Cum on the Shoulder, the ultimate humiliationi

she was leaning forward on the couch, with cum on her left shoulder blade

She told me once that cum on her was humiliating

Now, seeing her stained and seeing her process that she has been humiliated now has deeply touched me. My cock rises like the Tower of Babel and her gardens of Babylon hang deliciously

How do you feel?

Like a despicable whore, she says

7 Things that Cause a Nuclear Meltdown #TriangulumStain #LPRTG


This is a smutpunk style excerpt from Attack of the North Korean Giantesses (part of the Triangulum Stain Universe).

I will email later offering a chance to beta read some ARCs. However, feel free to tell me know that you’d like to see what I have so far. I’d love to share and get your thoughts.

Rumor has it that North Korean women are some of the sexiest women in the world.
FUN FACT: According to the Asian Sex Gazette, the North Korean man is the best in the world at giving cunnilingus.

Triangulum Stain Episodes:

Episode One – Pop & Lollie

Episode Two – Attack of the North Korean Giantesses


Triangulum Stain Novellas

Attack of the Replicating Alien Dildos

Battle for Alien Relish


The Partial Meltdown

The same way god built an onion in layers, the North Koreans built this nuclear reactor in layers. The layers were built as a fail safe in the event of a meltdown, but nobody expected this magnitude of human error. To have a disaster, seven errors would have to take place simultaneously. Seven areas of the protective onion shield would have to be left open. In other words, seven rare events would have to simultaneously occur. Otherwise the place was tip top.

Nuclear Meltdown


Kim Min Ho was supposed to make sure the outer shell was locked, but he was out back going for a smoke when he passed out from low sugar. He hadn’t been eating well and was experiencing bouts of colorful dots dancing in front of his eyes. This bout formed an electric eye that closed leaving him face down in the mud.



Park Jung Woo was supposed to close his section but he had written a suicide pact with his childhood friend and was planning to melt the earth. Intentionally.



Han Ji Min left his section open because Byeong Yeon, who had left his section like a gaped open asshole, was kneeling there giving him a blowjob. The complex was built in a way that leaving the section open let them both hide from the security camera so nobody would know of their homosexuality. This was the problem with years of Confucianism. Although homosexuality ran rampant, especially in the cold lonely military, it wasn’t at all accepted publicly. “I’d prefer a nuclear meltdown,” reasoned Byeong Yeon in typical staunch North Korean homophobia, “to being outed as a faggot.”



Yeong Seok Ho forgot to water the fuel rods. This was an unacceptable schoolboy error. Nuclear maintenance 101 was to feed the fuel rods their drink and keep them cool. Everybody knew that once a nuclear reactor got to hot it started to melt.



Seok Soo Jung didn’t realize the steel containment vessel had melted. It sounded an alarm, but he was listening to South Korea’s Girls Generation at Full Volume. In fact, he watched the video on his smartphone and jerked off to their shimmying childish sex appeal. That made him sleepy. The haze and the loud music made him oblivious to the alarm.



Jung Yeong Jin just didn’t monitor the radiation levels. Not everybody is so good at his job. Yeong Jin was one of those guys that should be relegated to a desk job nobody cared about without the stakes of all of humanity resting on his weak shoulders.



The reactor had very few women in the inner sanctum, another clear tactical error put in place robotically by the North Korean brass. Misogyny had real world consequences. It was similar to how American football teams relegated women media members only to the sidelines that women in North Korean nuclear power plants weren’t given positions of responsibility and security. The outside part of the reactor had many women working as secretaries. The inside was manned by men. The outside was manned by women. Quizzical. Korean culture favored men greatly. So when the radiation leaked out. The men were turned quickly into glowing green homosexual jelly and died instantaneously. It was only women wishing the first kilometer of the radiation and these women were smart enough and focused enough to act quick. Jong Eun used an emergency code to sound the sirens, red lights swirled up on high walls and a final seal was created around the plant to avoid a full meltdown. However, Jong Eun and her seven cohorts were zapped with heavy doses of radiation. Enough to kill them ten times over.

However, the women manning the desks didn’t die.

The secretaries walked out the doors to the train station. On the platform, they peacefully waited for the train.




“I’d prefer a nuclear meltdown,” reasoned Byeong Yeon with typical staunch North Korean homophobia, to being outed as a faggot.”


This is an Indonesia Police Officer. I’m trying to find a good photos of a hot North Korean military officer. Their outfits are awesome but hard to find on the internet.

Found some:

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Soldier

(091001) — BEIJING, Oct. 1, 2009 (Xinhua) — Militiawomen attending the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, rehearse on the Tian’anmen Square in central Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 1, 2009. (Xinhua/Zhang Yanhui) (lyi)



Bullshit Bullpen No. 12 – Big Heavy Balls Ready to Drop Bombs #LPRTG #SMUTPUNK


Bullshit Bulletin Number 12



Bullshit Bullpen

This holiday time of year is crazy at my work, so I often lose touch with writing life. I hope it hasn’t been way too long since I’ve written a bullshit bullpen bulletin. We believe this is #11, no #12, but I won’t bet my life on that. If the count is wrong, fuck it. It’s not like I’m dealing drugs. I don’t have to be any more accurate than an American Politician at the microphone. Some exciting things have come into focus since the last bullpen edition. We have a fully functioning SmutStreet Luvies Street Team, which is incredibly exciting (named by the genius genevieve green whose genius is only surpassed by her gorgeous body). We also have a Smutpunk Erotica Collab out and I’m part of Miss-Taken Identities, an anthology that has a little fun with the cracks in gender identity. Miss-Taken also features Reed (James), Sally (Bend), Kella (Driehl), Lyka (Bloom),  Kylie (Gable),‎ Claudia (Acosta),‎ and Mindi (Harris).cum-on-tits

Check out the Smutpunk Erotica Collab! It features stories from a variety of authors. See more below. Speaking of anthologies, check out the new one focused on gender-bending:

Miss-Taken Identities edited by the amazing transgender authority Sally Bend is out to great acclaim.

The anthology contains a star-studded lineup and then me.

I don’t know how I finagled my brown way into this book, but there I am am big Latino dick and construction crew going awry. 

It’s pretty damn hot and I’m glad I’m in. 

See for yourself as I take a step into the wonderful world of gender-bending (without the futanari aspects I usually throw in).

There are amazing stories from Reed James, Kella Z. Driehl, etc etc etc. 

Sex Tip – Pooning

Sex Tip – Cum Snorting

Plug for Emme’s Book:

“I’m going for a skate, honey. Yes, past my ex-boyfriend’s bank. Yep, in this short short skirt with no underwear on. Get ready to clean me up when I’m back.”

Smutpunk on Skates, an #AsianErotica #Cuckold Tale


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‘Nuff said, said San Esperma di Desgracia


Bullshit Bullpen No. 12

I’d like to start things off with a silly little rhymed poem:


Pirate’s Booty Verse

This Treasure Hunt unearthed a Chick Tied to the Booty

Buck naked, so I entered her Cunt

Clearly I wasn’t First to Grab this Cum-Drippy Cutey

Loose From the Action Up Front

this one got Bukkaked Good

a Cum Beret like a Goo Mop Trade Would


Still, the Skank had A Phat Asian Ass

As I fucked her she spoke real crass

She said the Blacks say Booty

Asian PAAGs say Whooty

I say they can all choke on Nerve Gas!




According to sophisticated Internet Searches and Reddit Forums,
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Six Smutpunk Stories in one Awesome SMUTPUNK COLLABORATION (an anthology)!

by six bestselling authors. This 38,000-word anthology features Agent Joystick by Bella Shadows, Futanari Roomate Situation by Kella Z. Driel, Driving Stick by Roxy Katt, Dino-Sore by Moctezuma Johnson, and The Return of Roo by Lucian Carter.

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What is smutpunk? Think cyberpunk, add a dollop of spunk, a bit of punk, and a squirt of love potion sixty-nine—and you get the idea! It’s filthy, no-holds barred, all-out erotic wrestling contest—and you’ve got front-row seats:

Feast on the following free sexy beasts:

Agent Joystick by Bella Shadows: An old man laments his initiation as a government assassin, a protein-stealing lady-mech does her nasty deeds, and History is to thank for it all. Agent Joystick details his sextale, from baited hook to sinker.

(Not Quite) Milked by the Yeti by Callie Press: Brendalee Elkins finds that some nekkid pictures of her hawt body have been leakin’ all over the internets. She come right to get them and restore her honor but a Yeti gets in her way.

Futanari Roommate Situation by Kella Z. Driel: Alistair is your typical, diffident British chap, studying at Neo-Tokyo University. Uh-oh! He’s been assigned a futanari roommate! She’s gorgeous, throbbing and keeps undressing in front of him! How long can he keep a stiff upper lip?

The Return of Roo by Lucian Carter: You don’t really belong here. This is a dangerous place. A scary place. Predators lurk here, eager for new prey. This… is #coverthypnotism! Witness the cyber trances of HypnoDom Lucian Carter, and feed your fetish, or find a new one.

Dino-sore by Moctezuma Johnson: Miss Park is a Korean scientist trapped as a housewife until she braves flying to a small island in Latin America where she unearths something big, warm, and throbbing. Magic on the island is making everything bigger. Will she be able to handle it?

Driving Stick by Roxy Katt: In a diesel punk world, one sedate housewife inexplicably grows male genitals. What does she do? Squeeze into a shiny, black rubber uniform and become a chauffeuse of course. But sometimes those without the gear shift do the driving.

What are you waiting for? IT’S FREE SMUT! cum-on-tits Everybody loves to get free smut.


Look for Andrew Liebling in MJ’s next piece. Will he be a North Korean spy doctor checking new female recruits to see if they’re virgins. Will he be Dr. Engle’s assistant cooking up magic FUTA potions? Stay tuned and find out how he gets in the mix.


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Hello, Dali by Dave


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SMUTPUNK eats pussy all night. And sometimes in the morning.


Tudung & Titties the Big Malay Tits & Ass #TittyTuesday Show #AsianErotica

Tudung & Titties the Big Malay Tits & Ass #TittyTuesday Show #AsianErotica1
images (3) p164647823

Nothing like Phat Booty

there’s nothing like phat booty
and big tits
whether white, dominican, or malay

there’s nothing like phat booty
and long legs
with thick lips that suck cock

there’s nothing like phat booty
rjotna7du9ltizicmg0u thick-middle-eastern-girls-16

with the fucking hijab on
i bent the slattern bitch
cock to tip of anus
Fuck my ass, MJ, please

she purred in her language
hard as an English speaker
learning Arabic
I did her deep in the alphabet

until she yelled, Aleph Aleph Aleph
as her husband bust in on us

Read Malay Erotica #AsianErotica written by Smutpunk Wife Emme Hortumblr_mrrfqqLTiX1sd3nlpo4_500

Tudung & Titties (and maybe some thick, juicy booty)


Read all about some Malaysian girls and a hot, alpha male in SMUTPUNK on SKATES

tumblr_nyz0xj1kg41uxakdgo1_1280 6ac56b1d04d0ec951792c1a50bbec96e big-ass-arab-hijab-sex-muslim-girls

you’re just…

you’re just a rectum to destroy
i don’t even know your real name
you’re just a rectum to destroy
i don’t even know if you’re married or not
you’re just a rectum to destroy
not even sure what you were doing on line when we met
you’re just a rectum to destroy

images (2)


fucked her ass

i had her wait for me
head in the toilet
tudung soaking wet
dildo deep up her ass
massive purple
twice the size
of my big cock
i pushed it in
watched her tits
go crooked
flipped her ass up
into the air
fucked her asspulled out of her gaped hole
as she looked up at me
glasses floated
in the toilet
I sprayed all over head scarf

tumblr_nj9iihPoFF1r2jqw1o1_500 tumblr_nle77jWTjx1tgsc7uo2_500 Shhhh, she says
as I suck on her nipples
she jerks me off
while her husband
is in the other room
working tumblr_nty85gNuzF1ucysuao1_540

So Desperately Cum Hungry Her Tongue Turned to Polka Dots

Cum hungry tongue so desperate
it has turned pink and purple polka dots
sucking smutpunk
right out the universe again
to replenish herserlf
like a modern Butterface
a Nyarlathotep of Seduction
Swirling her Cunt around Dick
Idiot head numb from facefucking
so much her jaw hurts and her mind’s blank
she tries to lick her own asshole
to satisfy the itch




A rectum to destroy | #Anal #Sex #Poem by Moctezuma Johnson


yours, an ass
your asshole, an ass
an asshole
a rectum
to destroy
there you have ass
in front of polka dots
in pink and purple
there you have ass
to stretch
you rectum
to destroy
there you have polka dots
in pink and
there you have ass
to stretch open
and claim asshole
purple rectum stretch
you are the stretch
you anal fucking pig
your membranes
your cells
your atoms
stretch to accomadate
all that dick
I give you
up your ass
as your hair cascades romatically
down into my face


Getting ready for work | Poem by Moctezuma Johnson | #Smutpunk #LPRTG



this poem is a little emotional history of getting ready to go to work at the bar in the nighttime

Getting ready for work

in my apartment
she didn’t even take her clear heels off
in that little area where the shoes and whores go
she kneeled
i dangled cock at her
she sucked
and sucked good.
i spurted eight creamy loads
zipped up and
walked out
said goodnight
walked off to work


Shayna from the Five Hive (FB-appropriate Images) #LPRTG #smutpunk4lyf



Shayna is the Black FFF. Her specialty is knives. She wears black heavy armor with her tits out and a tattoo of the number 45 in between big DDs with small nipples and tape over her left nipple in an x. Her arms and legs are totally encased in heavy armor. A helmet hides much of her pretty face. Her left eye looks through a viewfinder which displays heat maps and other overlays on command. It also links Shayna to Cybernetic System that syncs to her body and gives her faster reflexes and increases her neural capacity so she “sees” more. A cigarette is at all times dangling from her luscious lips. Some say the cigarette contains poison darts. Others say the butt is a grenade.

She’s been to Planet M69 in the Pinwheel Formation (aka Alien Relish).


Helmswoman USS Enterthighs
WiB Academy Training
Sharpshooter with Gatling Energy Pistol


Tactical Cyborg Viewfinder – Viewfinder is fused to her body sending electrical currents into her nerve stream and vice versa. She can ‘see’ more than a regular human being. This is a major asset in battle and when flying at warp speeds.
Gatling Energy Pistol – An Molecular Energy Gun
Armor Suit – Full Body Armor with Cybergenic Molecular Energy Arm Guns and Tactical Pockets


 <tap on your shoulder, dear reader>

Excuse me. Please step into our secure debriefing facility for a moment as we think you may have been exposed to a toxic gamma ray from…


Meet another member of the Fuck Force Five:

Meet Tabitha (the blonde)

Meet Tabitha (the blonde)