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Post by Scarlett Knight

When you find yourself getting into a rut with mediocre sex, don’t feel bad. All is not lost. You see, good sex is in the mind as much as it is in the body. When asked about the best sex they’ve ever had, a lot of people automatically recall who it was, what position they were in, what toy they used, etc. And all that does play a part, but those traits are all physical. When you really start to think about it, however, that kind of memorable, mind-blowing sex often has a psychological side to it.

When I look back on the most sizzling erotic times of my life, almost always, the foreplay begins long before reaching the bedroom. It started as a furtive kiss in an elevator as the box went up two floors, the kiss deepening to a frantic level just before the ding signaled the opening of the doors and we broke apart. It started as a moment we took, dashing away from peering eyes at a party to have a quick lifting of the shirt and a “we shouldn’t be doing this but oh, it feels so good” suckle on a nipple underneath the low branches of a tree as the sun was going down. It started as parking at an empty church lot to unzip out pants and have a taste of things to come, all while carefully watching for any cars or pedestrians that might catch us.

The reason why starting your foreplay outside of the bedroom works is because it’s human nature: any time you do things you’re “not supposed to be doing” it adds an extra element of excitement to the mix. I don’t care how long you’ve known one another. Doing this will spice up any relationship and make the sex so much hotter when you get back home. Once you are back in the confines of a more private spot, be it home, hotel, or otherwise, the desire will be ratcheted up so high, you’ll barely be able to contain yourselves. And trust me: that climax will be good.

But let’s say you’re stuck at home for whatever reason and you still want to add a little excitement to the routine. My advice for that common scenario is to be a total tease.

I don’t mean to be a tease in the sense that you taunt your lover yet don’t deliver the goods. But instead of going through the rote motions of undressing, getting into bed, and assuming the position, make your lover wonder. And wait for it.

It’s our inclination to go straight for the erogenous zones, zoom in on the spots we want to stimulate, and work them to death. But if you tantalize the areas around them, it adds a level of mystery to the act and heightens your partner’s pleasure through the roof. Next time you lean in to suckle on a nipple, instead plant light kisses around it. On the flesh above it. Below it. Beside it. Lick the area. Stimulate anything except for the actual nipple itself, and make your lover beg for the contact. Adding the simple yet effective element “when?” can prevent having to break out the lube because if you do it long enough, your partner will get wet.

Finally, I feel like I have to put in a plug (no pun intended) for the hard-working erotica writers out there like the illustrious Smutpunk King himself, Moctezuma Johnson. Erotica writers’ sole goal is to turn readers on, so when you need an extra kick in the pants to get your sex life revved up, find a naughty story to your liking (trust me—no matter what your tastes, there is an author out there who has a story for you). Read it. Let it infiltrate your mind and supercharge your libido. And then go to town. And the best thing about it? No partner is required! Some of the best sex that I’ve ever had includes the solo sessions inspired by good quality erotica stories.

So in short, start your sexual escapades before the bedroom, tease once you get there, and invest in some quality smut. These three tips will breathe life back into your sex life. Don’t trust me? See for yourself!





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MFF Poem: “Tits Like Bananas”

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Avalanche Cum

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Poem to Pig Whore


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