Four-Poem Friday | #Poem #LPRTG #Yoga

Four-Poem Friday (originally published at Nu Romantics on 7/31)

Beat teat
I beat her teat
With my friend
I call him Pete
Pete likes to go beat beat
And smack the teat
Of every freak

She’s pregnant and doing yoga
Downward dog
Her belly is touching the wood floor
Even though her hands and feet are down
On the wood
her ass is up
And from there
Her belly hangs
Her belly is Mt. Seoraksan, upside-down
A wormhole through creation, spinning
And Quetzalcoatl,
His wings flapping
His breath a fire stained
Umbilical cord like the striations
Of her muscle and the big, round
Bulbous planet that is her
Interstellar ass,
Flies through the swirling stars















Earth got knocked up
Smutpunk must have leaked out her asshole
Into the moist green valleys of her terrestrial cunt

I’ll be blamed,
Like usual

I’ll be guilty,
Like usual


By Moctezuma Johnson


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