Too Groggy to Realize This Sexy Woman is My Wife | #Poem #SmutpunkPoem

Gorgeous Wife and Big Breasts

my eyes are barely open
moon hangs low nearly tapping the window
some woman’s breasts
tap against my chest hair

groggy hands caress her hair and neck
slide down her arched back
find her ass-cheeks
marvel at the roundness

sliding inside this woman
the joy of new pussy
envelopes me deeply
her breasts are wonderful

she uses her hips expertly
just how I like.
How can she know my body so well,
this stranger
cascading in the moonlight
bringing me to the edge
then backing off

leaning back
exposing her amazing tits
tight midriff

she kisses me so deeply
as I fill her with all my juice
we stay like this, kissing

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