WIP: If On A Summer’s Day a Prostitute by Moctezuma Johnson (installment 2)

If on a summer’s day a prostitute

A small maple tree bloomed. In months it would shed. Now it was magnolia and cherry blossoms. The mother collected fallen leaves gingerly and placed them carefully in wooden boxes. She poured her husband’s sake with two hands. He accepted it with one. She was as delicate as a cherry blossom. She walked the house gently like a full step would shatter the floor, causing a rift that would sink the mountain into the Earth’s core. She wore pretty robes that hugged her fresh young body. She had a wonderful figure. She was geisha and hentai rolled up into one obedient wife. She pranced on her toes. Her breasts were perky and full. She spoiled her son with sweet breads and chocolate sticks. Everything about her was perfect. I was simply a guest of the house, part of their guesthouse. She brought me fresh cut fruit and cooked fish that she cut open for me expertly with chopsticks by slicing the skeleton straight down the bone with one stick, while she held the stick’s twin demurely with her crinkled pinky finger. She was an amazing woman. She let me gaze at her, admire her small nose, smooth skin, ample breasts, and ripe bottom. Her legs were always neatly together when she sat and her knees rarely parted. Yet, for all this delicate apparent conservatism, there was something sexually alluring about her like all this self-control was practiced to cage a ravenous wanton beast. I was sure her husband got to enjoy pleasures I could only dream about. In fact, I could hear some of them after the sun went down. One night I got up to investigate the sound and found their wooden door cracked open. I stood there and watched through the crack in the wall as she massaged him. He moaned like they were making love but all she was doing was cupping his balls in her hand. No woman ever cupped my balls to orgasm but I think that’s what I witnessed through the crack that night in the moonlight. I had to abandon my spot for fear of getting caught. I went back to my room but couldn’t get the sight of her naked bosom out of my mind. I was in love. She had me in her hand. I was her guest, her customer, and her adorer.


The kindle has started smoking from the sex scenes and it melts but still works. The whole thing hasn’t melted. Don’t let Mictezuma confuse you with his hyperbole. Also, what do you think about this second person bullshit? Ever read a story like this and liked it? You remember reading Half Asleep In Frog’s Pajamas, but that was probably the worst of all his books. Oh well. 


The kindle hasn’t melted like a Dali clock. It just gives off a faint smell of burning rubber, like the semiconductors have burned out. If you look closely at the ugly boxy corners of the Amazon reading device, you find they are slightly brown and rounded. 

Unfortunately, when you scroll you are stuck in a new story. You can backtrack to the boarder story but when you return to the present, the next story, that next story is different. It’s no longer the hot Japanese boarder story. 

It’s no longer the sultry wife skittering about among the weeping willows and japanese maple trees in the well-manicured garden. No more demure woman for which who you and the protagonist have teamed up to yearn. 

Now it’s an empath dealing with a murder. Wtf? 

You get on the help tab on your Amazon account. In an anonymous orange and white text box, you tell them the kindle isn’t working correctly. This seems like too important of a job for a text box. You wanted to connect with someone. You wanted to speak with the Japanese mom, perhaps lay a hand on hers while speaking. You didn’t want to click a mouse and type on your computer’s keypad while hearing the construction from the street. 

It didn’t matter what you wanted. This is the modern world, so often devoid of connection but still quite efficient. A message appears on the text box saying they reset your kindle. 

You thank them and close the little window and excitedly go back to your kindle. the reader finds a third story, an episode from sexy blacksploitation story, but the next chapter is different again, a nature theme about butterflies, so the reader contacts the Indy publisher who says I’m sorry let me send you the final chapter. You want to know what happens to the boarder don’t you? Who? The Japanese boarder! Was he Japanese? Are you sure you have the right book? Yes, it’s the one by Mictezuma Jihnsin. Yes yes and so you lie down in bed and begin, ” if on a summer’s day a prostitute…”

She has two little birthmarks on her. One is right by her holes on her ass cheek, really close to her anus. The other is under her armpit where her skin is whiter from never seeing the sun. I rarely see it but when she lifts her arms up over her head when cock is buried in the flowering petals of her sweet pollinating pussy I can see it. Not that I have dared to touch my boarding mother. I just see it when I watch her from the doorway, seeing her husband straddle her face in such a way that he could dip his testicles in her supple little mouth. He pinned her arms back over her head and then used her mouth to lick his balls, perineum, and anus.

I could smell his ball sweat. I could smell her flowering pussy.

He got off her and turned her over to enter her from behind. Curious. There was no birthmark next to her anus.

I felt hands cup my balls. I turned and there she was in her little silk kimono. I looked at the woman with her husband, now moaning as she took his cock.

Twin sister, she said and led me out to the garden where we sat on a stone bench besides the cherry blossom tree. Her kimono was loose and I could see a meaty chunk of her left breast, the fuller one. If it slipped down anymore I would be able to see the luscious nipple of this spectacular goddess wife.

For the first time in my life, my shyness was eclipsed by bold hormones and I reached into her kimono and began to slide the silk off her breast. The breast stood out, leaving the kimono behind it. The cold air hit the nipple. The tip of it hardened. Her areola then bloomed too as Montgomery bumps formed in a delicate circular pattern around the flushed nipple. Cautiously, I stroked her hard nipple, I was unaware of how much her demure nub could take and started very slowly and softly. Then I increased speed and pressure little by little. As I ramped up the intensity, her squeezed my back and pushed me into her bosom. She moaned in a high pitch, like more of a short squeal. I sucked hungrily. I felt her soft nipple skin against my lips, the tip on my tongue and touching soft places on my palate. It was a delicious nipple. It tasted different than any Western woman’s nipple I had ever sucked on. 

Chapter 3

I was inside her, deep where I could feel her pussy membranes trembling. She was sitting on top of me and grinding so hard that my hips were hyper extending. I was sucking on her tits and she was grinding on top of me. Her nipples were hard little darts in my mouth, scratching my tongue and the roof of my mouth. They were sour as rhubarb dipped in vinegar. She wore a headband. Black war paint darkened under her eyes. 

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Black war paint? I thought they were in the Japanese garden and…how many beauty marks did she have under her armpit?


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