The History of an Erection on the Red Carpet | Requested Poem | #DirtyPoem

I offer this Poet For Hire service that lets you get a personalized poem. You fill out a form and voila. In 48 hours a brand spanking new poem will be all yours. Here’s one with the emotional parameters of Lust, Anger, Power: 

The History of an Erection on the Red Carpet

For ‘Beta’

Richard’s cut
like a fine Italian tailor
hemmed his waist
put shoulder pads into his bones
like a makeup artist
rouged his cheeks
patted down his hair
and cherried red his lips

Eliza’s draped with curves
like a stylist picked
her ass and tits
like a cosmetics guru
upholstered her bones
with the finest silky skin
for sale on Planet Earth

They adore each other,
Richard and Eliza
across the red carpet
Eliza’s touches the arm
of the MC doing introductions
trying to butter him up
Richard’s heart rate is up two ticks
he sees the MC on top of his wife
Eliza’s legs spread
her fingernails caressing the MC’s back
his cum leaking out of her shaved pussy

On this red carpet,
Richard sees the MC’s hard cock
pressing against his silk suit
Eliza’s making the MC excited again
Richard’s blood boils
his pores open
As Adrenaline of Jealousy
courses through his bulging veins
hands ready to rip limb from limb
twist this MC twit’s hard dick
clear off and throw the bleeding dick
into the street

Richard, fangs bared, glares at Eliza
she looks back at him
shimmies her shoulders
in her
sexy dress
cleavage hopping
Richard sighs loudly
like in pain
Eliza winks at him
Richard can’t help it
He’s fully hard


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