Christmas Until Kwanzaa Special


See some of the photos that were taken in the Making of the Cover to Shrinkage

Can this Smutpunk Ass rule the galaxy?
We enjoyed the making of the cover as much as writing and editing Shrinkage

Enjoy the following links to great images, writing, fiction, poetry, and even a fucking Sijo. How many erotica writers out there are writing Sijo? If you are, join me.

Lava Lamp Dildo (because TuMBLr is DeAd as a fucking doornail)

Proper BJ Technique Poem (because technique should never be underestimated)

sychedelic Porn (because…well, just cuz!)

The Golden Blowjob (guest post by Lady Ristretto)
Photo of Wife’s Big Tits (#BigTits #MerryTitsmas)
Potential Poster Child for SMUTPUNK (somebody has to be it)
Plug for Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired
A Smutpunk Sijo

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There are Christmas Deals and then there are xxxmASS deals!

This one is the latter. “Ass deal!” So spread em and see what Smutpunk means when it bellows Ho Ho Ho!


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***Cum Guzzling Asian chick sold separately
***Orgasmic Male Cunnilingus Expert Not Included

Two new exciting things are going on this month:

one, there are new additions to the Smutpunk Subscription

Get involved During the Discount! FIRST MONTH FREE! You will get EVERY Moctezuma Johnson and Emme Hor book free! That’s right! Every book free! Mailed to you one per month until, well, forever!

two, Attack of the North Korean Giantesses has been a smashing success, even gaining critical acclaim for its inner knowledge of the Korean Peninsula and its trope reversals

Have you heard of the USS Enterthighs?

It’s the craft flown by the Five Hive when taking on extraterrestrial villains. This is a vague idea of what it may look like inside the instersellar vessel. There’s a hot, weightlessness sex scene in Attack of the North Korea Giantesses (read sample).

More Christmas Specials – Use ‘Jynx50’ for 50% off Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired

Read Attack of the North Korean Giantesses

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