Genius Foreskin


it really is smart
like those flowers
on graves
with chocolate and mezcal
limes neatly cut
chocolate sourcempazuchitl
not a granule of sugar
rolled into brown
little balls
like rabbit shit
like those flowers
that look like neurons
serotonin and norephinephrine
like my foreskin
when my cock is at rest
those rare times
when the marigolds
are in full bloom
when the cum-factory
is on a hiatus
when the sperm
aren’t fighting
but lounging
in hammocks
sombreros slung over brown faces
my foreskin looks
like brains and marigolds
until it stretches
and reinvigorates
back to work

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Is it derogatory to call a woman (or a man) a pig?

If the person is dirty and smells homeless then probably. If it’s a method of fat shaming then probably yes. But if it’s a term of affection, a term used to elicit the sublime animal nature of our desire, then no. Pig is not derogatory. Get naked and play with me and let me call you pig and see for yourself.

Do you like to be called Pig?
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Pig #57

The Biography of Pig No. 57
The Biography of Pig No. 57

Pig No. 57 has big ass and hips. I met her at a bar sipping a martini. I could see her cleavage from her low cut blouse. This type of chick was rare in Korea. I quickly made her into a cum pig. She sucked and ate cum. She loves cum on her tits. She loves big cock in her. She likes white cock, she likes brown cock, she likes Asian cock, too, as long as it isn’t tiny. She became a slut and donned the pig mask with pride. She is Pig No. 57. Stamped and approved by Doctor Smutpunk.

The Biography of Pig No. 57

Fucking Her Face for Fear of Failure

he held her ankles

while she faced away from him

and rode him reverse cowgirl

taking his big brown dick

in her pink asshole

there was a line from her nose

to her chin

that passed her mouth

where dick stuffed her

only her two front teeth

were visible

as he fucked her face

for fear of failure

Drunk Wife

She was drunk in her heels



the chain clinking

her sheer top showing her nipples

her pussy wet

and her mouth slurring words

slut slut slut

she kept repeating after him

when he fucked her hard from behind

he had his hand on the small of her back

her ripe ass took dick

spread open




every minute

of dick

every minute

of cumming

his cream painted slut on her

he stood up

he dropped down her

as he sat and grabbed a beer

her husband fucked her

har from behind

sje bounces up and down

wjile hubby begged her to slow down

he watched the bull’s cum drip

down his wife’s ass