All Lives Mattered, she said | Option C of the ANAL STUD sequence from Moctezuma’s CYOK

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Option C

You’d watched your fair of porn among the years and always admired the way the girls just got straight into kneeling for cum (kfc) position. Normally, you struggled to get a chick to perform like that. Not tonight. G-strung was on point in the kfc department.

Your jizz erupted right as you were pulling her black face toward your thick white cock.

“MPhhhhhh, Black Lives Matter!” you said as your white cum volcano’d her whore face. Like it was burning hot lava, she flinched as it hit her.

When you finished jerking the last drops out she licked the tip and made sure she sucked you dry.

“All lives mattered,” G-strung said and took her stained face to the bathroom to wash off. 

The End


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