The USS Enterthighs


Have you heard of the USS Enterthighs?

It’s the craft flown by the Five Hive when taking on extraterrestrial villains (see technical specifications below). This is a vague idea of what it may look like inside the instersellar vessel (see “In Flight Entertainment” by Leticia). From the outside, the spaceship looks a lot like a woman on her back with her legs spread (crude smutpunk rendition coming soon, I swear). The boosters come out of her toes, which curl when warp speed is engaged. Each big tit of this buxom intergalactic spaceship is part of twin bridges. The midriff is living quarters for the crew. The pussy and ass are docking bays. The head is the front of the ship, which holds most of the weaponry. In the latest episode from the Triangulum Stain Universe, Attack of the North Korea Giantesses, there’s a weightlessness sex scene that takes place in one of the recreational areas aboard the USS Enterthighs (read sample).


What is the Triangulum Stain Universe?

This universe features five latex clad super-hot WiB superheroes chasing down alien wrongdoing and restoring peace to Earth. There are two novellas, Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos and Battle for Alien Relish, and I’m in the middle of a series of short episodes. The first one was Pop & Lollie. The second installment will be coming out soon. If you don’t want to miss it, join my mailing list by clicking the big Phat Asian Ass.

Big Phat Asian Ass

In Flight Entertainment by LeticiaLatx from DeviantArt may depict something like the inside of the USS Enterthighs*

USS Enterthighs Technical Specs

Owner: classified
Operator: The Five Hive of WiB
Type: Medium-range explorer, Disseminate Class
Propulsion System: Warp Core – Class 69 (Cyclic Input Manifold)
Active: 2170s
Length: 669 meters
Mass: 899,000 metric tons
Decks: 15
Crew complement: 169
Speed: Warp 9.975 (max. sustainable cruise velocity)
Armament: Vibrating Phaser arrays, phaser banks, spatial charges and torpedo tubes compatible with photon torpedoes, quantum torpedoes, and tricobalt devices
Defenses: Deflector shields


*Permissions pending on artwork

How to Seduce your Asian Lover | #SexTips #Seduction #LPRTG

Anal is the new black – How to Seduce your Asian Lover

It used to be hard to convince a chick to take dick up the ass, but thanks to imperialization and sex in the city we have a boundary-breaking that makes defiling a sweet lotus flower a lot easier than you may think

“No matter how hot she is, in spite of it, in fact, your Asian girlfriend
(even if you think of her as a booty call, she is your girlfriend)
will want to please you to the very best of her abilities.
Use this against her and for your own benefit.”


Asian girls, like white and black women, can be picked up just about anywhere. One of the benefits of Asia is that you can go up to anybody and just start speaking, you can sit down at the table with a few Asian chicks and even if they don’t like you at first, they will be too polite and a little too cock-size curious to give you the boot. Your looks barely matter. A sixty-year-old man can put a twenty-year-old college student on his arm. So, soon, if you have any game at all, they will be eating out of your hand and you will be able to take one home. You may be able to stick it in her ass on the first night, especially if you’ve had any liquor, but patience will mean you will definitely be going in through the out door soon enough on this hot piece of Asian meat.


No matter how hot she is, in spite of it, in fact, your Asian girlfriend (even if you think of her as a booty call, she is your girlfriend) will want to please you to the very best of her abilities. Use this against her and for your own benefit.


I love positions where she’s reduced to only one body part

Nearly every Asian girl—from Seoul to Santa Monica—is obsessed with the mirror and the scale. She is constantly feeling like she has to do more to prove herself to men, to her friends, to her colleagues, to everyone. I mean, shit, most humans are that way. This is a powerful motivator. So, boys, keep in mind that her whole self-image is seen through the prism of the way her man sees her. (Ladies I suggest you get over this vulnerable way of thinking and have some ways to do so, but for this post, lets prey on her insecurity). The key thing when convincing your Asian girl to take it up the ass is to remind her that white and black girls are doing it regularly and they are way more respected. So, if she takes cock up her ass, people (namely you) will respect her more. Ain’t that a good bit of fun logic?

Once she is willing, lube it up good and be gentle with her. Don’t try to break it in two. Try to treat her like the anal virgin (or near-virgin) she really is and get her to feel amazed she took  your big cock in there. After you’ve warmed her up to it, you can pound her asshole raw until she leaks night after night.  The real beauty is that you can have a few hotties on the trot at once in this wonderful scheme.




You may also enjoy some anal poems by MJ. Choose from the many, great names:

Anal Sex Ass

Perfect Ass Ready for Anal

^.^ Happy Reading ^.^

Rapid Fire Interview with Lucian Carter (author of Hypnotic Billy) #EARTG


Rapid Fire Interview with Lucian Carter (author of Hypnotic Billy)

I met Lucian Carter when Callie Press had the magnetic idea of creating a wiki to post all the smutpunk locations, characters, books, themes, authors, etc. It was great and other smutpunks came out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, like just about all good things, it came to an early demise thanks to hackers using it to spam the shit out of the internet by hijacking the thing. Anyway, Lucian became an author I’ve come to admire for his crowdsourcing skills and his writing. Recently, one of his books made it to the smutpunk book shop and while we were chatting on FB messenger I thought it was high time to do a quick interview. PLEASE NOTE: my questions are in blue and Lucian is in Bold Black. 

Moctezuma: How about a little interview?
Lucian: you want to do it here and now?
sure, why not? No more than 10 minutes. Does that work?
yeah sure
What deodorant do you use? Why?
I shop for price. I don’t go really low end. Because you do not want your deodorant crapping out by 5 p.m. What I look for is a stick of a decent brand, but on sale. No brand loyalty whatsoever.
fuck brand loyalty
the brand has no loyalty to us
Rum or Whisky?
Canadian Whisky
My mom drank rum
can’t stomach the stuff
mom or dad?
she needs me more
do you read the bible?
I read the Gideon, cover to cover
that was plentylucian-carter-hypnotic-billy-erotica-erotic-hypnosis
was it worth reading?
Parts of it are very good stories, but the style isn’t ideal
did you read your health insurance policy?
I’m Canadian
right, lucky. What’s some other boring piece of reading?
[Moctezuma scratches his head like a confused monkey for a moment and then looks up what the fuck a EULA and learns it’s what the kids call an End-User Licencse Aggreement, boring as all fuck]
LOL, what’s better the bible or the latest EULA you’ve read?
the bible by far
I was able to force myself to read that
You’ve never enjoyed an EULA?
Not even the ones that cost you your soul
doggy or cowgirl?
both in the same session
And finally…Blonde, Brunette, Straight Black, or Ginger?
no no, one more, Waze or Google Maps?
What’s Waze?
a gps program
I guess that answers my question
one more, FB or twitter?
FB for fans, Twitter for fellow authors
no no, can’t end with that bullshit, outline or seam of your pants?
Who says I’m wearing pants?
[laughs] why would you? I’m not.
for new readers, where should they start getting to know your writing. Where do you suggest they begin?
There are a few cheap options. You could try one of the early Adventures in #coverthypnotism series. Or Hypnotic Billy 1. But your best bet is to just dive into the Hypnotic Billy series and find your fetish, or start a new one.
Thanks that will do it. That was fun.

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Option B: Get up in there, bury cock up her ass, & fuck her senseless

Get up in there and bury your cock up her ass and fuck her senseless

See the thing about black ass that’s so special is that even though it took skin stretching growth spurts to build the foundation of the black ass, the color of the skin hides most of the veins and stretch marks. The blemishes are there but they aren’t as obvious as on white ass. Also, like the Chinese ass, the dark ass is solid. Once cock is up that tight hole the rest of the ass cheek is rock hard. It doesn’t flap around loosely like some kite on windy beach, it holds its position like one of the young Janissaries outside of Jameh Mosque of Isfahan.

Once inside G-strung’s ass, you fuck hard and your body bangs against hers. Her ass ripples, ever so slightly while your balls smash against her empty cunt lips.

You’ve never had a black ass before. You’ve always had white ass. You’re not a racist. You just haven’t had a chance to get around much. You’ve always been the type to kind of stick to yourself. You went to parties. You had black friends. You knew lots of white girls with black boyfriends and husbands, but you just never dipped your stick in chocolate pussy. You’re not sure how it happened. But here G-strung was ass up and face down looking absolutely scrumptious and you would be a fool not to partake in a little black booty. You could choose her cunt or her ass or take a dip in each. You climbed on top of her and it was nothing like sliding easily onto your wife’s mushy body. This was like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It took effort. It took an oxygen pack to scale this great big black ass. It had to be 4.5 kilometers up into the sky. Once you were up there, you already felt like you had accomplished something. You were raging with confidence. Your life had purpose. Then you found the balls to push your dick into the soft folds of this black chick’s flesh. Your cockhead spread her pink insides open. Her insides slipperily slid onto you until her cunt lips gripped the base of your dick. She used her lips to pitch a tent to protect you from all the ills of life. Deep in that pussy you were safe from the weather, from domestic bullshit, from your asshole boss, from monotony. You were happy in there and considered letting your desire to cum—to shoot seed—overtake you. You were on the verge of finishing inside this cunt, but you suffered a stronger desire to try this bitch’s ass.

You pulled the cock out. Her strong cunt lips held you tight but ultimately acquiesced to your every primal desire. Her asshole was a perfectly symmetrical triskaidecagon. You wondered momentarily of Pythagoras was an ass man. Probably. Anyways, you had your own juicy ass to focus on today. No time to think about geometry. Back on track, you pushed your glistening cockhead into G-strungs stupdendous ass and soft the soft anus flesh pushed back gently like a soft lever, like a flower petal, like a wormhole in one of your outer body experiences. You felt a pit in your gut. That’s the feeling of depravity. Unmistakable.

You were fucking this black hooker up her ass (it’s not pejorative thought, mind you. She was literally black and a hooker) . When you tried anal with your wife it was always awkward and a little hostile. Even in the rare instances when your wife tried hard her ass acted tight and uncooperative like a suburban country club was with minorities. But this black hooker, G-strung, had an ass like a rest stop. Anyone could come and enjoy a little break from the horrors and boredom of day-to-day life. You pushed your cock all the way. You felt her tight ass grip the root of your cock like she had undone her hair and pushed a hairband onto the bottom of your shaft like a cock ring. That was her muscular sphincter. The ring of her anus really gripped the bottom root of your cock, just over the balls. You started slow but at that depth the only thing to do was to add speed to the sodomy. There was nothing stopping you from going balls deep until your nuts were smacking her wet sloppy cunt lips.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

There was no vaginal wall up her ass that your cock head could bang against painfully. Nope. G-strung’s asshole was infinite pleasure. Well, it wasn’t infinite, but the pleasure went deeper than your cock, so from your cock’s perspective it was infinite——holy shit, you were beginning to cum and a new choice broke your train of thought.

Well, stud, looks like you have another hard choice to make, you sodomizer:

Cum outside the bitch

Fake Eyelashes | a poem | #Poem #SmutpunkPoetry #LPRTG


I love this chick with fake eye lashes
big tits, and small little demure nipples
the fake eyelashes tell me something:
that her pussy is shaved
that her throat muscles relax
when speared with dick
that her tits bounce when she sits on cock
that her curls took her hours
while thinking of her clit getting fingered
her ass getting stuffed
her hair being pulled
fake eyelashes tell me
that if i whip it out
she’ll kneel
and eat good


Chick with Fake Eyelashes uses tits to sign for delivery

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My reach has grown over the last couple of years and I’d like to help other writers doing their thing.


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Shall I compare thee to a shot of cum? || #POEM #LPRTG #EARTG Women and cum


Shall I compare thee to a shot of cum?

Shall I compare thee to a shot of cum?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake your darling tits of Milky May
Yet Cum’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot in the eye oh heaven shines
o’ spurts and oft’ your complexion glistens
and every fair viscous globule declines
by chance if your bush is untrimmedit is only in the mouth
in my eternal ogle i growest
so long as i can’t but breathe
i jizz and this gives life to thee
so long this lives, the jizz,
will one day land upon another made-up face



Shall I compare thee to a stream of splooge?


Shall I compare thee to a stream of splooge?
Thou art more lovely and saucy:
Hot juices do cake the edges of the mouth,
And the hair, sticky and too bossy:
Sometime too glossy the eye of a bitch sparkles,
And often is one’s eye turned red;
And every shootee sometime dines
At restaurants where the tip is left saliva’d.
Thy eternal flavor shall not fade never
Nor lose possession of that panspermia thou ownest
Nor shall the trash claim the love we’ve made
When your long live every whore stomachs are full until they groanest.
So long as men leave spitroasting beef jam-packed
Gluttonously bathing in this termination of prized act



i hope you enjoyed these two poems that compare woman and cum
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Ladies, this is how you properly rub balls and shaft while getting fucked from behind #LPRTG #SexTips | Sex Tip #18

Ladies, this is how you properly rub balls and shaft while getting fucked from behind

Sex Tip No. 18 – Proper Ball and Shaft Technique during a Menage

There’s always some new essential info out there. Last year, rimming became commonplace. I try to keep you up to date with the trends. Ladies, this is how you properly rub balls and shaft while getting fucked from behind. Menage is the new missionary for 2018. Be prepared!

Okay, the key thing when you’re bent over and getting fucked from behind is to spread the enjoyment you are receiving. You need to pay that pussy’s pleasure forward.

She isn’t letting her fingers fan out to the perineum enough, but her shaft squeeze to cock suck rhythm is stupendous. While not perfect, there’s a lot to learn from her.

So let your fingers spread out and fan them over the other guys balls. Lightly rasp them against his balls in an upward motion that moves toward the shaft. Be sure to keep the cock in your mouth during this procedure. This is no time to stop sucking dick. Sucking dick is the focus. I’m teaching you the proper background technique. Let your finger walk from his balls to the base of his shaft. Have your hand close around the shaft and squeeze. Then go right back to rasping your fingers against his balls. Start at the bottom of the balls, right near the peniranum or the anus. That’s how you max out his pleasure while his friend massages your g-spot with his cockhead.




Ladies, this is how you properly rub balls and shaft while getting fucked from behind

Ladies, this is how you properly rub balls and shaft while getting fucked from behind