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Now, to the winners.

 Thank you for supporting the Smutpunk Raffle. There were 858 total entries and 7 winners have been selected randomly by the contest friend app. I appreciate every single one of you and wish I could award all 858 entries with a gift. To try and accommodate as many of you as possible, I have two giveaways below for ALL the contestants. Now to the winners.

The winners are…

  1. Ralph Sarkis

  2. Andrea Beata Kadar

  3. Kimmy Caldwell

  4. Gina Ferrell

  5. Anita Leibert

  6. Melissa Green

  7. Sky Moore

The prizes are…

  1. A free Kindle stuffed with smutpunk

  2. Sex Toys for him and her (courtesy of our friends at Cinnamoan Fantasy Adult Toy Shop)

  3. Gift Cards ($50 in the form of a Gift Card)

  4. A Site Shopping Spree ($35 in the Form of a Site-Wide Coupon)

  5. Cock Flavored Cocktails + Free Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

  6. Free Smutpunk Subscription + Free Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

  7. Free Personal Poem + Choose Your Own Kink SEXcapade

To all the other participants who did not win, you’re not completely out of luck yet. You have a one in seven chance of Winning an Amazon Giveaway if you join the Choose Your Own Kink by MJ Giveaway.  Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

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One last thing, of course the Kindle comes absolutely STUFFED with SMUTPUNK. So congratulations to the winner who is getting books by me, Emme Hor, Red Pesca, Roxy Katt, Callie Press, Kella Z. Driehl, Sally Bend, Reed James, Kat Crimson, Linzi Basset, Christina Mandara, Jacincta Topaz, and more.







Manscaping for Rimming – Sex Tip No. 15 | #SexTips #LPRTG #Manscaping

This week’s sex tip is one of the great taboos. Getting tongue on your ass is a spectacular thing, but I suggest that a little maintenance and cleanliness can help get things rolling in the ass eating department. Hey, fellas, here are some manscaping tips.

“If you manscape, they will rim.” –Moctezuma Johnson 

Manscaping for Rimming – Sex Tip No. 15

So, guys, you really need to take care of your junk. Smooth testicles, no hair on the cock itself, and clean up the forest under the balls and in the ass crack. This will give clean, smooth access to your asshole. It’s funny. I cleaned up the area yesterday and got a rimjob that very afternoon. Is it coincidence? I think not. 

There’s a knack to manscaping. Get yourself a good razor. If the bush is out of fucking control like a Mayan rainforest during the Spanish conquest then you may want to opt for an electric razor. I suggest using [amazon text=Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T&asin=B000JNQSIQ] with the No. 1 setting attached (that way you don’t cut yourself). Once it’s trimmed, you can either leave it as is, or go the full monty and get out [amazon text=Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor with 2 Razor Blade Refills&asin=B06X9PM3GJ] and [amazon text=Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl, 5.3-Ounce&asin=B0007MW2ZW]. Lather up good with hot water and plenty of cream. Then jerk off. Not ’til completion. Just jerk it until there’s some life in the cock. If you’ve got a chubby it’s way easier to shave as your balls tighten and the razor will shave your hair off much more effectively. This is a key tip to shaving your junk.


The sculpted hedges in the garden of a house on Old Coach Road in Cross, Somerset which are raising eyebrows in the village. A home in Frankie Howerd’s former village is causing a titter with these hedges – that look like giant PENISES. The large phallus-shaped plants have been created using very ‘hard’ topiary skills. They were spotted in a front garden by walker Nigel Vile – looming over the Mendip Hills south of Bristol and Bath in Somerset. He shared them on Facebook with this caption: “Some fallacious topiary?”

Also, nobody says you can’t shave your partner. That can be very sexy in itself and quite a powerful power trip. Holding a sharp razor to somebody’s genitals it quite the rush. They say you know a wolf loves you when she offers up her jugular to you for nuzzling. Offering up your genitals to a human holding a razor is our species’ way to show you love and trust your partner.

Now to shave the ass, shave the taint and under your balls (I suggest you use John Oliver’s $1 Million tactical wipes, for pre-taint shaving). Then shave the round ass cheeks right under the balls. Then you have to get up in their and shave right up against the anus. Clean that place out. You want it smooth as silk around your anus. Like the old Korean saying, “Smooth and clean attracts the tongue.” If you can’t see what you’re doing, squat over a hand held mirror to make sure you’ve gotten one hundred percent of the ass hair near the anus. Once that anus is clean, sit back and await the best pleasure a man (or woman) can get. Now you know why I sign my emails ‘Rimmies!” Enjoy.  

Ladies, share this with your dudes to get them to presentable down there. Remind them that women love men in suits and this is like putting an expensive Italian suit on your ass.


Note: Feel Free to Use Other Shaving Products. Those are merely the things that I use!


Links to Each Week’s Sexual Advice:

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See updated blog of all my sex tips.



13 Best Futa Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books | 2017 #Futa #LPRTG #Transgender


  1. [amazon text=Turned into a Fembot&asin=B073S9Z9D3] by Lisa Change

  2. [amazon text=Your Plaything&asin=B06Y39Q5YZ] by Nikki Cresent

  3. Pop & Lollie by Moctezuma Johnson

  4. [amazon text=Template: A Masks Story&asin=B071P98J9H] by Rodford Edmiston

  5. [amazon text=Video Game Gender Bender&asin=B073TZ7LVK] by Nina Nocturne

  6. [amazon text=Taken Futa Aliens&asin=B073ZFK4GD] by Alison West

  7. [amazon text=Futa Maid&asin=B01HNOIBOW] by Thomas Pike

  8. [amazon text=Lipstick Her Leather Anthology&asin=B0728P3PYQ] by Multiple Authors

  9. [amazon text=Futanari Switch Futa Female Extreme&asin=B071WN5F86] by Lara Longstaff

  10. [amazon text=The Empress’s New . . . Rod&asin=B072R4WMJW] by Julie Law

  11. [amazon text=Futa’s Passionate Awakening&asin=B0714P3TZY] by Reed James

  12. [amazon text=Agent of F.U.T.A.&asin=B01LZKZ0LR] by Kella Z. Driel

  13. [amazon text=Gender Games&asin=B073DTQBX9] by Nikki Crescent



If you love FUTA then you probably love SMUTPUNK as well. Give it a try!






Teaser of Gallery of Various Smutpunk Art (300+ pieces) | #LPRTG #Erotica



Gallery of Delicous, Uncut Smutpunk Covers (you’ll never find these on major retailers)


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s a shame that this kind of talented artwork cannot be shared on the major retailers. Anyway, I can’t always fight the man. However, I can run my own site with autonomy and share this genius with you. Enjoy!

Dear Smutpunk,

Below is TEASER from the Gallery of Various Smutpunk Art from this site from 2015-2017. Browse through it as you wish and click to enlarge smaller images. Some of the covers are really precious but thanks to our conservative society cannot be shared in public places like facebook, amazon, and pinterest. So I ask that you join me in the exclusive VIP Smutpunk club where thankfully this site allows you the freedom and trust to see and read what you want 100% uncut. In the VIP Smutpunk club you can let your dick and/or tits hang out, smoke a joint or rolled unicorn spit for all I care, and touch yourself until you squirt bubbling pink hearts through the ceiling. I hope you feel at home. Enjoy! 


Black Comedy by Moctezuma Johnson





Futadelic - The Power of Potion

Attack of the Replicating Dildos

Alien Wrestling Night

Alien Wrestling Night


She was tired of hubby’s rice dick. She was ready for something big and full. This cover got the book into the dungeon and I’ve just left it. Fuck it. I am what I am.



There are hundreds more to browse, from a little erotica to hardcore smutpunk literary porn.

Get your subscription or join the Smutpunk Street Team for access to

Asian Girls Who Like it Up the Ass


Learn techniques to seduce your Asian Lover

Learn some wonderful seduction techniques to get anal sex from your Asian lovers. Then you can quickly find more Asian Girls Who Like it Up the Ass


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Learn To Make Her Your Anal Slave

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See More Big Tits

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Beautiful Malaysian Model (name coming soon, I forgot)

Hotel Sex, a Knife in the Back, and Curvy Gorgeous Jynx

Juicy Jynx

Hotel Sex: There’s something so cheap and sexy about it!

Jynx is a little sexpot. She is curvy—with big tits like bulbous eggplants held by sports bras and a juicy ass that smacks you back wSmutpunk Bukkake Serieshen smacked because it’s so tight—and a crazy conniving bitch using cunt as a weapon and cum as a salve. Her arch enemy is Jenny. Her greatest love story is Moctezuma Johnson.

Read the Chronicles of a Humiliation Series to learn more about her.


Read an excerpt from the Hotel Party (part 1 of the series)

Read a poem about Jenny

Excerpt – Smutpunk on Skates (Four Book Asian Erotica Bundle) | #wahlao #AsianSmutpunk


Excerpt – Smutpunk on Skates (Four Book Asian Erotica Bundle)

by Emme Hor


That fucker held her hips and pumped away, while the big, black butt plug gripped her tight anal walls and massaged the underbelly of his thick, white shaft until he was on the brink of cumming. He pulled his massive mushroom-headed club out of her cute quivering cunt, brought her leg toward him, kissed her juicy calf in cruel juxtaposition of abuse and love that sent her heart fluttering. He pushed her roller-skated-foot to his dick. He rubbed his cock on the wheels and moaned.


Click the Book to Read

“You’re sick,” Heather said as he let her skates jerk him off. Her plump pussy lips were gaping, begging for his cock to come back.

“I know,” he said. “And you fucking love every minute of it. Look at your fat cunt lips flapping in the wind desperately, whore!”

He pulled on her cunt lips roughly and let them smack back into her pubic bone with a pop. Heather felt like she’d been smacked with a glove.

When that delicious fucker pushed his victorious dick back into her throbbing pussy, it was utter nirvana for her. Heather saw the Sun dim. She saw stars shoot. She felt like the sexiest roller-skater in the universe. There was that nasty feeling of being an utter slut mixed with the guilty pleasure of fucking an ex. A fantastic orgasm shuttered down her spine and through her lips. Her voice came back and she screamed her own name, “Heather!” as if she was reprimanding herself for being such a dirty little butt-plugged tramp. She pulled his dick deeper with her Kegel muscles and by lifting her hips.

That fucker couldn’t take anymore. It was like fucking quicksand. Her muscles held him so tight, he felt like his dick would rip off from the root. He stepped back and his cock popped out of her cunt. He stood over her and hosed down her face with his cum. She lapped up some of it, savoring the taste of his superior cum on her tongue as he collapsed onto the log on his back. Most of his cum dripped from her flushed cheeks, sexy chin, and full lips.

“You know, I thought you owned me, but look at you,” Heather said and then flipped herself up onto her skates adroitly, leaned down and kissed him victoriously on the lips. Now she was looking down at him, her long hair cascading down onto his chest, with sunrays exploding geometrically like a kaleidoscopic halo around her head. She was gorgeous and she knew it. She kissed him, the cum transferred from her cum stained lips to his. She wiggled her head and smeared his cum all over his face triumphantly.



Read the whole thing at

Some slang from the book:

Buaya – Definition 1 | Definition 2 | Definition up your ass!

Lah – see image

Wahlao – Video Definition

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