Nothing some antibiotics can’t cure | a night gone awry (a smutpunk memoir)


Nothing some antibiotics can’t cure

By Moctezuma Johnson


Another true story of cops, sluts, and smutpunk disguised as fiction to protect the innocent (and not simply innocent). Consider it a smutpunk memoir!


The cop pushed me into the backseat of the little squad car. It was a Korean brand, a Tico or some other thing that could barely roll over a large piece of gum on the pavement. “When I get back there, there should be fifty pesos sitting on the seat of my police car,” said the cop slowly in pretty clear English, tinged with that cute Filipino effeminate accent. He was a big dude, kind of a teddy bear. He leaned in behind me. My heart went up a tick. He uncuffed me. Then closed the door to the car. I was alone in the cop car while he and his partner sauntered over to speak to the girls of the whorehouse. I was there a moment ago, choosing which girls I wanted to play with all night. They were young and fairly pretty. Some had great little bodies, others were thick, some looked Japanese, others more European. They each had something primal and bubbling with 3rd-world sensuality. 

The static-filled walkie-talkie mounted to the dashboard chirped something in Tagalog.

What the hell was this? Was I really being busted for soliciting two prostitutes, or was this just an old-fashioned shake down? Being drunk wasn’t helping me get to the bottom of this predicament. Damn that Mongolian girl! If she would have just fucked me like I was expecting then I would be fast asleep with my cock resting between her fine golden ass cheeks snug as Genghis Khan tucked under his shield. What would make matters worse is that she would end up knocking on my door early in the morning, but that wasn’t the point right now. We will get to that later. Right now, it was late at night, or actually early in the morning, and I was in a police car trying to avoid arrest. As I thought that, my brain didn’t cooperate and started playing an old Mexican Reggaeton called La Madrugada in my head. I looked out the window. The two cops were flirting with the twins I had hired for the night. The chicks were pretty fine. Both had incredibly large breasts for any skinny pinay chick. I could make good use of either of them. As a tag team they’d be perfect. Extortion or not, it was time to pay up and enjoy the prizes.

I fished through my pockets. Lucky I was carrying enough to pay the bar fine for two whores so I put fifty pesos down on the ripped pleather cushion and waited for the cops to stop flirting.

The one in the cap, looking a bit like a Pinoy doppelganger of Ponch from Chips, winked at me and meandered to the cop car. He opened the door and peeked in. “We all set?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“Treat them right. They’re just girls,” he said and slapped me on my ass.

His partner got in the car and the cop car pulled away slowly, barely getting over the crackling detritus on the asphalt.

“You ready, Gwapo?” asked the older of the twins as she wrapped her arm loyally around mine. I felt her breast push against me and I started getting hard

I flagged a taxi. “Of course!”

The taxi ride was awkward. I wanted to have them both sucking me off, but I was a bit gun shy after the run-in with the cops. I had both of my arms around them. They were now dressed in jeans and t-shirts, the club had them in thigh high black boots, tiny short skirts, and tank tops. I liked them better the slutty way. One rubbed my thigh, the other rubbed my chest.

My phone buzzed. I checked the text. It was from the Mongolian girl from the plane who was staying in the same motel.

Sorry about before. I am just not ready. I do like you. Good night. 


Two girls at once was always a pleasure I couldn’t deny, but sisters, one licking the other’s pussy while I fucked her from behind was really a treat until the smell hit me. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t know how I didn’t smell it as soon as her drawers came off. Anyway, we all smelled it and it was rancid. I’ve smelled rotten eggs that smelled better. If a spoiled Durian fucked a month old sunbathing Mackerel, the offspring would smell better.  “Is that you, sis?” The one on her back getting her slit licked covered her nose and scrunched up her face. I stopped fucking her. Her shaking tits came to a stop. “What the fuck?” I knew that smell. That’s the smell of gonorrhea. The foul smelling chick ran into the bathroom. I looked down at my cock. It looked healthy and was hard as a rock. I should have showered that smell off of me right then and there, but there was a silky slippery cunt winking at me. I plunged my dick into the older sister. Her big tits shook up and down again. I fucked with fury. She moaned and pulled me toward her. I lost my balance and fell on top of her while fucking her. I was going to pull out of her until I fell right while I was beginning to climax. Instead, I shot my load inside her, pumping each cumshot deep into her raw pussy. 

“Really?” she asked. Realizing what I had done. 

“Come on, you owe me after that smell.”

She laughed. “You’re fucking terrible,” she said. She slapped my hard cock as she got up. “I’m going to check on my sister and shower.”

I grabbed the phone from the nightstand. The Mongolian chick had sent me a message:

I can’t sleep. I don’t like this motel. It’s dingy. I don’t feel safe. Can you come sleep next to me?

My fingers fumbled to text her back:

I’m already in bed. Tomorrow.

I was about to press send but started dozing off as the sun streaked into the room. I was too damn lazy to get up and close the hotel curtains. At least I had finally jizzed. The night was a little overstimulating. I had already spent a previous night in a foreign jail in my life and wasn’t planning on repeating that, even though I would in the future (but that’s another story). I dozed off, phone slipping from my hand.



I woke to a soft rapping on my door. It sounded like the unmistakable sound of long manicured fingernails. What the fuck? I heard the shower. At least one of the twins was in the shower. Maybe the smelly one went to the store for some antibiotics or something and was back. 

I got up and rubbed my eyes. Shit, I could already feel the fucking hangover. I stood and had to balance myself with my hand on the wall. I got to the door and opened slowly. I was always cautious a jealous boyfriend could be on the other side of the door. It was no jealous boyfriend. It was the gorgeous Mongolian girl from yesterday’s plane ride into the country.

“I’m sorry to wake you, but I am leaving and wanted to say goodbye before I left,” she said through glittery red lips. They looked so moist, like her lips were made of strawberry skin.

I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. Last I saw this crazy chick, she didn’t want to spend the night but here she was at my door at the crack of dawn.

“Come in,” I said.

She sat on the edge of the bed. I sat next to her. “You look tired.”

“I’m hungover. What time do you leave?” Last night we sat in the exact same position. When I grabbed her tits she suddenly got up and left. That fiasco led to me on the street searching for something to appease me, which led to me finding the twins, bumping into the cops, getting arrested, bribing them, and fucking a twin with an STD and cumming in the other. I shook my head. Shit, the twins! They were in the bathroom. I didn’t even hear the water anymore. Oh boy!

“Do you even remember my name?” the Mongolian chick asked.

“Naran,” I answered.

She smiled like a teacher surprised by an amazingly spot-on answer from a dunce student.

Naran lifted her shirt and her magnificently pert tits plopped out like gorgeous glimmering rays of sunlight. I took one in my hand and leaned over and kissed her softly. It was one of those special kisses, where you know you’re at the foot of a powerful waterfall of something powerful and mysterious. Her strawberry lips were delicious and my tongue explored her mouth. She moaned softly as I kissed her. I flicked her nipple and felt it come out hard and anxious.

“I’m ready.” She said, “Come in me.”

I turned and pulled her jeans off. She had a tattoo of an anchor with a rope twisting around it making it look kind of like a DNA double helix. The tattoo was right smack in the middle of her ass cheeks. Her ass cheeks were so round and pale that I kind of forgot she was an Asian chick. It was like those two ass cheeks told the mixed up history of conquest and domination of the Mongolian Khans, The Russian Tzars, and the Chinese Dynasties. It had the thick blend of the Russian, the firmness of the Chinese, and the smooth glow of the Mongolian.  I almost started to respect her for a minute and then I pulled her black thong to the side and sunk my cock into her sopping wet Mongolian cunt and remembered she was just another desperate slut. If our two planes hadn’t both landed for a layover in Hong Kong on our way to Manila we would never have met, but as it was, we were here in my hotel room and my cock, still never cleaned of whatever STDs that dirty chick was harboring was now in its third cunt of the calendar morning.

I looked the young lady in her dilating eyes, covered with light brown contact lenses, unless those were her real eyes, and said, “do you wanna get fucked like a slut?”

She gave me puppy eyes and nodded yes. I grabbed her and stood up and threw her onto my dick and fucked her hard while biting into her neck which smelled of the mexican detergent of my childhood. We used to wash the laundry with a big bar soap that smelled as confident and tranquil as it did fresh and clean. I kissed her ravenously, sucking in her tongue and her esophagus as my cock hit the jackpot in her cervix. Ding ding ding, her pussy shot out gold coins. It was pure magic. Then the bathroom door opened and the twins came out dressed for the day and families or jobs or whatever they did.

The twins could barely care that I was balls deep in this mongolian chick but Naran wasn’t as cool. She punched my chest and kind of fell off of me nearly breaking my hard dick in two. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You are fucking me while you had prostitutes in the bathroom?” She shrieked for punctuation.

“Naran, I’m sorry. I forgot they were there!” I said, holding my cock, checking to see if it was broken in two.

She pulled her thong back over her gushy cunt and pulled up her jeans. She wiped her neck where I had been biting her and grabbed her purse. “I knew you were trouble last night,” she screamed at me. “Why was I so stupid to come back up here this morning. You’re sick!”

The twins stared at me, one held her hand out. Money, she mouthed when I looked in her direction.

Naran walked to the door. “I’m glad I’m leaving.” She turned to face me.

I had my head down in my wallet and realized I was short the money for the girls. I forgot to account for the money lost from the cops extorting me. I looked into Naran’s angry face and held my hands up. “Don’t go?”

Naran looked at me open to the idea that I could possibly say something to change her mind and make her like me and even let me lay her down and finish fucking her. I said, “Well, actually, err, do you have any money on you for the twins before you go?”

She shook her head, growled in disgust loudly, and walked out.


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Poem: BBW Korean

BBW Korean needs dick hard up the speculative ass

BBW Korean needs her abstract hair pulled moot

BBW Korean cornflower needs to be yanked down to her knees

BBW Korean needs my crestfallen hand on her coarse throat when she cums second rate

BBW Korean needs…

…her duck lips turned into dick lips

…her face smushed into my gross balls where she can tongue down and lick my hairy ass

…to lick up my pelt cum from the indecent floor while I stuff her inferior ass

…her own post on my firm website where I can show the slut off to the knotty world

Poem: Karen

wants to be a
blonde big-tittied
slut bimbo

is a
brunette flat-chested

i slap her flat ass
at the bar.
she stands up straight
elbows at her sides
trying desperately to squeeze
cleavage together

“drop to your knees!”
my hope is to
face fuck her
right here
and now

in front of her attorney colleagues.
turns out her partner
licks my ass
as karen
deepthroats my big
brown dick cleverly


Ping Pong Balls Cumshot

poem by Red Pesca


she kneels

black hair pulled away from her face

hands clasped behind her back

yellow-brown skin naked

his thigh pushing against her tit

as he drives cock up into her mouth

his balls dance like ping pong balls

popping out of a lottery machine

to call the winning pick four

i rub my two losers and watch his claim her

as jizz rifles into my wife’s face


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The Cuckold and the Bull

The motherfucking guy

big as a truck

with thick biceps

and big strong hands

grabbed my wife by the hair

fistful of ponytail

he pushed her down onto bulging cock

big motherfucking cock

the kind that hisses when it comes out of pants

as she half-shrieks half-moans

the kind that makes wrinkles form over her brow

when she takes it into her throat

the kind that makes drool leak out the sides of her mouth

when she bobs up and down on it

to pleasure him

while I watch



She’s straddling him

kissing him tenderly

while his cock takes a break

i lick my wife’s asshole

preparing her

for round two




Excerpt: Romance with the Alpha Male Billionaire by Emme Hor @horbooks | #LPRTG



Romance with the Alpha Male Billionaire

Romance on Roller-skates (Humor with Interracial Asian MILF)

That Fucker Part 2

 Copyright © 2016 by Emme Hor



Heather had her hair up in two pigtails dripping with cuteness. She wore sexy sunglasses with a purple tint. Her lips were stained bloody red thanks to the lollipop she was sucking on lewdly. Her white blouse was too small for her. Her tits popped out of it. Her ass cheeks were out every time her short black skirt caught the wind. Her heart panties were the only thing blocking a straight shot at seeing her slit and her asshole. The folds of her pretty ass cheeks, the actual juicy yellow meat, were there for all to see. Her long legs were smooth, tan, and sexy as hell in her white roller skates with pink wheels. She spun around and sucked on her lollipop and skated past the fountains of the KLCC toward As Syakirin Mosque. She would skate by all the devout Muslims, head in their mats, chanting, waving at the Imam as he sang the prayer, she would sing the song of her hot ass and skate down the hot pavement while the smell of rubber trees hung in the air.

Heather was the pure vision of smut. She was smut. Many Malay girls were smut. All that sexual repression led to one thing, sexual obsession.

Heather was together for months now with Charlie the Wok. Ever since she had broken free of That Fucker, her old psycho, alpha male, white Anglo Saxon asshole protestant boyfriend (WASAPB), she was unplugged of him and plugged into Charlie the Wok.

Why did they call him the Wok? He just had this greasy way about him, like he was deep fried. The poor bastard wasn’t even fat. He wasn’t a bean pole either. He was what the Korean ladies called greasy, what the Western women called cheesy.

Heather knew that Charlie loved her. I mean, hell. He’d pulled out a butt plug that another guy stuffed up her ass. He showed this butt-plug altruism before they were even fucking. That’s a nice guy. How many guys have pulled a butt plug out of your ass that he didn’t jam in there himself? Huh? That’s right, none.

Anyway, Heather skated (butt-plug free) toward the beautiful As-Syakirin Mosque. She passed the mosque, her skirt blowing up in the breeze like she were an Asian Marilyn Monroe, oops, that shouldn’t have happened. Didn’t mean to flash you my pink heart panties while roller-skating by, gentleman. Over 11,000 worshipers got a glimpse of hot Asian camel toe when they looked up from their prayers to see what that roller-skate on concrete sound was. A few devout worshippers kept their reverent heads to the ground and missed the glimpse of young pussy. Heather wasn’t interested in the mosque other than to give the pious a little flash. She was really thinking of going to the Citibank Headquarters nearby. That’s where that fucker worked. She wanted to strut, flaunt, and make the asshole miss her tight little bootylicious loveliness.

She skated on down the sidewalk, past the palm trees blowing in the gentle breeze and made her way to the massive skyscraper that was the Citibank Building. She knew that fucker would come out soon for lunch and simply skated back and forth on the wide corporate sidewalk. She was a great skater. She performed. She lifted her leg up and grabbed it to her chest and spun. She did twirls and jumps and waved her hands like she was a swan about to take off. Sure enough people stopped and watched. That fucker came out and she saw him and was filled with joy that she was being ogled lustily by all those office workers while he was powerless to have her. He didn’t show his frustrations, if he had any, he just watched her, the confident bastard that he was. She had to admit, white guys just had something that the Malays didn’t. At least over her. I mean what was she doing here anyway? She completed her spin and then made her way to the residential Damansara Heights district of the city and sat down for some fried rice with little fish on top with her Mama.

Heather’s Mama was an Asian MILF. She was bustier than Heather and equally bootylicious. Heather knew her mother was hot. When they walked down the street together they both got stared at but the Mama got looked at harder, dirtier, with the more lustful eyes. The men that wanted to fuck, looked at the Mama. Maybe it was her huge tits. Maybe it was she just smelled of sex. She literally have off and animalistic musk scent. Everyone noticed and said something. Heather’s dad was long gone and then left this single Asian MILF able to fuck whoever she pleased whenever.

“Leave that fucker alone,” Mama said to Heather. “You have a decent man now. Why can’t you be happy? So he’s a little greasy. So what?”

“I just can’t. I’m in some kind of haze. I want that fucker to know he’s lost me.”

“If you want him to know anything then he hasn’t lost you at all and he’ll know that, won’t he, ah?”

“Charlie is just too nice. I need a little challenge,” Heather admitted.

“Fried rice is greasy and everyone loves it.”

“I don’t want to date rice, Mama.” Heather took a last bite of her fried rice and brought the dish to the sink. “I’ve got to go back to work, Mama.”


For months Heather skated by Citibank Headquarters in sexy outfits and put on show. She didn’t do this every day, but she never missed a week without at least one roller-sexy-flash-panties show. That was her thing.

Charlie knew but thought it best to let this obsession run its course. He knew that his girlfriend had been scarred by that fucker. Hell, he was the guy that pulled the butt plug out of her ass that day and then took her home and made her his. He had been infatuated with her since she joined their office. She was the perfect woman, in his eyes, so he hoped that her hurt would wear off and she would be all his. He knew that she was still in some kind of rebound dance. He wanted the real Heather. Not the ambassador to Heather. He would just have to be patient.

Even though Heather was not totally Charlie’s emotionally, she was his physically and he loved it. Heather was the best he’d ever had in the sack. She was beautiful, tall, and sexy. She was submissive in bed and willing to do anything. The first time they made love he put his cock in her ass. She was the first girl that he’d ever introduced his cock to her ass before her pussy. It was an omen of how open she would be in the bedroom. She was pliable, flexible, and sluttable. It was fantastic!

As the months wore on the sex didn’t decrease much. Each weekend they still made love a lot. They spent all Saturday lying in bed making love. The only breaks were to eat and watch a little TV. On Sunday, Charlie thought it would be best if they got out of the house and little bit.

“Let’s get some exercise,” he said. “The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day in KL again.”

That was his joke. Kuala Lumpur had consistently beautiful weather unless it was Monsoon Season. So his phrase was incredibly obvious and annoying but Charlie thought it was whimsical. Heather rolled her eyes but she did like skating so she was game.

The weather was fucking stupendous. It was sunny and hot but not stifling. The development of the capital was awesome with its tourist-packed monorails, skyscrapers, and towers. Although the modernization was pronounced, KL kept the old Victorian charm of the English imperialists. Yes, there’s charm in imperialism. Yes there is. Opium, gangbangs, pewter, and Victorian homes. That was what the British gave Malaysia.

The rest of this unbelievable city was built by the Chinese. Today, it was shared by Malays, Indians, Chinese, and Westerners. Heather, a Chindian-Malay, was mixed with everything but white, and maybe that’s why she had a thing for big, white dick. To be fair, some of these other races had big dicks, but she gravitated to the cruelty that only a white guy could provide her. Charlie the Wok was white, but didn’t possess that ubiquitous dominance. That Fucker did!

As they skated down a big hill toward KL’s Bukit Bintang downtown, she compared the two men in her head. That fucker wore a crisp white starched shirt. Charlie’s shirt was untucked. That Fucker had his brown hair parted and neat. Charlie’s was shaved close to his scalp, like he was an American GI. That Fucker was always clean shaven. Charlie was shadowed with two or three day old growth at all times. That fucker grabbed her by the hair when she went down on him, Charlie let her swallow his dick at her own pace. That fucker slapped her thick pussy lips and even pulled on them, Charlie nibbled gently on her clit and even tongued her asshole.

God I needed that fucker to pound me senseless one more time, to beat me with his massive white dick. Charlie’s wasn’t small, but that fucker’s cock was a beast and Heather wanted it in her pussy stretching her out deliciously. She wanted to suck his dick cutely while he tortured her nipples mercilessly.

Heather and Charlie came down the big hill at high speeds. There was a median and then the road forked. Charlie wanted to go right and veer off to the river, but Heather went ahead and veered towards downtown. The medium came up on them so quickly that Heather and Charlie got separated.

Heather shot into downtown at blistering speeds. If she could skate like this on roller-skates she could probably win a gold medal on ice skates. She was a blur of sexy.

That fucker was downtown waiting for her. He just knew she’d come. When he saw her speeding towards him he enjoyed the way she exaggerated her form, it made her ass look so full and bulbous, her legs looked so long and smooth, her breasts never looked bigger. That fucker thought that Indonesian girls, as he called all Malays, even Chindians, had big, fat asses. They had the thick of Muslim with the slender waist of a Chinese chick, he thought. Heaven. He watched Heather roll and licked his chops.

She was going too fast and he thought that she would fall. If she did, he would pounce.

Charlie meanwhile was on the quiet path besides the river thinking if he should turn around to get Heather or not. Surely, she would spin around and join him. Right?

Heather was speeding on the sidewalk, the sound of roller skates rolling over pavement loud in her ears while cars beeped, stared, sped up to follow her hot ass, and generally became mesmerized by the hot Asian chick in heart panties underneath yoga pants flying through the streets. She was the center of attention again and we knew it and she basked in it. She closed her eyes to feel her own sexiness. It was immaculate. She felt like a goddess. That’s when she hit the log lying across the road (only in Malaysia) at full speed and flipped over. She landed horribly with her head on the ground, her ass up on the log, her skates up over her head, wheels still spinning. As planned, that fucker, seized the moment. He appeared, with the blue sky and pristine white clouds enveloping him. He was the devil. Her devil. He was handsome and evil. He towered over her and in the background his company’s headquarters towered over him. She felt tiny.

Heather was bound by pain and surprise. He grabbed her yoga pants and panties and yanked them down in one motion. Her little rosebud was right there, puckered. It was expanding and contracting as Heather tried to catch her breath.

“Help me,” she muttered, but with the wind knocked out of her, there was little actual word that made it out. There was no air to engage her voice box.

In fact, her asshole was breathing better than her lungs. It was opening and closing, cutely.

The asshole was well lubricated with sweat and the morning’s moisturizer and already stretched partly open from the compromising position. That fucker could see the wrinkled rim of her asshole, it was perfectly symmetrical and had little geometrical lines from anus to butt cheek. It was a work of art that Picasso should have been painting. That fucker wanted to set up and easel and archive it for the MOMA but he wanted even more to take the massive black butt plug from his bag and jam it into Heather’s asshole. Heather saw the plug in his hand, with sunrays pouring out around it, since he held it in a way that cast a shadow on Heather’s pretty face and blocked the sun from her eyes. It was like the sun was a butt-plug from her vantage point. Just as she realized it was a beautiful sight, she then felt the giant solar plug destroy her anus.

It was like all of Kuala Lumpur was Heather’s asshole. Her soft tissue, the gatekeeper between external and internal stretched out like a balloon filled with helium. First it filled out for the plug, then the street, then Bukit Bintang, then KL, then Malaysia, then all of Asia, then the Earth and on and on until all of heaven and earth, space and time was asshole swallowing butt plug. The swell of her ego getting ogled by all those guys as she skated was now the swell of her asshole as it was the asshole of Malaysia, plugged and at the mercy of one mean motherfucking man. Her ex-boyfriend, that fucker.

That fucker had plugged her again. The handsome devil looked down on her from what appeared to be the clouds, smiling.

“You’re the devil,” she muttered.

“Ah, good, you’re getting your voice back.” He said. “All the better for me to hear you scream!” He lowered his pants and guided his cock, the big white dick she knew too well, the one she had been secretly yearning for for months, and jammed it right into her cunt.

“You’re always so tight when your ass is plugged,” he said as he started jackhammering down into her Chindian-Malay cunt.

Heather felt it, the plug expanded the walls of her rectum. The space that his cock wanted to occupy inside her was taken. Plugged. Heather was tall but not so thick and that fucker’s big cock and the plug were competing for the same pillowy real estate inside her honey-luscious cunt. Where cock wanted to go was taken by plug. The plug was creating the pussy of a virgin, even though Heather was nothing innocent. She was on her back, in a little office plaza cul-de-sac where she had wiped out and been forced to take her ex’s big, mean cock until his ball sack hammered the plug up her ass until it literally could go in no more (unless hospitalization was an option).

That fucker held her hips and pumped away while the big, black butt plug gripped her tight vaginal walls and massaged the underbelly of his thick white shaft until he was on the brink of cumming. He pulled his massive mushroom-headed club out of her cute quivering cunt, brought her leg toward him, kissed her juicy calve in cruel juxtaposition of abuse and love that sent her heart fluttering, and pushed her rollerbladed-foot to his dick. He rubbed the shaft of his cock on the wheels and moaned.

“You’re sick,” Heather said as he let her skates jerk him off. Her thick pussy lips were hanging out of her, begging for his cock to come back.

“I know,” he said. “And you fucking love every minute of it. Look at your fat cunt lips flapping in the wind desperately, whore!”

He pulled on her cunt lips roughly and let them smack back into her pubic skin with a pop. Heather felt like she was smacked with a glove.

When that delicious fucker pushed his victorious dick back into her throbbing pussy, it was utter nirvana for her. Heather saw the sun dim. She saw stars shoot. She felt like the sexiest roller-skater in the universe. There was that nasty feeling of being an utter slut mixed with the guilty pleasure of fucking an ex. It was a fantastic orgasm that shuttered down her spine and into her lips. Her voice came back and she screamed her own name, “Heather!” like she was reprimanding herself for being such a dirty little butt-plugged tramp. She pulled his dick deeper with her Kegel muscles and by lifting her hips. That fucker couldn’t take anymore. It was like fucking quicksand. Her muscles held him so tight he felt like his dick would rip off from the root. He stepped back and his cock popped out of her cunt. He stood over her and hosed her face down with his cum. She lapped some of it up savoring the taste of his superior cum on her tongue as he collapsed onto the log on his back. Most of his cum dripped from her flush cheeks, sexy chin, and full lips.

“You know, I thought you owned me, but look at you,” Heather said. Heather flipped herself up onto her skates adroitly, leaned down and kissed him victoriously on the lips. Now she was looking down at him, her long hair cascading down onto his chest with sunrays exploding geometrically out of her hair. She was gorgeous and she knew it. She kissed him, lips to lips and the cum transferred from her cummy lips to his. She wiggled her head and smeared his cum all over her face triumphantly.

She stood up and realized she still had jizz on her face. She leaned down and rubbed the leftover splooge on his shirt. She pulled up her yoga pants. Her ass was amazing, as was Heather’s entire body. She skated backwards slowly.

“What about the butt plug?” That fucker asked.

“I need it for something,” Heather said while picking up speed skating backwards.

Heather skated back to Charlie and the river while sunshine emanated from her crotch in psychedelic swirls. As she skated the movement of her legs massaged the plug incredibly. Her cunt was satisfied and now she was on the brink of an anal orgasm.

She found Charlie sitting on a bench at the bank of the Klang River staring into the muddy water.

“There you are, baby,” he said. He smiled.

She skated to him, pirouetted to a stop, and whispered in his ear, “Fuck my ass right now, right here.”

He looked around quick and felt like she was crazy but also knew there was no reasoning with a horny Malay with a juicy ass. She rolled in front of him and wiggled her stuffed ass like a sexy duck. Charlie pulled down her yoga pants smoothly and saw the plug jammed deep up her ass.

“Did he…?”

“Yes, it was amazing! Punish me now! Punish my ass!”

Charlie felt this nervous energy grip him by the gut. He gawked at his girl’s ass with another butt plug stuffed in it undeniably. He wasn’t so gentle with her this time. He got a firm hold of the base of the big, black butt plug and ripped it out of her ass.

Heather screamed. Her ass gaped like all of KL had been stuffed inside of it.

“Punish me,” she said breathlessly, “Make me pay for cuckolding you with that fucker.”




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POEM: ingenious asian cum-eater

ingenious asian cum-eater

the slut says, “push me 
against a wall 
and finger me 
with those three fingers. 

Treat me like a sex pig
whore with a big face
gag me until tears drool from my eyes. 
Stuff that big MONSTER cock 

of yours in my throat 
until I gasp for air and choke
Do this while lots of people are watching us,
jerking themselves off
wishing it was their dick in my throat
their hands massaging my brain

Slap my big fat cheeks. 
Then I want you to spray 
creamy jizz in my face 
while you utter cuss words to me
Call me slut, cumpig, bitch

I will take them all in 
 I will be them all for you.”
Fuck, you stupid asian pig!
I unload in your face
and you smile dumb and ugly 
like the brainless whore you
wish you were.

Bimbo Honor | a poem of respect for women


Bimbo Honor

her tits are torpedoes and ETFs:
double F tits
she never pays for a thing,
a triple A credit rating
from Davao to Madagascar
even on the island of Java
they kneel to this Queen bitch
carve statues in her esteemed
breasty bimbo honor

yet the puritan-looking office girl
riding the train with blouse buttoned to neck
she’s the one that will take a bukkake
cum pooled in her eye socket
jiggling with each thrust of cock
into her red swollen cunt
she’s the one that will take every whim of her boss
kneeling under the desk obediently
while he’s on the phone to overseas
tasting her bosses wife’s pussy juice on his cock
as she swallows it down her expertly trained throat
while double F girl
with her bouncy goodness
and nipples like small pink
button candies
hasn’t had cock
since 2009
and is happier that way


…FB censors, Moctezuma flashes…

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True Story

I accidentally jizzed on my cat and she licked it off

It’s a true story. I came and my wife has a bad habit of not being polite enough to clean me off. By the time I got to my cock, cum had rivered down the shaft so the wipe barely got it all and I needed another wipe. I threw the first one into the garbage pail but some of the cum sprayed off. I looked at my cat. I globule had landed right on her black and gray coat. Before I could get it off her, she turned and licked it off.