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According to Lord Smutpunk, this is what Callie would have wanted in her writing eulogy

Today is a sad day for me personally in terms of my writing and the struggle posed by trying to be an erotica writer. I had formed a bit of a niche with Callie Press, a talented writer who would come and go, appear on the radar like an Airbus for a few months and then fade off into the sunset like a topless cowgirl with her hat tilted just so and her fiery red mane billowing in the wind. Unfortunately, I have noticed a bunch of my reviews missing in the last few days and, upon closer inspection, I see that those missing reviews are Callie’s. It’s not a fact, but I have come to accept that Callie is gone. Maybe she’ll pop back up in a year like nothing has happened, but in the meantime it is one more comrade who has taken to an early erotic-literary-grave. It’s sad that so many people have called it quits in recent day.

What’s next for Literary Erotica? For Smutpunk?

grim-reaper-on-mechanic-horseI was joking with Shelby a few days ago that we will succeed in this writing game simply by outlasting everyone else. Writers seem to be dropping off like flies into halogen bulbs. I wonder why this is. Maybe they had unrealistic expectations of glory and fame. For me, I enjoy working on my craft whether I’m selling one book a month or five a day. I really don’t care that much. Of course, I’d love to have a mansion in San Francisco like Danielle Steele, but I don’t mind eking out a living for myself and my kids in a soul-crushing day job while secretly donning the King Smutpunk cape at odd hours of the wee morning and middle of the night to cut smutpunk into virtual stone. It is what it is. Sometimes I work really hard writing for no reward. Other times I’m a lazy shit who hasn’t written a fucking word all week and for some reason people are buying my books. I’m lucky to have some loyal fans who I adore. I’ve met some very interesting people through my smutpunk writing, so I doubt I’ll be dropping off the map. I think it’s a slow, steady slog for me. Who knows?

How to protect yourself?

Try to surround yourself with decent people. Don’t fall for the hype. There are some snakes out there (see Sarchasmo V. Whiteprick for an insider’s take on this). Beware of snakes! Keep them at arm’s length. Set reasonable goals. I often think to myself, if I was only 100 times more popular I could be a full-time writer. Well, becoming 100 times more popular is a lot like hitting a 7 run home run to win a baseball game. It’s not that it’s impossible, it’s that it can’t be done in one stroke. It takes years of hard work honing craft, publishing, having small setbacks, small successes, and then perhaps a surge is possible, but nobody starts with a surge. What fun is that? That’s like cumming before sex. Not fun at all. In fact, I think there’s medicine for that.

All in all, if we set realistic goals and find some supportive people, like the folks on #SmutStreet on twitter and the luvies at SmutStreet Von Bitchensteins, then you should be able to tolerate the heartbreak and loneliness that comes with being a writer. I hope you do. I’m openly looking for new comrades.

‘Nuff Said!





11 comments on “Don’t look now but they’re dropping off like flies. Could you be next? | #LPRTG

    • I know! It’s a goddamn shame! I feel like I lost my best friend. She was so fun for me to interact with and always got me to write more and think deeper. Damn.

      There will be hell yo pay for this loss.

  1. I will be your comrade 🙂 As someone who has “given up on writing forever” several times in my adult life, only to come back time and time again, I have finally realized that it what I love. It can be frustrating as hell at times, but overall, the fame part is a game of persistence. The ones who last and finally reach whatever level of success they truly desire will do so because of a combination of tenacity and, like you said, a love for the craft. It also helps to have supportive writers who encourage us. Shelby is definitely one of my biggest sources of encouragement these last couple of years and sources of inspiration!

    • Hey, there Scarlett! Thank you for your lovely comment. You’ve articulate a lot of what I’m going through right now. It seems to be a common story and I agree Shelby is very supportive. I used to feel as Groucho Marx said, “I don’t want to be a member of any group that would have me for a member” but now I’m changing my tune as I’ve met some remarkable people and strive to be a source of inspiration for others (even though I’m a bit of a shady character. The anti-hero, if you will).

      You can be my comrade any day. I’m always around if you need anything, especially promotion. Just tap me on the shoulder.

  2. I’ve lost some reviews as well in the last week or so. Might be Callie’s, might be Joe Blow’s, who knows? The Zon is hammering us in the rear for stupid reasons. Is she not answering emails? Maybe she’s in her writing cave. Hopefully, she will appear soon.
    I’ve thought about quitting myself but then how else would my mind get any rest? I love my fans too much, along with the other writers who are twisted just like me. Now bend over while I grab the coconut oil and a 12-inch glitter dong.

  3. Along with loving the craft, this is the best part of writing to me. It’s the real friends you make like you two, the ones who take the journey with you and catch you when you stumble over the inevitable rough spots on the road. I’m grateful every day for your friendship and talent.

  4. Perseverance is the key to success, MJ. I, too, have noticed many erotica writers who are no longer around who started out when I did as well. For me, writing ✍️ is too important a part of my life to give up even if there are times when I am too busy with my day job to write. I push myself to remember that life is long and I cannot do everything at once. Hugs, Bella

    • I need to take a page from you. I have NO patience. I think being a university professor for a decade took my patience. I doubt I’ll ever get it back. I have to push myself just like you do and just wait it out because I agree that writing is an important part of my life (as is reading). I’m incredibly outspoken on some things but in truth I’m an introvert who prefers to solve his problems alone. Without reading and writing in my life, I feel like there are too many of other people’s voices in my head and not enough of that inner voice. That inner voice is the only one I truly trust! I feel like when I talk to other writers I admire it’s my inner voice talking to their inner voice and that synergy is really special.

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