There’s an octopus attached to my face


She’s got this way about her

With her Giant Korean Booty

She’s from the South on the West Side

The poorest pet of the country

Her dad went fishing and never came back

She raised herself in many ways

And has daddy issues

These tiny octopuses are the rage in this little town called Mokpo

You grab them with chopsticks and bite while they’re still alive

They try to grab your tongue

They try to survive

Dipping them in soy sauce and chili, the ever famed gochujang

Stuns them

She is over 6 feet tall

And clings to me like this

For her very emotional survival

Uses her big ass too keep me at all costs

Like a giant octopus stuck to my face

Big Korean Ass Bullseye
Slut would gape for me or do anything I asked

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