It’s Steak and BJ Day again.


It’s Steak and BJ Day again. Read MJ’s SMUTPUNKY Steak and BJ Bundle

Last Steak and BJ Day was ruined by the novel coronavirus. What about 2021? How will celebrate Mask and BJ day? I hope we know soon.

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The Book of Pigs Came out October 13th (MJ’s Birthday)

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The Book of Pigs
The Book of Pigs

Triangulum Stain Episode 4 – Attack of the North Korean Giantesses

The New Book is Here. It’s Episode Four in the Triangulum Stain Universe. It’s Kitschy and Awesome. It lacks sex. It’s full of sex. It has Giantesses going on a Big Booty Rampage against the Patriarchy. It’s typical Moctezuma Johnson fare. It’s SMUTPUNK and PULP EROTICA like the fucking title says. Buy it. Read it. Review it. It’s in paperback, too, but Amazon is still being a cunt about it and not letting the real cover come out in orders. Still. If you get the old, red cover, send me a screenshot and I’ll send you a poster.



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I Am Not a Whore, At Least Not Yet

book by Emme Hor / Reading by Michelle Jones


Triangulum Stain on Audible
book by Moctezuma Johnson / Reading by Cambron McKinney

They’ve been telling me to get on Audible so I finally did.

This came as kitschy and pulpy as I had hoped. I was lucky enough to score a voice right off of Star Trek. If anyone recognizes the voice you will have to let me know privately and I will confirm. You will be rewarded with a naughty MJ secret.


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The Book of Moctezuma’s Pigs is coming soon. I’m in the process of editing the final copy. It will be available ONLY to subscribers. Fuck Amazon’s rules. This will be worthy of the motherfucking title. It will be smutpunk. It will be dirty. It will oink like a desperate Korean wife getting her first big Mexican cock.

Nuclear Arsenal

The US has the largest Nuclear Arsenal, capable of wiping humanity off the face of the Earth and needs a leader who is stable and understands the consequences of his actions. A petty little bitch just isn’t good for America.

I mean, the whole fucking Military is as supersized as a McDonald’s Goddamn Upsell. USA’s Armed Forces are 10x the size of its counterparts over in the next country. That’s utter madness.

Seems that many Republicans are allowing the country to go really close to a dictatorship without really understanding the stakes. I think a lack of education in the populace and the elected officials is to blame for this. You hear these officials not know the first thing about American history let alone the history of the other countries.

Nota Bene

I wrote this before the heinous events at the capital and DJT’s second impeachment. This man really knows no shame. I think he and all those who incited violence are guilty of the 14th amendment and should immediately be removed. I can’t wait for this presidency to be over. What a nightmare.