicals to Islamic Fundamentalists is just totally bat-shit fucking crazy.

Read the Triangulum Stain Series for more.

Dildogeddon – Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

The Five HiveThe Battle for Alien Relish

The Doomsday Clock


The Doomsday Clock is minutes from the hour thanks Dildogeddon and the halt to production of Alien Relish.

In Episode One of the Triangulum Stain – Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos the Five Hive have to deal with Dildogeddon, which nudges the Doomsday Clock ever close to the hour. In Episode Two, the Battle for Alien Relish, the Five Hive is back because they did their job so well in the first episode that lust, which emanates from planet M69 (aka Alien Relish), is dying. Find out how and why lust is dying and what the Five Hive want to do to fix it.




Meet the Five Hive (aka Fuck Force Five) by clicking the book





These Women in Black

are incredibly sexy and skilled