13 Best Futa Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books | 2017 #Futa #LPRTG #Transgender


  1. Turned into a Fembot by Lisa Change

  2. Your Plaything by Nikki Cresent

  3. Pop & Lollie by Moctezuma Johnson

  4. Template: A Masks Story by Rodford Edmiston

  5. Video Game Gender Bender by Nina Nocturne

  6. Taken Futa Aliens by Alison West

  7. Futa Maid by Thomas Pike

  8. Lipstick Her Leather Anthology by Multiple Authors

  9. Futanari Switch Futa Female Extreme by Lara Longstaff

  10. The Empress’s New . . . Rod by Julie Law

  11. Futa’s Passionate Awakening by Reed James

  12. Agent of F.U.T.A. by Kella Z. Driel

  13. Gender Games by Nikki Crescent










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